Roger Federer 'makes difficult things look easy' - Rafael Nadal | 2019 Wimbledon Press Conference

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Published on Jul 12, 2019
Roger Federer defeated Rafael Nadal 7-6 (3), 1-6, 6-3, 6-4 in their first meeting at Wimbledon since 2008 to advance to the final vs. Novak Djokovic. Nadal credits Federer for his superior return and laments the success of his backhand. #ESPN Subscribe to ESPN UK: Follow ESPN UK across multiple platforms:


I think Rafa played great but Federer was better than him. We tend to believe that long rallies will be advantage Rafa but today it was different. Roger's backhand and baseline winners were outstanding.
Edward Wei
Edward Wei:
As a big Federer fan, I love Nadal’s resilience, tenacity and determination. Also great character. Not just the King of Clay but a great champion and one of the GOAT.
Saurabh Thakur
Saurabh Thakur:
Federer will be 38 in few months its just astoinishing to play him like that
C.d. lee
C.d. lee:
As good as nadal is he is so humble. As people we get frustrated and emotionally unbalanced but this guy stays so humble and calm and never says anything out of anger. Such a fierce competitor and emotional on the court but outside of it he so balanced. Its amazing! I mean thats prolly why he is so tough as player day in and day out!! Another thing about nadal and novak roger is they stayed with Same girl and wife never gets in trouble. Perfect role models they don't let the fame get to their heads. Its amazing How discipline they r in life!! Get sad thinking bout tennis without these guys! Good match rafa! Play forever!!
Im sad that Nadal lost but happy that Federer won. They're two of my favorite players.
I dont understand why so manny where believing Nadal would win when Federer won last 5 of 6 matches before???
Ruguoser Liegise
Ruguoser Liegise:
"You will not make him miss for speed of the ball, you'll make him miss when you put him out of position"
I like Federer and Nadal a lot. ..
Mostly i love their friendship. ..
Nita Lopes
Nita Lopes:
Beautiful champion Nadal you bring enjoyment to tennis for your fans win or loose we love Rafa Nadal 👍👍👍👍
Dude Federer is going to be 38 in a few months.

I'm nearly 10 years younger than him and he still moves more fluid than me. wtf.
Tony Wicks - C2D4 Comics
Tony Wicks - C2D4 Comics:
I think Federer has lost the one major disadvantage he had against Nadal... The attackable back hand. It made all the difference today. It used to be a real liability for Federer... Not anymore.
Боря Дюпон
Боря Дюпон:
Rafa obviously hates losing as much today as he did yesterday but his analysis of what happened during the match is wise accurate and positive for the future. A great champion!
Man nadal is so professional. I thinj he literally treats the tennis court as his office
Diveek Jain
Diveek Jain:
Federer 🐐🐐🐐
Adam Simpson
Adam Simpson:
I prefer Nadal, but they are both Kings and deserve a lot of respect. It was a great match. They are both GOATS.
Looking forward to seeing Djokovic and Nadal at Federer's age playing against top seeds.
M G:
Roger beat rafa on grass, rafa beats him on clay... wait what year is this, 2007?
Ben Lewis
Ben Lewis:
Nadal played solid enough against 99% of the field, but Federer was in excellent form in this semifinal.

Rafa will lament that 30-40 backhand miss at 5-4 in the 4th, his BH let him down a bit in this one - Federer stepped up when it mattered most
I always thought it was a stupid meme or joke about his arms but the angle he sits really does make it look like his left arm is a lot bigger than his right.
Ike Exeter
Ike Exeter:
Without Rafa and Novak, Federer might have retired 6-7 years ago with 30+ grand slam titles in his pocket.
They are helping each other to improve to where they are now.
Im a nadal fan, but federer is sooooo good man its unbelievable
All these years on I still get goosebumps watching Federer and Nadal play each other.
Legends of the sport, not to mention fantastic ambassadors. The sport of tennis will be poorer when they retire.
Joshith John Jp
Joshith John Jp:
This shows pure respect of the legends both rafa and fed
vignesh a
vignesh a:
It’s astonishing watching Federer win those really long exchanges.. what was his age again 😂??
Marleise Rashford
Marleise Rashford:
Rafa you are a great champion. Great match. Can't win them all. Good luck over the summer. Love your game.
Nadal is wrong to say he played better in previous rounds its just that he was up against Roger who was really up for it.
I'm a Djokovic fan.. I honestly, did not think Roger Federer had a match like this in him. That to at this age!! He was totally dominant. I've never seen Federer this aggressive in the last 4-5 years. This was probably the match of the season so for..🙏🙏
KathyJo Morris
KathyJo Morris:
I am a Rafa fan ❤ I wish Roger all the best in the final!
happy penguin
happy penguin:
I'm so happy for Roger, as I'm a big Fed fan, but I always enjoy watching Rafa play too, they are both absolute champions and tennis wouldn't be the same without the Fedal rivalry ❤💪
avijit jha
avijit jha:
Nice to see him admit he was beaten fair and square. Both GOATS
Avram Goldsmith
Avram Goldsmith:
Rafa : the game was amazing , displayed the high level for any tennis competition , shown Rafa, Djokovich and RogEr are in different range level from the rest!!!!
Jonathan Van Hassel
Jonathan Van Hassel:
Thats the beauty of these two guys. Nadal controls the clay, Federer the grass
Rafa you played extremely well. You are one of the best ever. We expect too much from you and Roger, sometimes that’s not a fAir perspective. Two Champions. Thanks for your magic. 💐
Wahn Yoon
Wahn Yoon:
Gracious warrior. On and off the court. Can't wait to see him annihilate a bunch more players at the U.S. Open.
Bilaal Ahmed
Bilaal Ahmed:
He still waiting for that Kyrgios underarm serve.
Dead Man Walking
Dead Man Walking:
He's right. Fed is the Noureev of tennis.
arun luman
arun luman:
Rafa love u bro. With so many injuries you keep going. That's a great life lesson for all.
Ricky Alfaro
Ricky Alfaro:
Rafa is still having a great season. He’s a champion many times over and he’ll bounce back!
Charles W
Charles W:
Great humility from one of the greats.
Stone W
Stone W:
His first serve was off, also. He complained a bit about being seeded third here. Wimbledon is feeling vindicated at this point. Federer is STILL relevant, people. STILL one of the best. STILL competing for Grand Slams. Nadal is a great champ. He'll have other chances to add to his Wimbledon titles.
glen cecil
glen cecil:
Doesn't Rafa's left arm look much bigger than his right one?
atilla alfira
atilla alfira:
If there is no man from mallorca, federer would won his 25-30 grand slam
Christo Botha
Christo Botha:
What a great rivalry - two gentleman on and off the court. Great human beings
Marjan P
Marjan P:
As a Federer fan i myself didn't imagine that it would end in 4 sets... Rafa played well but Federer played better ❤️❤️❤️
Wow this loss is eating him up 🐐🐐
Soumyaroop Roy
Soumyaroop Roy:
It’s amazing how candid and sincere he is/sounds in press conferences.
Luca Dorsay
Luca Dorsay:
For me you're still the CHAMP, Rafa!!
PRASAD Jagdale
PRASAD Jagdale:
Watever he says its so much of truth...and with some great clearity...
Keith Hiew
Keith Hiew:
4:45 - “You cannot make him miss by just speed on the ball. You have to make him miss by moving him out of position.” The strategies that pro tennis players have to come up with against each other.
Pikan Chill
Pikan Chill:
when you see nadal playing his monstre.difficult to make him tired.he s with his left hand.legende. is a good persone his speech is simple.
great player en great personne
1federer 2nadal
nadal win many time federer.but federer have more elegance of playing tennis.teknik.skill all