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Published on Jul 12, 2019
Shop with me at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! Things are selling out quickly so I hope this video can help give some insight and Inspo on what to pick up this year. Don’t forget to subscribe and turn on notifications! FOLLOW ME! INSTAGRAM: @AlexandreaGarza FACEBOOK: Alexandrea Garza VLOG CHANNEL: Good American Jeans: Levis Jeans: Pink Coat: Top Shop Pink Skirt: Top Shop Black Jeans: Top Shop Brown Crop Jacket: Top Shop Brown Skirt: Champion Shirt: Champion Pant: Sunglasses: Nest Candle: Skincare Sets: Red Light Therapy: Tri-Light: PMD Microderm: Makeup Eraser: Pink & White Pajama Set: Hanky Panky Lace Thong: Barefoot Dreams Cardigan: Barefoot Dreams Blanket: Pink Sweater: Levis Rib Cage Straight Ankle: Blue Sweater: Frame Flare Jeans: Chelsea 28 Sweater: Frame Snake Print Jeans: White Shirt: Leopard Skirt: Ribbed Sweater: Snakeskin Skirt: Snakeskin Mid Skirt: Blank NYC Jacket: Halogen Black Pants: TopShop Jeans: BP Green Sweater: Leopard Dress: (similar) Faux Fur Jacket: White Puffer Jacket: Black Booties: Sneaker Booties: Nude & Red Booties: Black Sandals: POPULAR VIDEOS AND SERIES: WEDDING PLANNING SERIES: OUR WEDDING DAY VIDEO: MEET OUR DOG: OUR HOUSE TOUR: PREGNANCY SERIES: PREGNANCY VLOGS: LABOR AND DELIVERY VLOG: MEET MY BABY: All coupon code links are affiliate and rstyle links are affiliate. By purchasing an item from the affiliate link I receive a small commission. However, you are not charged more or less by clicking or purchasing from a rstyle link.


When you know you cant afford anything even when it's on sale but still watch the video 💖
The Nordstrom sale is like the olympics for beauty vloggers.
dailydose ofdaisy
dailydose ofdaisy:
watching anyway knowing I rather and still will shop at my target and tj max😂
Tiffani Markwood
Tiffani Markwood:
I think I about had a heart attack when I seen the price of that underwear she likes LOL.
Maria k
Maria k:
Love this look. Low bun, hoops and a basic tee 👌🏼
Booski Family
Booski Family:
⬇️You can be a OG of mine TODAY 😩💞
Ellen Osborne
Ellen Osborne:
Your channel seriously just continues to get better and better!
Also, the white tee, low bun, and LV earrings 😍 gorgeous! So sleek!
Loving your hair pulled back, the jewelry, everything! Can't wait to hit up that sale!
Soy sauce
Soy sauce:
I’m in love with those earrings but there are $700 too rich for my blood
Kimberly S.
Kimberly S.:
I wish my life was like this where I did not have to worry about money for everything...but watching how far you have come gives me hope that I can make my life better ....
Maria Olvera
Maria Olvera:
I will be looking for similar items at TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Ross, Forever 21 💜
Deanna Cecilia
Deanna Cecilia:
Yesssss let me live vicariously through you!!! I hope you got that Fendi, I loved it!!!
Minerva Castillo
Minerva Castillo:
Nordstrom all over you tube influencers and here I am looking at those 4 for $59 panties sale like are you SERIOUS!! 😂who has this kind of money
Dana Turner
Dana Turner:
They no longer offer the debit card.
Omg I love color on you ,that green sweater looked beautiful on you 🙌🏼🔥
Jess Brooks
Jess Brooks:
Lmao as a Nordstrom employee I can’t believe after all that they gave you a standard grey bag not the anniversary yellow one
Mila Freeborn
Mila Freeborn:
I’m dying to know how much she spent 😂😂
Regina Williams
Regina Williams:
You look so amazing in everything!!!
Ashley Lee
Ashley Lee:
Haha! Mallory in the back round vlogging while you're in the car is hilarious lol.
Buggy Luv
Buggy Luv:
Loved every outfit and they looked so good on you, love your look! ❤
Tres Chic Mama
Tres Chic Mama:
I’m excited to check everything out!! Glad you posted this 😁💗
Ana Coelho
Ana Coelho:
I like the way you say winter, “ in the winner”🤣
Elizabeth Mendez
Elizabeth Mendez:
Love all the outfits😭 you look amazing!😍🖤
Juls Rodriguez
Juls Rodriguez:
I always see a lot of my fav youtubers rave about Nordstrom and I’m kind of ashamed that I’ve never been 😭 and there’s so many cute things there! Definitely checking it out during the sale!
Kelli Dion
Kelli Dion:
Love it when you and Mallory do videos together/hang out! Love watching you ladies ❤️
I got the Hanky Panky bridal set thongs for my wedding day(a blue pair & a white pair) and they are SO comfy, I couldn’t believe it. It literally feels like you’re wearing nothing. I will definitely be investing in more pairs.
Kimberly Lavelle
Kimberly Lavelle:
You have always been pretty but you are just beautiful! I think your change to a clean diet is showing on the outside!
Anastasia D.
Anastasia D.:
This is the first time I have seen you with so much designer items on. Wow
Jade Dee
Jade Dee:
Please do a tutorial on this look! Love the bronzy / brown look 😘
Vanessa Breanne Smith
Vanessa Breanne Smith:
You can pay for your nordy stuff in store and have them ship it all to your home for free (they ship anywhere and everywhere) even international lol!!! It’s nice to do that so the salesperson gets commission/store gets the sale and then you still get the products you wanted ☺️
Shannon Kieta
Shannon Kieta:
I grabbed this in a extra small...Show off! Hahhahaha JK!
Oh my goodness that fendi bag was just beautiful 😭 let’s wait and see if you purchased it!
your style is everything and more!!! 😩
Anne Trucilla
Anne Trucilla:
Everything you tried on looked amazing!!! Did you only walk out with one bag?!!
Maria Loredo
Maria Loredo:
Omg when I started your video I was feeling so down then I read make a life that’s makes you happy that’s the type of inspiration I needed 😘😍
Isabel Bakovic
Isabel Bakovic:
Everything look good on you🔥 so in love with those earrings 😍
Love this look, Alex! What style are those LV sunglasses?😍
Peyton Varela
Peyton Varela:
A Louis Vuitton handbag😭 omg but you’re really giving us Louis vibes with this outfit lol especially those earrings
Wednesday Trend
Wednesday Trend:
I look forward to these videos every year 🖤🥰 you’ll have to do a haul showing us what you bought!
Gabrielle Moreno
Gabrielle Moreno:
Alex! Love your phone case where is it from? 💕
Sandy Lepage
Sandy Lepage:
I want everything you picked out. You look so good with your hair up. Love the different looks!
Mary Castro
Mary Castro:
Happy Friday Friend!! You shared a lot of great tips in this one , as always!
Going to check out those skin care products! My daughter is definitely a skin junkie! 😂 My favorite thing you tried on was the tight white sweater with the long leopard skirt !! Looked great on you !!!! The pink sweater too !!
Thanks for sharing!! Xoxo😘
Jacqueline Jaghab
Jacqueline Jaghab:
Love this! I can’t wait to shop. Question, do you have tips on keeping your nice shirts and sweaters from pilling and getting those little fuzzies from wearing a seatbelt? I got some nice basic shirts but I notice that keeps happening to them 😫
I love Nordstrom jeans. I’m wearing nydj right now

I’m also all over the Macy’s black Friday in July sale. I bought the cutest Guess purse today for only $44 plus California sales tax and I bought a Steve Madden beret for $21 🤗
Ashley Lightbody
Ashley Lightbody:
Omg definitely am going to buy some of the skincare tools like the personal microdermabrasion! So exciting 🙌🏼
Luciana Bombonato
Luciana Bombonato:
Love the black Top Shop pants and the green sweater on you!! And the dress is gorgeous on you! Hope you got all 3 pieces. Kisses from Brazil
Samantha Xiong
Samantha Xiong:
Everything looked amazing on you! Just came from Mallory’s video and I am totally gonna purchase some beauty items! I got lured in!
Oana-Camelia Caba
Oana-Camelia Caba:
We don’t have Nordstrom in Australia🙁,so sad,i love watching your videos,you are my favourite youtuber 😊
Lori Brooks
Lori Brooks:
dang girl, you're super boujee ;-) Love it!
Lynnzy Blanton
Lynnzy Blanton:
Anyone else have a Nordstrom card JUST for the sale, or is it just me? haha Thank you for the sneak peeks :D