PS5 Release Date, New Controller & Hardware Details Surface

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Published on Oct 8, 2019
Sony has revealed new official details about PlayStation 5, much to our surprise. Let's break it down! Subscribe for more:


burnt f1ames
burnt f1ames:
The elder scrolls anniversary edition: TES5 SKYRIM: Special Remastered Legendary Re-release ultimate edition

DLC and headphone jack sold separately
Chester John Somes
Chester John Somes:
"Playstation Eternal" shows the queen.
Rithik Subhash
Rithik Subhash:
They should remaster The Matrix : Path Of Neo
Lil Wolf02
Lil Wolf02:
Imagine jack and daxter remastered huge dub if they did that
I would LOVE a jak and daxter remaster that’s my childhood.
Isaac Anthony
Isaac Anthony:
If they remastered SOCOM or brought a whole new SOCOM into the PS5, I would literally buy a ticket to whenever and wherever the PlayStation conference will be just to throw my wallet full of cash at them
Christopher Wallace
Christopher Wallace:
I would love to see the previous Splinter Cell games remastered (especially multiplayer)
DeCarlo Chenault
DeCarlo Chenault:
As long as I can afford it when it launches. That is all.
Jaden Reece
Jaden Reece:
I pray they remaster Jak and Daxter.... That game was my childhood :,)
Jaycob Linneberg
Jaycob Linneberg:
I’ve been hoping ever since I beat Horizon: Zero Dawn that we will get to fight a metal devil
Guess I'll start saving up for the PS5 PRO!
Yuri Duggan
Yuri Duggan:
When I thought how much a jak and daxter remake would negatively effect my collage gpa to find I graduated 3 years ago... damn it’s been awhile since a fun game
Tell me they're remaking Demon Souls please be Demon Souls
All I want is to be able to buy the Kingdom Hearts complete set on the shop when it comes out
Sven's road to a 1000 subs
Sven's road to a 1000 subs:
I’m buying it after I dunno 1-2 years after the launch so prices go down and down on amazon ;)
Tyclone Live
Tyclone Live:
The elder scrolls 6. I just can't wait any longer!!!
Ramon Owens
Ramon Owens:
Bro that’s when I go to college meaning less gaming time 😫I hope I can adult and still play games
Me: *sees* ps5 release date*

Me: GTA 6!!!
I want to see a remake of Twisted Metal🔥🤡
Wait for the last of us remastered again
Don’t get my hopes up for Sly Cooper, Jake. My heart can’t take it 😭
I'd love an remake of NEED For SPEED Underground 2 🙏
Imagine they tweeted it on april 1st and then said april fools a few days later
Роман Денисов
Роман Денисов:
Jason Schreyer confirms remaster Demon’s Souls
Shafa Uchiha
Shafa Uchiha:
Kingdom Hearts 3 on the PS5, I’m ready to nut. Horizon Zero Dawn also would look insane with ray tracing on PS5
Alpha Wolf
Alpha Wolf:
I can't wait to play Elder Scrolls 6 on PS5.
Larry Ranoa
Larry Ranoa:
I have been saving for the last 3 years. Bring it on!
Diego Antonio
Diego Antonio:
Jack and Daxter trilogy would be amazing!
Tremaine Joned
Tremaine Joned:
Ps5 coming out, Ima sell my microwave, refrigerator, the couch 🤔 the damnn dog, EVERYTHING MUST GOOOOIIII
Prince Groove
Prince Groove:
Yeah buddy, PlayStation V for the ‘W’ next generation!

I’m kinda curious what the PS69’s innovative features will be? 😏
dont do that dont give me hope for more slycooper, i just want a new and finishing game in that series, is that to much to ask?!
No Pe
No Pe:
I’m still waiting for another sly cooper
bl4ckp4nth3r HM
bl4ckp4nth3r HM:
As good as the first horizon sero dawn looks I cant wait to see how the seconds one will look on the PS5
kokonut jam
kokonut jam:
I wish Sony does the same innovations on their mobile department.
momo rbk
momo rbk:
Legend of dragoon remastered or midnight club remastered hopefully 🤞🏿
Enzo Rhys Thunderer
Enzo Rhys Thunderer:
kratos ad atreus be so real your gonna feel that axe chopping your head lol
A R:
a remake of Legend of the dragoon with a different combat system would be great
Electrik Dave
Electrik Dave:
“Big one.” More Colossus.
a MGS 1-3 remake would be phenomenal, I would literately throw my money at you
I hope they remaster Animal crossing. I remember when it first came out i would play for days. Ah the good ol playstation 2 days
Khepri Gallard
Khepri Gallard:
UGH, just when i'm started saving to get a PS4...
Also, if the ssd is as good as it sounds I'm gonna buy it just for the ssd
Lord RonMi
Lord RonMi:
Come on BluePoint, we need Demons Souls Remake :D
Bro I can’t be the only one that want my man sly back 😂😂😂😂🤷🏽‍♂️
I'm SO looking forward to this game that Bluepoint is working on! Shadow of the Colossus Remake was just breathtaking!
Bryce Williams
Bryce Williams:
They need to improve the acting in horizon zero dawn in the second one
Federation SkyNation
Federation SkyNation:
saving up on 2020 will be hard, well at least at the start of that year
Natsu Dragneel
Natsu Dragneel:
I wanna save for a PC and then I see this video ;-;

Edit: ah never mind, it’s a long wait so I will be able to save enough for both
Adam A
Adam A:
Horizon Zero Dawn was a beautiful game on the Pro. I'm really hoping her story continues. And that it's a day one release with the 5.
Colin-kun :3
Colin-kun :3:
Saving up lol.. I’ve been doing that since I bought my PS3, so I’ve got enough stacked up.