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Published on Aug 20, 2019
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Just Gigi
Just Gigi:
Damnnn all these girls they might be the next Kardashian family 😂👏🏾
why did my ass think catherine got pregnant again 😭
It’s Me.
It’s Me.:
Look at Elle in the background with a stroller. 😂😂😂
Elle is probably giving Alaïa a stroll. 😅😂
Jackeline Caceres
Jackeline Caceres:
I want 2 kids when I grow up but I feel like I don’t want kids at the same time cause I scared about the whole birth part
“you think it’s gonna be a girl??”
Alaïa: 😏
Anonymous Anonymous
Anonymous Anonymous:
Catherine:The next Video will be a House Tour
2 videos later: Still no house tour ☹️😂
Jasmine Baltierra
Jasmine Baltierra:
I love how Elle just walked behind Catherine and Austin 😂❤️ (9:00)
Jada Alexander
Jada Alexander:
When Austin said "I feel bad for you" I died
Nimbe Chavez
Nimbe Chavez:
HAHAHA when Catherine said “ and your kids are adult” in 9:00 😂💀 you can see Elle in the background pushing a stroller like she already an adult 😂❤️❤️
Sheryl Gomez
Sheryl Gomez:
i just love the fact that someone screamed “ANOTHER ONE” when they revealed it was a girl😅😂🤦🏻‍♀️
When’s part 4 of the ACE family documentary coming out? 🤔👀💗
Noemi Onofre
Noemi Onofre:
How many children do you guys have oh right almost 3 😋
Through Kristian’s Eyes
Through Kristian’s Eyes:
Okay. When Austin kissed Landon on the forehead I died.😭❤️ LIKE WTF. That’s so cute.
Natsu Dragneel
Natsu Dragneel:
A: Be prepared to not sleep no longer
C: Austin you slept, you been sleeping and you still sleep... good too😂😂😂
Ashi S
Ashi S:
Catherine: " i'm sure a lot of you can relate"
No Cathy we broke af.
Bryan Perez
Bryan Perez:
Im sorry but landon got lucky wit that girl cuz homie look like 👉🏼👹
Genesis Arechiga
Genesis Arechiga:
I new I was going to be a girl all girl grand daughters as if right now love you guys so much the rangrover was so cute and pretty
Ricardo Kenkedo
Ricardo Kenkedo:
I know what's in the middle for Alala and Elle it is a trampoline
Cori And Mya Life
Cori And Mya Life:
i mean i have on blue and pink but i pick girl
Kyleigh Fay
Kyleigh Fay:


On the road to 1k subscribers any help would be appreciated!!! 💜🤣
Haley Branch
Haley Branch:
A trampoline and a mini golf cart
Janellie Bowes
Janellie Bowes:
Regular weddings cannons balloons or cake

Nonono were the ace family we are gonna take a whole DAMN CHEVY and a nobody gonna be like a lemme get that car
I love when Catherine said "Austin, you sleep. And you sleep Goooood!" 😁
Katherine channel Love
Katherine channel Love:
I got to go to school wake up. At 5 and go to school at 6 and my baby niece she cried everyday
Natalie Zumkeller
Natalie Zumkeller:
"next video is gonna be the house tour" Catherine and Austin for like the last 10 years
Kaye Kelderman
Kaye Kelderman:
When Elle walked pass with the big stroller I laughed soo hard😂😂 I love you ace family ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Havyana Vlogs
Havyana Vlogs:
I think it’s a sand pit for the girls to play in
Grown up area I think is a bar
Cayla Dillard
Cayla Dillard:
Trampoline in the hole, lol I thought they were pregnant

Girl I'm right yay
taco blue bell)
taco blue bell):
Selen Tofas
Selen Tofas:
These girls will be the next generation Kardashians I swear. They all are it-girls already and have a hugeeeee fanbase. Remember my words in 15 years.
Paris Elsayed
Paris Elsayed:
9:00 and 10:58
Elle: In the background pushing a stroller
Me: 😂😍😂😍
Vicyella Vicyella
Vicyella Vicyella:
I thought you’re having a third one 😂
kieka lb
kieka lb:
Elle passing in the background 😂
I love you guys and Elle’s cute and I am Hannah arista
Chloe Caster
Chloe Caster:
Catherine:”I’m worried about my kids”
Elle:”pushing a stroller in the back ground”
Isabella Zumaya
Isabella Zumaya:
Brother has a boy

Austin:aw hell naw
Commented this before I saw gender so idk
Neena Seng
Neena Seng:
I think it'll be a sand pit for the girls and maybe a lounge or bon fire pit for the adults 😁
I wish have this house and so much money 😭
But i can't...
Britney Lopez
Britney Lopez:
I'm crying.... I love the intro😭😭 I have been apart of the ace family since they first started making vids in the apartment... It made me so happy to see Austin with the fans saying "hey ace family" 💖💖
Javesia Matthew
Javesia Matthew:
If your reading this you will be rich and successful🙌
👇Like to activate
sarahi franco
sarahi franco:
I love y'all but can't you guys see that Landon and Shyla are copying y'all Land and Shyla do the mostly the same vidoes and Landon copied your hair and your tatooted are now the range rover
Sherlyn Dominguez
Sherlyn Dominguez:
Hello guys!!! That’s so cute. I hope it all goes well for them! Wish them luck for me! It was so cute when Alaïa smiled like that, & when she did that and Cathrine said, “OH MY GODDESS!!!” I can’t wait for the next video, love you guys!!!❤️🍀🌎👍⭐️
that hole is going to be a sandpit for the girls!!! Love you ACE Fam <3
Naiyah Salas
Naiyah Salas:
Hi I love you so much I followed y'all on Snapchat and I would love to have a call ❤️💕
King Z
King Z:
*_Only true fans of Ace family can like this_* 🔥
⤵️ i wish i had true fans 😕😔😢
Abigail Ortiz
Abigail Ortiz:
Trampoline and Swimming Pool
Andrea Vela
Andrea Vela:
I love it how Catherine and Austin have these cute little arguments 😂
Renee Weaver
Renee Weaver:
Jesus Valadez
Jesus Valadez:
4.9K dislikes are from people who got offended from “gender”
Dan Sullivan
Dan Sullivan:
*Who else thinks Elle and Alia should get a park in the backyard like the old house ? Like this so Austin and*
*Catherine can see!*
❤️Btw I’m sußßìng to everyone that lìkess thìs and sùßss to me!❤️