Sims 4 but a drug mod was a bad idea

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Published on Jul 1, 2019
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Katy Martin
Katy Martin:
Kevin: why do EA ignore me?
Also Kevin: downloads Sims 4 drug mod
Jamie Leigh Gagnon
Jamie Leigh Gagnon:
Today I was talking about Kevin’s channel to my fiancé and he was like “who?”
Me: “that funny Irish guy”
Him: “oh you mean the FECK guy”

I died 😂😂😂
Avery Overton
Avery Overton:
Burning coke money while a woman plays the violin with The Grim Reaper, who's there to get someone who was burned alive while high on coke. Now that's a Sims gameplay right there 😂
"Why is he doing a santa clause ho ho ho when he's just met the guy?"

Well Santa Clause did raise him when he was a small alien baby...maybe he thinks its the normal thing to do :')
Komodo Drags
Komodo Drags:
Start back the painting business with the cult. The coke will Increase productivity
Danny Stirling
Danny Stirling:
Looking back on your videos, I think the drug mod was already on
Grognak The Destroyer Attorney At Law Esq MD
Grognak The Destroyer Attorney At Law Esq MD:
I doubt drugs will do much for the Pickens household...
this ironically helped me push through my addiction! thanks kevin, for helping me out on my 11th day clean!\
Edit: Thank you all SO much for all the support, you have no idea how much it means to me
Edit 2: I relapsed an hour after making this comment, and was going to give up, but largely in part to your support, im going to continue the fight
i feel like jim is just high constantly, he has that type of aura around him.
Ethan Greagor
Ethan Greagor:
The Pickens household already looked like a sketchy drug house, all that was missing were the actual drugs
The reason First Name did a Santa impression right off the bat is because it was, in fact, Santa who raised him.
Day 81 of wishing Kevin a happy birthday everyday.

Happy birthday, Kevin.
unknown? i love food xD
unknown? i love food xD:
*Random sim* drugs are bad for us
*kevin* want some drugs
*Random sim* ofc that sounds amazing xD
Giant Bogas
Giant Bogas:
Thanks Fish Still looking for my owner
Thanks Fish Still looking for my owner:
Odd enough this is probably the least weird thing Kevin has done in the Sims
Louise Barbosa
Louise Barbosa:
Therapist: Hyperrealistic Jim Pickens mermaid isn't real, he can't hurt you

Hyperrealistic Jim Pickens mermaid: 0:26
i just want to know WHO makes these mods, and puts so many hours into animating sims snorting cocaine
Dog of Wisdom
Dog of Wisdom:
> makes video actively featuring drug use
> still can't swear
Diana Lee
Diana Lee:
Sleep is my drug, my bed is my dealer, and my alarm clock is the police thank you and good night
Hannah Vidal
Hannah Vidal:
6:50 *Oh I needed a birthday cake I thought you said BIRTHDAY COKE*
Pedro Stormrage
Pedro Stormrage:
0:57 It took me a while to realize "Drog Dealure" was a pun on "drug dealer". I feel stupid now.
Box head Jeff
Box head Jeff:
"I messed around with Jim's body last time and accidentally made his head a little bit
*T H I C C* "
Why did it take me 4 minutes to realize “drog dealure “was drug dealer I feel stupid 🤦‍♀️ 😂
Hana Song
Hana Song:
That Jim Pickens mermaid fanart had me shook. Kevin make a Jim mermaid plush pleasee ❤🙏
Jeremias Abulafia
Jeremias Abulafia:
KEVIN! To become a drug dealer you need the trait on Creat a sim!
With this, you can sell more drugs, like xanax and MDMA.
Claudia Pariona
Claudia Pariona:
Honestly with a father like Jim Pickens, it's surprising First Name didn't become a drug addict before.
The Sims 4 but the whole Sims series is just Jim hallucinating on drugs.
Pure Demon
Pure Demon:
Happy Canada Day guys...
Honestly couldn't think of a better way to celebrate it.
(With a Kevin video, not drugs!!! Don't come at me!)
Joelle LeBre
Joelle LeBre:
Best use of "White Christmas" I've ever seen! 10/10
I love how mermaid Jim got really good fan art.
oh god kevin + drugs doesn’t sound very good
Grace Olivia
Grace Olivia:
every episode gets better and better. except normal Jim ain’t thiccc anymore :’(.
drugs: *exists*
Kevin: *also exists*

Kevin + Drugs + Sims 4 = Jim Pickens but he's no different even without drugs
Thanks Fish Still looking for my owner
Thanks Fish Still looking for my owner:
Day 3 of asking Kevin to re-play Fallout 76 because they used Ring of Fire and Country roads in the trailer
Greasy hair
Greasy hair:
You should get a someone hooked on coke then make them date first name in order to get more Hahaha. Its the only way hell get a partner let's be honest here.
Dragonfan Lover of Dragons
Dragonfan Lover of Dragons:
Day 90 of thanking Kevin for being awesome and making me laugh every day.
Definitely a “white” Christmas.

Good for First Name for getting a hobby!
Gabrielle A
Gabrielle A:
you don’t know how satisfying it was you saying that you’re gonna fix jim’s head size.
Bob Smith
Bob Smith:
Just from the title I imagine shrek saying “WaNt SoMe DrUgś”
Your Daily Dad Joke
Your Daily Dad Joke:
Scientists got bored watching the earth turn, so after 24 hours

They called it a day
Make a bed really small and have two sims woohoo in it
See what will happen
Double A
Double A:
Day 40 of asking Kevin to play Pepsiman on PS1
Neo Blaze
Neo Blaze:
not that this is important but my sim married a guy in the sims 3 and i looked at his family tree/people he knows..
turns out he has more then 2 kids at every single house in the town
Olivia Magaro
Olivia Magaro:
With every video i start to think Kevin’s real name is Jim
Day 116 of asking Kevin and the Jim Pickens’ Cult to come to my birthday party in August 🎉🎂
Jim Pickens
Jim Pickens:
Day 50 of asking kevin to play call of duty 2
Day 16 of asking kevin to collab with steph0sims
Pedro cabral
Pedro cabral:
this vid will 100% not get monetized. and i still love it
Bethany Wood
Bethany Wood:
no one :
absolutely nobody :
Kevin you're on the path of finding really weird mods...
(Next video is gonna be wickedwhims istg)
Farbod Kh
Farbod Kh:
4:44: Jim pickens is pulling your strings
Twisting mind and and smashing your sims