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Published on Jul 9, 2019
The Nordstrom anniversary sale is days away and I've got some shopping tips for you! This is the first of a few videos I'll be making for the sale - so sit back and enjoy! Comment below any additional tips you have for shopping the sale! If you'd like to join my NORDSTROM GIVEAWAY - Watch and comment on this video to enter (the details are in the description!): This video is not sponsored | Thank you for supporting me, this channel and helping me continue to create content for you ♡ --------- COME SAY HI ON SOCIAL MEDIA! ----------- PLEASE SUBSCRIBE - MY BLOG - INSTAGRAM - For MORE - *** CONTACT - [email protected] all inquiries ***


Papertiger 57
Papertiger 57:
oh I have fell for the hype...wonderful video! My only advice would be to use common you need the item you are purchasing and remember these influencers are making money off of you and your purchases....they were given money to spend by Nordstrom to promote this sale.
Margaret Daniel
Margaret Daniel:
Holy cow! You are a voice of sanity in an otherwise Anniversary sale obsessed You tube community. I can’t wait to see what dupe outfits you create! You have a new subscriber.
Getting _Fit_Ruth_The_Reseller
Getting _Fit_Ruth_The_Reseller:
Another great video. When in doubt I leave it and go to TJ Maxx and Marshall’s.
Lynda Kahn
Lynda Kahn:
Thank you for being a lone voice of’s so easy to fall for the hype.....guilty!
kim Brody
kim Brody:
I agree Melissa 100 percent. Every retailer now is having sales. And, if you charge up your credit card and do not pay it off right away the interest being charged is no sale at all.
Eveline Hodges
Eveline Hodges:
Finally someone talks about this..... I‘m finding it ridiculous how all the influencers gush their hearts out over every single item in the Nordstrom catalogue 🙄
Ivonn Ramos
Ivonn Ramos:
Hi Melissa you are so right about Nordstrom anniversary sale items going into the Nordstrom rack , I just purchased a pair of frame jeans that were on the Nordstrom sale $149 I paid $40 😂incredible discount and now the most discounted item I purchased all year 🤓thank you for the wonderful content ❤️
Ellen M
Ellen M:
I try never to buy the trendy stuff at Nordstrom Anniversary sale — just better quality staple pieces. Suits, leather jacket, silk blouses, quality jewelry. Most of the pieces I’ve bought over 10+ years of the sale then I still have and wear. (And my best Rack score post sale? A $200 pair of Lafayette 148 textured black jeans on clearance for $10!!!)
You are soooo right- I was watching some of these influencers and - their heads are popping off— good advice just slow down and wait for alternatives and markdowns! Just found you on you tube!
Can’t wait for your Nordstrom Post Sale shopping video! Thank you for saying what needs to be said.
40 Is Not Old
40 Is Not Old:
Was just recommended this video by YouTube. GREAT video!! Love your voice of reason in this whole sale thing! You have s new subscriber!
Lynn Green
Lynn Green:
Thank you for this video! I was starting to fall for the hype, but you brought me back to reality! I’m looking forward to your dupe video.
gwen jackson
gwen jackson:
Some Garments are also designed especially for the Nordstrom’s sale and are lower quality to justify the sale price. The problem is the that if you really want something get it because chances are finding it in your size color etc is rare
I tried to stay away from the hype this year so I didn’t watch any of the hype videos either and mostly succeeded. I truly wish I saw this video before hand. Thanks so much for sharing. I’ve learned quite a bit. I’m excited to see the dupes video.
Evelyn Glick
Evelyn Glick:
OMG; I’m sooo glad I came across your channel!!! These are amazing tips! Thank you! I fall into the hype and get crazy bills! Please tell us your favorite stores for jeans; coats and sweater. I’ll subscribe 🙂
Angelica Stambaugh
Angelica Stambaugh:
Sooooo true... just found a perfectly new pair of Rag n bone jeans at TJMax, my fav you tuber swears by during this sale... I did see lots of great stuff at the Rack even cheaper then the sale prices
So true! I have seen items that were in the Anniversary Sale a month or so later at Nordstrom’s Rack for a lot less.
Kay Em
Kay Em:
So glad I found your channel. With Nordstrom’s Free Shipping and Returns my tip would be it’s smart to order 2 sizes if unsure as there is no charge for returns.
I sooooo needed this video! I get whisked away with the hype and just need to know it's not the end of the world if I don't get another sweater!
Christina Zakos
Christina Zakos:
Thanks for the honest tips. I just subscribed to you. In the past I did all the things you said not to do( bought into hype, listened too much to influences etc..). 😊
Romie Tumilowicz
Romie Tumilowicz:
Loved that you said not to buy into the hype!
Esmerelda Pinchon
Esmerelda Pinchon:
Thank you SO MUCH for this video and especially the intro part. You are a voice of reason!
Yaszi T
Yaszi T:
Good tips ❤️ what you said about the sweaters.....I would be careful with the barefoot dreams sweater as well... you can get great deals on QVC. I purchased all of my BFD sweaters from QVC!
Robin L
Robin L:
I like keeping my fave brands on my wish list throughout the year. Love you tips Melissa!! xoxo
Dog walker 97
Dog walker 97:
Thank you for a great video with a fresh perspective on the sale!!!
Cava Cava
Cava Cava:
This was awesome , totally agree with you ! Thank you ❤️
Jacky JA
Jacky JA:
Thanks for this video 👌👏🏼will definitely think through ❤️
Rachel S
Rachel S:
Great tips.  I love Nordstrom and I agree with your tips.
What a great channel I just stumbled across!
Eclectic Kristen
Eclectic Kristen:
I love my Zella leggings, but the pairs I bought last year during the Nsale were low quality. If I'm not mistaken, I even was contacted by Nordstrom offering a refund for them. I've also seen all the seude and leather jackets that come back every year during the sale at Nordstrom Rack.
Melissa Bavlnka
Melissa Bavlnka:
Here in Seattle this is basically a holiday!! Haha
Inna Olimpiyuk
Inna Olimpiyuk:
Omgggg a new subscriber looove this video!!
Janira Torres
Janira Torres:
Amazing job on the tips!!! Thank you💞
Robbie Curbo
Robbie Curbo:
Great video! Good perspective on this sale
Cindy 13
Cindy 13:
You're saying EXACTLY what I feel about this sale. Thank you for posting this!
Candy Feyrer
Candy Feyrer:
I love your videos but I glad you noticed what I noticed same things that they had last year 😭🤬
Barbara Mc
Barbara Mc:
Love you, love you, love you❣️such good tips, simply amazing‼️
Irina V
Irina V:
Omg you're so right about the hype around this sale! I fell for it last year and then a few months later i saw a lot of these items on bigger discount at Nordstrom and even bigger discount at Rack
You can actually get better deals on higher quality items SaksFifthAvenue. Especially if you like designer items like I do. I prefer quality over quantity.
Segourney Savery
Segourney Savery:
Good tips... I usually don’t shop the Anniversary Sale. Bloomingdales, Saks, and Nieman Marcus have much better sales especially for high end and designer items. Just got a $875 The Kooples leather jacket for $260 from Bloomingdales.
Thanks for the tips! I've already seen some other these other influencer videos and was not impressed with what they were hyping (stuff not in my price range). Plus, I love your past videos on how to save money. Please keep up the good work and keep posting!
Susie Roo
Susie Roo:
Just found your channel. Love your energy and style. I found better things online with clear the rack than I did at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. 👍👍👍
Drew Kay
Drew Kay:
Thank you for not over hyping the sale!! 🙌🏻 just needed that reminder that most items will be on sale later in the season. I would love it if you did a video on what you would buy (things/brands that don’t go on sale often).
Judith Brighton
Judith Brighton:
Really helpful tips! I love Nordstrom, though I am sad that it made the sweatshop list recently. Still, many years ago when I was a single working mom with two kids, Nordstrom gave me credit; lots of other businesses would not - Sears comes to mind. Anyway, look forward to new content! Cheers!
Rachael H
Rachael H:
Thank you so much! I really needed that deep breath lol, the sale is so tempting but I KNOW you're so right about getting stuff elsewhere and at Rack. Thanks!
abbie karic
abbie karic:
Thank you for doing this video. you are correct in everything you are saying. I am super careful at the Nordstrom Sale because I've been burned in the past. Ive seen the same items for less many times.
Loved your video. Just found your channel and I love your honesty with regards to this sale. Can’t wait to see more.
I’m so happy to have found your channel before the sale 🙂 thank you for those great tips.
Krista Miller
Krista Miller:
Wow!!! Great tips! I just stumbled upon your video and subscribed. Love your honesty. Can’t wait for your Nordstrom Rack video!
gwen jackson
gwen jackson:
Bought a lot of clothes but decided to return almost everything