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Published on Jun 14, 2019
ALL THE UNITS + ORIGINS + CLASSES + ITEMS IM SO EXCITED TO PLAY THIS ! CHECK OUT ALL THE STUFF HERE NEW LEAGUE TEAMFIGHT TACTICS ALL UNITS REVEALED ! INSANE COMBOS ! NEW ITEMS ALSO ! NEW GAMEMODE ! ▶Watch me live: ▶Discord : ▶Subscribe : ▶My Music Channel : ▶Also Twitter ▶Follow me on Twitch ▶IGN: NA: YoumuusYT / Jhin God PBE: Youmuus Support the channel ! get rp with this link : My set up : Keyboard : Mouse : Old mouse that was also pretty good : Webcam : Main Monitor : Side monitors : Usb hub : ( really important actually ) Pc specs : Grapics card : ( really expensive rn wait til price drops ) Processor : Ram : ( the new verson of what i have ) Cpu Cooler : Case : ( closest one i can find to mine ) Hard drive / ssd : Power supply : All links support the channel ! Actually after clicking a link anything u buy in the next 24 hours supports the channel so home or favorite this page if u would like to help a brotha out :)


This is coming out in 4 days stay tuned for some gameplay RENGAR 3 STAR INCOMING ! ALSO MORE INFO ON HOW MANY UNITS YOU NEED
Nice Hen Tie shirt Youmuus ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Killua Zoldyck
Killua Zoldyck:
There should be a class as "GAYS" ( varus ezreal taric and umm meybe kayn )
2 gay combo: gains extra stats when they are side by side
4 gay combo: all male allies gains huge extra stats
so far i'm loving this, i always wanted to try dota auto chess but i never did because i don't know the dota champions at all

glad to see riot trying to experiment with these new things
Waseem Ahmed
Waseem Ahmed:
Me: I am going to have a productive summer.
Riot: Not if I have anything to say about it.
Renan Eich
Renan Eich:
I donwloaded PBE just to play this.

New game, still no balance.
Adam Dimalanta
Adam Dimalanta:
the other guy at the start had me checking my discord
Well Youmuus, you did it. You got me addicted to auto chess.
Dusan Cupic
Dusan Cupic:
Ideal front line : Darius Shen Shyvana Leona
lore god shedows123
lore god shedows123:
Demacia has anti magic armor and garen is from it so its not copying its the LORE cuz i am the lore god 😎
I believe that champions without mana in the normal game won't have mana here either. Why? You guys totally forgot abilities have cooldowns :D
Arturo Garcia
Arturo Garcia:
Can we play this game on mobiles?
Shadowrider 10
Shadowrider 10:
the percentage of chance is probably based off the number of this type of champion that is on the board
exemple : we have 2 yordles
16% dodge chance
( 8 - 16 - 24 - 32 )% chance to dodge based off the number of yordles
Angelo Ocbina
Angelo Ocbina:
I want my boi skarner
J Thompson
J Thompson:
You should do some theory crafting with the "TEAM builder option" in a video and flush out some possible team comps. To help give examples of things that might work out
Shadowrider 10
Shadowrider 10:
10:45 i think it's probably based off mana cost ?
like you need 6 mana cost of pirates on the board soooo
you have miss fortune which costs 5 mana and another guy that costs 1 or more mana to get the buff
and we also need more buffs that are not base of having 1 or 4 but 2 or 3
so it is more powerful cause 1 or 4 is late game and early game but
2 or 3 is mid game cause you can put 2 of a genre of champion and get a third one so that even if you lose 1 champion you still have the buff
i hope you understood what i said ^^
Mario Brand
Mario Brand:
Looks good. So is Lux ability to throw her Spells to China and still hit you in Europe?
Original Slasher
Original Slasher:
I'm sooo hyped fffffckkk
Absolute Zenith
Absolute Zenith:
Tfw your veigar 1v9 carries thanks to meatshields
Yo, you think you'll be able to do a video or so on Dota 2 Auto Chess before TFT comes out? As an informational video for us who never heard of it, that is, since I've only ever heard of Auto Chess after TFT was announced, so I thought it would be cool to learn more from my boy Youmuus. And you can do it with this friend of yours as well. :DD
time to wear some yuumis
Bis Quit
Bis Quit:
dis geym is BALANCED af
I like turtles
I like turtles:
I got perma on my acc for nothing but I think I will back to league on new acc for this mode
I like turtles
I like turtles:
Btw where is my boi teemo :c
MurrderHigh 4
MurrderHigh 4:
You really looking at all the champ ability on Teamfight tactics????
Asura, The Kishin 恐れ
Asura, The Kishin 恐れ:
Holy shit this sounds amazing! Dude items sounds so interactive! But ngl, gunslingers sound disgustingly strong.
No velkoz? Rip. Confirmed no skin until 2030 ;-; Still chillin though they got kennen

Also is there any word on if skins from what you own translates to the game characters? For instance, can I use Blood Moon Yasuo in TFT?
is this only for the new gamemode or are the items for the actual game?
The rageblade is sick but ivern isnt in the game so ill give this a 3/10
Matias Mittigård
Matias Mittigård:
Play more mc :D btw nice vid
Oh boi here we Go! idk about this but hope make it good gameplay.
Newas Wego
Newas Wego:
Time to make a good content by play this TFT.
using the that site team builder you can see what number is needed for each and it is 3 pirates
thomas idunno
thomas idunno:
so just use rapid fire to counter phantom dancer lmao
I was hoping you will do a video about it, I was confusion about this
J Thompson
J Thompson:
I'm looking forward to this game coming out I'm all over this ranked after I get the hang of it. Just REALLY hope it's not a rotating game mode want it to be all year around
Novad selir
Novad selir:
Ahhh data mining the ultimate spoiler.
Yes No
Yes No:
Dota 2 autochess: Am I a joke to you?
site just updatde with actual number to proc origin/class abilities.
JungleINSECt Spikewall
JungleINSECt Spikewall:
Lets hope we never get a dragon knight... like renekton could be dragon knight and that would be busted cuz no auto or magic damage
Xploding Pnda
Xploding Pnda:
Gnar should be yordle instead of wild because he is a yordle
Battlecast Cho'gath
Battlecast Cho'gath:
I am just a 4.... destroy rito!!
Riot copying dota lol
JungleINSECt Spikewall
JungleINSECt Spikewall:
Force of nature: I HAVE BEEN AWAKENED !!!!!
Mageiou :D
Mageiou :D:
Instantly kills lol
Παυλος Τζουβελης
Παυλος Τζουβελης:
In about a week?
Youmuus like my comment
Salterino Kripperino
Salterino Kripperino:
Lmao League is supposed to be balanced? Riot make the game less balanced every patch
JungleINSECt Spikewall
JungleINSECt Spikewall:
I think the pirate one is that you get 1 coin for every pirate you used so 1 pirate gives 1 coin. 2 pirates give 2 coins. 3pirate 3 coins. 4 pirates 4 coins