Sims 2 but it's 2018

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Published on Jan 26, 2018
The Sims 2 in 2018! One of my favourite games. My Patreon: Twitter: Instagram: Edited by @TropicalFreeze2 and Kevin Beats by Chuki: Patreon Producers ♥ Rueben McDonald Shane Amanda Jack Gale Cassandra Huynh Brexton Orton Calhoun Cattell Michael James Ringland Derek B Jordin MacDonald natblaz3 Gavin Bevan James Connold misterbob Pijus Kristupas Jusys Gil Dennis Guenther Derek Gregg Roberto Munoz Sarah Stewart Tyler Cains Bob Jesse Austin Austin Kohagen Karen Barrera Kinga Zmuda Liam McCabe Lukebobmaple Gavin Ryan Chace Kulm Poseidon Alexandra Veum Scott Ni Chris Machala Augustus McCullough Harrison J Thompson Nox Darva Davvy Chappy William Jahn Randall Ratermann Barbara Csef Phil Nottage Kelsey Forsythe Tímea Farkas Sebastian Grant Sir Jimothy of the Pickens Dougie P Ævar Þór Ómarsson George W Shauna Skelton breadpope Andrey Chicgagov Billy McGuire Amy Scobie Shane Murphy Ian Farrington Daniella Cioffi Amy Scobie Jonny Wheater Anna.H


Luke T.
Luke T.:
Sims 5:
You have to buy the 'TALK' dlc
the attention to small details, the animations, memories, wants and fears, the stories behind each family, the conspiracies of some characters, the gameplay, the rewards you can purchase by fulfilling sim wantings. these make this game the best of the series.
i wish someone made a mod to have it retextured to fit today's graphics because sims 2 is still the best sims game
Waking Life
Waking Life:
In the Sims4 I am missing the storrybook or whatever it is called, where you can see all their memories, like people they dated, kitchens they burned etc.
also the color scale on hair and skin, as well as all the weird notifications
Pedro Gomes
Pedro Gomes:
"Must be weird playing a game that has better graphics than your world"
LeeLee Cee
LeeLee Cee:
"it must be weird to play a game that has better graphics then your world" *ME PLAYING GAMES NOWADAYS*
I miss the teens being a little shorter than the adults lmao
Stop tickling your dad, let's go. -Kevin
Marko Pegan
Marko Pegan:
Duuude, this brings back *SO* many good memories! I spent countless hours on this game when I was a kid. One of the best games ever made imo.😁😊
A fellow 9 year old
A fellow 9 year old:
Wait... am I the only one that still plays sims 2 in 2018......?
Courtney Swartz
Courtney Swartz:
Can’t imagine a time when Sims 4 will also look outdated
Sims 2 is still a super awesome game, even though the hype is not that big anymore, there are still many people who run Sims 2 blogs, create CC and convert items from newer Sims games to the Sims 2. Sims 4 clothing kinda fit very well into the Sims 2 world!
Talyn Orf
Talyn Orf:
Your sims series is like a Netflix show I can’t stop rewatching when I’m bored
*Do you want to game to actually look good?*
Fixing the graphics is easy, you can get it to run in 1920x1080 it looks sharp, detailed and all objects look like pieces of art.
You can google it, just add your GPU to the list of supported ones by force and then edit a few .sgr files.
Besides that, disable shadows; there are mods that attempt to fix them but they themselves glitch out.
Need more help .. just damn comment, it can look 10x better then Kevin showed us here .. not blaming him or anything but just saying ;)
I'm 25 and still play Sims 2 now and then - with tons of mods and CC, of course. Tried Sims 3 for a short time, somehow didn't like it (though I love the horses), and never tried TS4. Guess I'm just old fashioned.
"It must be weird to play a game with better graphics than your world"

*me playing without my glasses*
Shelby :D
Shelby :D:
Why does Jim look like Jacksepticeye with braids
So, Jim was an orphan with an imaginary dad. He moved with a psycho who spent her time bullying him (and making out with his imaginary dad somehow), then went to college where everyone hated him, took a two days vacations where he ended up broke making him a dropout. then a fire fighter yelled at him a lot which led him to his first murder.
The Jim lore is more intresting then any of the Lord of the rings books.
M o o N
M o o N:
"Stop tickling your dad."
Well, that's an odd sentence.
I lost it when the naked sim ran past the camera
WildCard XXII
WildCard XXII:
I need more Sims 2 honestly
Adding the fact that jim went to military school he must have escaped and moved in with the immortal grognak.
Chasing Cars
Chasing Cars:
whoever u are plz upload more of this quality content
Jillian Zack
Jillian Zack:
should've moved them into strangetown tbh
Duolingo Bird
Duolingo Bird:
I remember this game looking a lot better....... feck, I'm old.
Prof. Genki
Prof. Genki:
I had way more fun with the sims 2 than the sims 3. Didn't even bother with 4.
Me @ Detroit: Become Human
People are like "this bring back memories" and i'm here playing this game still.
Noire Perchiari
Noire Perchiari:
I still play Sims 2....
Imaginary dad should be revived in the next sims 4 episode, i 'imagine' that Jim missed him.
there are no nostalgic memories of this game for me because i've been continuously playing sims 2 since the age of 9 and i am now 23
Rubix Cyube
Rubix Cyube:
The one fact I really love about the Sims 2 is that game quality and graphics appears to be really nice and smooth. Usually when I play my sims 3 or 4 I would kinda see a few glitches and lags here and there. It could be just my HP laptop, but I recently just downloaded the sims 4 and boy dose that game run slow. It just takes away the fun when video games are super slow and just in general very lagging.

Hopefully anyone can agree ? Good video!
Just waiting for you to play sims 3 being like ugh way too many features.. good thing sims 4 fixed that
The game is still playable even in Full HD and so on, but for modern Windows OS you need to do quite a lot settings tweaking
Philine Wreck
Philine Wreck:
Somewhere in the world on a sad scrap heap lies an old hard disk full of Sims that were once loved and cared for.
Iz Ro
Iz Ro:
I’m literally crying with laughter XD
Sims 4: _laundry day stuff_
Maria Magdalena
Maria Magdalena:
I realise it's a comedic video, but the fact that you didn't bother to change resolution settings (you have to do it through a text file, because the game doesn't recognise modern graphic cards - but it literally takes 5 minutes and requires no computer knowledge, just using an online tutorial) triggered me XD In fact TS2 aged really well. It's almost 15 years old.
Jims 5
Jims 5:
Sims3 in 2019
Sims4 in 2020 wait... I am out of ideas wait!! SIMS ONLINE IN 2020
P Worley
P Worley:
This had me rolling and now I want to play Sims 2.
Freedom Boy
Freedom Boy:
Sims 2: Social and Family Life with Realistic Interactions

Sims 3: Outdoor life, realistic interactions too, creativity expressed, consequence, Story progression, great graphics, ugly sims but hey there are CC

Sims 4: Loss of Time

Wholesale: Sims 2 = Sims 3> Sims 4
This is an excellent game for budget PC's with and abundance of content (with expansions that is) and always something to do if you can tolerate the sub-par graphics (which can be adjusted better with some tweaks), some out-dated game mechanics that were rectified in Sims 3 and some advanced building mechanics lacking in depth compared to the Sims 3-4... I'd definitely recommend this even over 4 if you want more longevity in your game because despite Sims 3 being better in every way, you kinda need a beefy PC if you want to get the most out of it... also the game is simply charming which is thanks to Will Wrights contribution and dedication during this time... also, complete nostalgia blast from the past. Thanks for that!
Santiago Hincapié
Santiago Hincapié:
"Wait he's at class? Why would you go to class at university. Go home".

This is me to myself every day.
“i remember this looking better”
*cue heavy breathing because he won’t change the graphics settings*
Dead Cøunt
Dead Cøunt:
It would make sense he wanted to wear a wig from going to the military. He was probably stressed from his life in the sims 1
Linnea LD
Linnea LD:
must be wierd playing a game that has better graphics than your World xD
K L:
"Stop tickling your dad" that killed me XD
What would be absolutely crazy is if someone found a way to make Sims 2 have online functionality (ie other players can join you) it's been done before for other games!
Sims 2 multiplayer anyone?
I just remember being robbed like 500 times in this game
goes on vacation during college