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Published on Jul 12, 2019
Shop with me at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! Things are selling out quickly so I hope this video can help give some insight and Inspo on what to pick up this year. Don’t forget to subscribe and turn on notifications! FOLLOW ME! INSTAGRAM: @AlexandreaGarza FACEBOOK: Alexandrea Garza VLOG CHANNEL: Good American Jeans: Levis Jeans: Pink Coat: Top Shop Pink Skirt: Top Shop Black Jeans: Top Shop Brown Crop Jacket: Top Shop Brown Skirt: Champion Shirt: Champion Pant: Sunglasses: Nest Candle: Skincare Sets: Red Light Therapy: Tri-Light: PMD Microderm: Makeup Eraser: Pink & White Pajama Set: Hanky Panky Lace Thong: Barefoot Dreams Cardigan: Barefoot Dreams Blanket: Pink Sweater: Levis Rib Cage Straight Ankle: Blue Sweater: Frame Flare Jeans: Chelsea 28 Sweater: Frame Snake Print Jeans: White Shirt: Leopard Skirt: Ribbed Sweater: Snakeskin Skirt: Snakeskin Mid Skirt: Blank NYC Jacket: Halogen Black Pants: TopShop Jeans: BP Green Sweater: Leopard Dress: (similar) Faux Fur Jacket: White Puffer Jacket: Black Booties: Sneaker Booties: Nude & Red Booties: Black Sandals: POPULAR VIDEOS AND SERIES: WEDDING PLANNING SERIES: OUR WEDDING DAY VIDEO: MEET OUR DOG: OUR HOUSE TOUR: PREGNANCY SERIES: PREGNANCY VLOGS: LABOR AND DELIVERY VLOG: MEET MY BABY: All coupon code links are affiliate and rstyle links are affiliate. By purchasing an item from the affiliate link I receive a small commission. However, you are not charged more or less by clicking or purchasing from a rstyle link.


The Nordstrom sale is like the olympics for beauty vloggers.
When you know you cant afford anything even when it's on sale but still watch the video 💖
dailydose ofdaisy
dailydose ofdaisy:
watching anyway knowing I rather and still will shop at my target and tj max😂
Tiffani Markwood
Tiffani Markwood:
I think I about had a heart attack when I seen the price of that underwear she likes LOL.
Deanna Cecilia
Deanna Cecilia:
Yesssss let me live vicariously through you!!! I hope you got that Fendi, I loved it!!!
Jess Brooks
Jess Brooks:
Lmao as a Nordstrom employee I can’t believe after all that they gave you a standard grey bag not the anniversary yellow one
Maria k
Maria k:
Love this look. Low bun, hoops and a basic tee 👌🏼
Loving your hair pulled back, the jewelry, everything! Can't wait to hit up that sale!
Kimberly S.
Kimberly S.:
I wish my life was like this where I did not have to worry about money for everything...but watching how far you have come gives me hope that I can make my life better ....
Ellen Osborne
Ellen Osborne:
Your channel seriously just continues to get better and better!
Also, the white tee, low bun, and LV earrings 😍 gorgeous! So sleek!
Denise Minars
Denise Minars:
You look always and beautiful family
Janet Lovett
Janet Lovett:
Always love your videos like this and I can’t think of a better model than you. You look so pretty and classy in everything you tried on. Loved what you picked out but always a bummer when things are always sold out. Thank you for taking the time to share your picks with us! ❤️😉
I love Nordstrom jeans. I’m wearing nydj right now

I’m also all over the Macy’s black Friday in July sale. I bought the cutest Guess purse today for only $44 plus California sales tax and I bought a Steve Madden beret for $21 🤗
Booski Family
Booski Family:
⬇️You can be a OG of mine TODAY 😩💞
Masha Santos
Masha Santos:
Oh gosh that powder blue sweater is so nice. Hoping to get it online! 🧡
Elissa Modesto
Elissa Modesto:
I can’t wait till I give birth and bounce back. I look like a cow in everything :(
Soy sauce
Soy sauce:
I’m in love with those earrings but there are $700 too rich for my blood
Omg I love color on you ,that green sweater looked beautiful on you 🙌🏼🔥
I'm obsessed with all your jewelry you look so good and I loved this video
Laurence Larocque
Laurence Larocque:
Hi Alex! I love your necklaces!!! Where is the choker from?
Shannon Kieta
Shannon Kieta:
I grabbed this in a extra small...Show off! Hahhahaha JK!
lisa remy
lisa remy:
Your hair is giving me life.. love the cut and color so much!!! Plus your always stylin!!
cindy sandhu
cindy sandhu:
I love the necklaces your wearing in the video, can you tell me where you got them?
OMg i love your sunglasses!😘😍😍♥️
Xinia Sinacola
Xinia Sinacola:
Can you tell me what the brand and size of the sunglasses you are wearing. I love them.
Theresa Trychanel5
Theresa Trychanel5:
Girl...the Louis Vuitton shades...I’m all in for this look. You look amazing 😉
Masha Santos
Masha Santos:
And the snake skin print set too. Stoppppp now I need it all, so I’ll just look hehe
I got the Hanky Panky bridal set thongs for my wedding day(a blue pair & a white pair) and they are SO comfy, I couldn’t believe it. It literally feels like you’re wearing nothing. I will definitely be investing in more pairs.
billiejo pierson
billiejo pierson:
You are very pretty I love your make up and those Ear rings
Kristianne Bautista
Kristianne Bautista:
where is your chocker necklace from?? :) It's beautiful
Maria Olvera
Maria Olvera:
I will be looking for similar items at TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Ross, Forever 21 💜
Mari W
Mari W:
Love everything, you are like a model, very beautiful. This videos love it
Salsberi K
Salsberi K:
FYI. Nordstrom no longer does the debit card-rewards card hookup.
Samantha Bissell
Samantha Bissell:
I absolutely ❤️ half of the picks you showed including the animal faux fur jacket and the white puffer jacket please enter me in the give aways
Peyton Varela
Peyton Varela:
A Louis Vuitton handbag😭 omg but you’re really giving us Louis vibes with this outfit lol especially those earrings
Mariel Flores
Mariel Flores:
Those LV Hoops look so good on you, girl!
Jeanette Tinoco
Jeanette Tinoco:
Omg the Fendi bag was so cute. I like the pink sweater you tried on very cute. ❤
Dede Vaughn
Dede Vaughn:
I've never gotten the reason to pay $175+ for jeans. I've found jeans I love for much much less! Seven for All Mankind, Levi's, like you mentioned, have been some of my favorite! I've got a pair of distressed cropped jeans with an extra wide cuff that I got at TJ Maxx for $14.99! They are my all-time favorite jeans for comfort and fit!
Isal tom
Isal tom:
We Don't have Nordstrom in France but I enjoyed shopping also and love your taste !
Mary LaFrance
Mary LaFrance:
I saw another youtube keto blogger couple's book at costco. Ya I think you should prod them a little bit.
Dabby Paris
Dabby Paris:
Lets go sale shopping at nordstrom
But first lets go get coffee at starbucks thats so me.
Oh my goodness that fendi bag was just beautiful 😭 let’s wait and see if you purchased it!
I think Mallory is going to have a girl, love your video's xoxo
Tres Chic Mama
Tres Chic Mama:
I’m excited to check everything out!! Glad you posted this 😁💗
Anastasia D.
Anastasia D.:
This is the first time I have seen you with so much designer items on. Wow
Buggy Luv
Buggy Luv:
Loved every outfit and they looked so good on you, love your look! ❤
Gabrielle Moreno
Gabrielle Moreno:
Alex! Love your phone case where is it from? 💕
Christina Lauren
Christina Lauren:
What size did you get in the leopard coat?
Lynnzy Blanton
Lynnzy Blanton:
Anyone else have a Nordstrom card JUST for the sale, or is it just me? haha Thank you for the sneak peeks :D
Joe Wlos
Joe Wlos:
I don't know how or why I'am watching this , but you are absolutely stunning. Husband is a lucky man. Cheers !