Sims 4 but tragedy strikes

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Published on Mar 25, 2019
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i love how the first time jim does something nice he just dies
Turtle Productions
Turtle Productions:
Jim Pickens: Commits serial murder

No consequences

Jim Pickens: Tries to save the planet

no one helps and he feckin DIES
I'm actually properly worried about Jim. I'm 32 with a full time job and a mortgage and I'm worried about a murderous Sim.
amanda ski
amanda ski:
mr. sHreK I doN't fEel sO gOoD
-Jim Pickens, 2019
Duncan Young
Duncan Young:
In the end selflessness killed Jim. His one moment of kindness, and it killed him
What’s worse?
1) half of the universe being turned to dust
2) The death of our dear leader

obviously 2
You can revive a dead Sim with Ambrosia. You just need:
- 1 Angelfish
- 1 Potion of Youth
- 1 Death flower
Damn, that plant ate him like a breadstick.
Kevin’s Sims lore is basically
1. Jim Pickens
2. Slaves/cult
3. Death
B0ss boi
B0ss boi:
No way Jim is dead. He's been regularly cheating death for years. He'll come back and tear that plant apart
Fried Pasta
Fried Pasta:
R.I.P Jim Pickens,You passed away at a holiday made after you.1 like=1 prayer

Press F to pay respects
Dispatcher Delta
Dispatcher Delta:
Everyone: JIM NOOO

J. K. Rowling: Dumbledore had an intense sexual relationship with Grindelwald
Gara -bō
Gara -bō:
God really liked Jim but he can't bring a sinner to heaven. The moment he did something selfless, the moment he did something that WASNT a sin, God took his chance. This was Jim's only opportunity to get up there.
Magos Errant Malleator
Magos Errant Malleator:
You kicked the gardener out of the club?
But they'd be the best at fighting the giant plant!
So Jim, the literal devil incarnate, dies *saving* people?? KEVIN YOU BETTER FIX THIS
Martyna Stencel
Martyna Stencel:
0:27 she said the n-word TWICE
you need to put her in jail
HolyCube IV Communauté
HolyCube IV Communauté:
Sunday : The Walking Dead
Monday : Jim Pickens
"she can be like, super fertile, that's her super power"

wow I didn't realize so many people in that trailer park down the road had super powers
Danny Devito
Danny Devito:
Ironically the only time Jim ever did something selfless he was immediately killed.
Don Da Guido
Don Da Guido:
Jim: "Oh, hey guys. I'm back! Thanks fer the assist, Grim! You're promoted."
Grim: "To _what?_ I'm the Grim Reaper."
Jim: "To Grim Pickens! The son I wish I had =)"

First Name: "Feck's sake..."
*Jim dies*

NightShade The Wolf
NightShade The Wolf:
If jim pickens lost weight would we call him.... *slim pickens* ?
Komodo Dargon
Komodo Dargon:
Calling it now: Scubay Du is gonna be the prodigal son, returning when it's darkest to help Jim rise once again
Jim died on dear leader day.

Let that sink in.
Emil-Dorian McHale
Emil-Dorian McHale:
Take a shot every time Kevin says ‘impregnate’
kevin misspelling villain twice really buttered my pickle
Cole Ames
Cole Ames:
literally just finished the jim pickens marathon gotta say i'm ready for urp to return and save jim pickens
You all thought Infinity War had a sad ending.... you thought wrong.
Luke Perkins
Luke Perkins:
Jim Pickens dies
Suicide rate increase 100%
He died on his own self proclaimed holiday. How poetic.
G Galbraith
G Galbraith:
I love how you get away with swearing by using the good ol' Irish "feck!"
Ava T
Ava T:
Yesterday, I went to delete my internet history (Consisting of just yeet) and saw "Our dear leader Jim Pickens comes to power of the soviet union 16/8/19"
What was I doing...?
I’m actually crying right now this is the saddest thing I have ever witnessed
The Legendary Noob Devil
The Legendary Noob Devil:
If you don't revive him I will trap myself in Jim's basement and eat very low quality pufferfish.

You have 5 days.
Time Remaining - Sorry, this user is not available right now.
"This is more dramatic than the avengers!" 😂 It sure was Kevo!
Rosie G
Rosie G:
Heroes always get remembered but you legend's never die
"Sims 4 but i need more slaves in the basement" video from 2017... at 0:49 Kevin foreshadows this very moment, he's been planning it all along!!
Love is a burning thing and it makes a fiery ring
Bringing me the wild desire I fell into a ring of fire

I fell into into the burning ring of fire
I fell down down down down into the deepest fire
And it burns burns burns burns the ring of fire the ring of fire
The ring of fire

The taste of love is sweet when two very hearts meet
I believe you like a child oh but the fire went wild

I fell into into the burning ring of fire
French Toast
French Toast:
*“You’ll have my child but you won’t fight a plant with me”* surprisingly not the strangest thing Kevin’s said on this channel—
Zesty Salad
Zesty Salad:
Next episode:

Sims 4 but it’s the End Game
Ronnie B
Ronnie B:
I found CallMeKevin while scrolling through my suggested, first video i found was this video about how he broke fallout with mods, i couldn't stop laughing, whenever i watch your videos it's a guaranteed laugh for me
Jesse Cook
Jesse Cook:
Petition to have the channel deleted if Jim stays dead.
Kenny Caswell
Kenny Caswell:
jims gonna come back by killing the plant from the inside
oskar arnolds
oskar arnolds:
Hi, my name is jim pickens. You might be wondering, how i ended up in this Situation.
Well, it all started in summer 2011
Ecstatic Shock
Ecstatic Shock:
Day 11 of asking Kevin to play Shrek: Fairytale Freakdown

Sadly I think that watching Shrek fight the plant will be the closest thing we get to Shrek Fairytale Freakdown
Dragonfan Lover of Dragons
Dragonfan Lover of Dragons:
Day 11 of thanking Kevin for being awesome and making me laugh every day, even though this video was very sad.
Urp needs to come back and save Jim. It would really bring the series full circle...
Syzygy_Cat A
Syzygy_Cat A:
Tony Stark sacrifices himself to save the universe and bring back the snapped. (2019, colorized).
Lumbago man
Lumbago man:
0:28 It sounds like the green plant girl says the n-word................