Oliver Letwin MP escapes questions on the Naylor Review and NHS privatisation

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Published on Jul 19, 2017
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Gordon Bradley
Gordon Bradley:
plain and fancy Tory bastardry !
isn't he the blaggard who wrote " privatise the world " ?
yep ! that's the bastard !
the Tories keep him hidden, skulking and plotting out of sight !
James Keating
James Keating:
00:55 Letwin avoiding the lamp-post reminds me of Bush avoiding the well-aimed shoe,
class interview, good stuff.
Would have batted his phone up out of his hands if It were me
I hope he’s rich enough to have his head sewn back on in one of his private hospitals, if it comes to that.
Unlimited Rice pudding
Unlimited Rice pudding:
he didnt deny it
Show No Fear
Show No Fear:
The Smug basterd thought it was funny! My grandfather taught me how it was the threat of revolution that,brought the NHS into being. The people must do the same now! These genocidal criminals must be brought to account! Name And Shame them all! We need an NHS protection law now, to keep these vultures away from the NHS. or we need a revolutionary movement to remove them. This war on the poor & disadvantaged must be stopped!
What a total C***!!!!!
Brian McGuirk
Brian McGuirk:
A Corbyn government is the only hope for the NHS.
Natasha Lion
Natasha Lion:
Hopefully a cyclist will take him out, next time...
He has shady links to the infamous ''Carrol Foundation Trust'' embezzlement/fraud. Tax Haven Scandal. HSBC. And their attempt to close the Serious Fraud Office SFO. This man should not collect & pass GO !