trying to make a loaded baked potato pizza

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Published on Oct 17, 2019
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AJ Mel
AJ Mel:
Julien should collab with that Jenna Marbles girl
Anna Gentry
Anna Gentry:
When Julien makes foods from Jenna’s childhood >any other form of love.
Cassandra Marks
Cassandra Marks:
There were so many “HEY BEP BEP BEP BEP” moments that i thought were going to happen but didn’t 😂
“you’re proud of me?”
“yeah! they’re so good!
“they’re all for you, have as much as you want!”

i want this kind of love.
Isabel Marie
Isabel Marie:
Eunice Sánchez
Eunice Sánchez:
Imagine if Julien made a cookbook called Aries Kitchen with recipes like this like bro I’d love that
Mallory Lafleur
Mallory Lafleur:
Jenna: mhmmm ssoo good!!

Julien: *violently breathing*
Isabelle Comber
Isabelle Comber:
Jenna fangirling and losing her shit over Julian’s food is what a live for ❤️
Riley Jones
Riley Jones:
Julien: “It’s a sensitive dough, it’s got feelings.”
Also Julien: forcefully dunks it back into the bowl from like a 8 inches in the air
kristin terry
kristin terry:
I really wish he would have boxed jumped onto the counter when he said "let's just jump into it"
Delaney K
Delaney K:
julien: has his own fairly legitimate youtube cooking channel
also julien: how do i tell if the oven is hot enough?
Miriam Fanous
Miriam Fanous:
Julien: starts clapping hands violently
*immediate flashbacks of EEYHH BEP BEP PBEPEB BEP BEP*
Ella McCarthy
Ella McCarthy:
julien: detailed instructions on greasing a pan
also julien: (holding bowl of Mystery Liquid) ok were gonna add that
no one:

julien: “it’s getting hot in here beHbeH”

update: thanks for da luv
cassandra rivera
cassandra rivera:
“it’s looking more like dough”
camera zooms into something that does NOT look like pizza dough
Was worried Julien would julienne himself on that mandolin
Purse first
Purse first:
Almost went a whole video without a “we did it to em” got nervous about it lol
Alyssa Opheim
Alyssa Opheim:
When did Julien stop putting “fin.” At the end of his videos?
Gabbie DeLange
Gabbie DeLange:
I love when Jenna has something she really likes because she turns into a child lmao
Jasmine Hickoz
Jasmine Hickoz:
why did jenna let julien get a mandolin. i’m stressed now. he’s going to hurt himself.
Sierra Rayyne
Sierra Rayyne:
Julien: “what’s the pizza place you use to go to”

Tiffani Hallin
Tiffani Hallin:
I thought Julien was going to make the dough like mashed potatoes and maybe fry it. Then put everything on top.
Kateari Dash
Kateari Dash:
God when he was making my face:
“Let’s give it a healthy layer of oil.”
Miranda H
Miranda H:
As someone who is celiac and allergic to dairy, it makes me sooooo happy and inspired to watch these videos. Thank you julien! :)
"until the day that i can magically regain the ability to eat gluten"
celiacs never related so hard
Grace Jewett
Grace Jewett:
julien: try to be as precise as possible
me: huh
julien: alright whatever
me: ah okay
Ingeborg Elisabeth
Ingeborg Elisabeth:
Julien: worried he doesn't have a recipe for the dough he just made

Literally has video of every step...
chloë holt
chloë holt:
the new PEMDAS:

“Please Excuse My Dirty Apron, Sorry”
Eve Ridley
Eve Ridley:
When you’ve been watching Julien for 8 months, but you realise that you’re not even subscribed.... I’m so sorry I will do that right away
Jenna's best friend is such a good chef!
Natalie Nicole
Natalie Nicole:
Hey julien, my younger cousin was just diagnosed with Celiacs and was absolutely devastated. as a 10 year old who absolutely loves watching cooking videos and adores food, he basically thought his life was over and that a huge part of his life was closed off forever. I showed him your channel and he was mind blown by the things you make and the things that you are able to eat and make for yourself. It was like he saw his world open up again, and he was so inspired by your energy and creativity and your attitude towards cooking and food. being told he had Celiacs was a huge struggle for him and your videos have helped change his attitude and his outlook, thank you!!
spicy tofu
spicy tofu:
"it's so satisfying when you're making pizza and you're not angry at it all the time"
me, a manager at dominos: *f e l t t h a t*
Dink Vifquain
Dink Vifquain:
"ive made way too many pizzas today" has made literally two pizzas
Jacqueline O'Hare
Jacqueline O'Hare:
"Im in my pijamaas it's the weekend stop judging me"
😂As if Monday to Friday you wear real clothes Jenna
Ashley Zepeda
Ashley Zepeda:
Julen recording for Jenna’s channel: violently shakes camera, chaotic evil
Julien recording for his channel: beautiful cinematography; food network wife him up
“gonna try to be as precise as possible”
10 seconds later:
“I’m gonna do about...1/8th of a cup...of this”
_overfills the 1/4 cup measuring cup & then adds more_
Kiersten Burdge
Kiersten Burdge:
julien: drops potatoes from three feet above the counter
potatoes: bounce everywhere
julien: *shocked*
Kiley Pippenger
Kiley Pippenger:
Julien: *is wearing an apron*
Also julien: wipes dirty hands on DA BOHTTT
"Unless you're lactose intolerant"
... Julien casually forgetting that he is making a vegan pizza.
Sarah Ward
Sarah Ward:
“This is me baking, this is such a bad idea. Alright Whatever. We’ve gone down this path now.”

— Julien 2O19

Then there’s me who is also an Aries and can relate on every level because this is what happens when I cook too. 😂
n o
n o:
Julien on Jenna’s channel: gives me anxiety
Julien on Aries Kitchen: calms me down and brings me joy after a tiring day
** is a chef **

"Are you hot enough? How do you tell if the oven's ho-- JENNA!"
lmao love that
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo:
I want a “eeeeyyyy bep bep bep” shirt made with juliens face. Please.
Julien: *makes delicious ass food*
me: *wants that food*
also me: *realizes that i can’t cook*
*laughs in b r a t z doll*
Julien: "if you have two favorite foods, combine them."
Me: thats a good idea!! *remembers my two favorite foods are lo mein and biscuits and gravy* eh heh, then again, maybe not.
me cooking the recipe at home struggling to follow the cooking instructions “impromptu cutting session” and “unsprinkle the green onions”
Literally say “why am I like thissssss” like 500 times a day 😂
tatiyana bonner
tatiyana bonner:
*gives peach food*
"You're fired"
just a set up for failure im calling HR
allie white
allie white:
Julien looks like joaquin phoenix from the movie ‘Her’
Rahima Ali
Rahima Ali:
*unsprinkling the spring onion*
“Why am I like thisss”