Monday Motivation: Dream Killers

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Published on Nov 19, 2015
Our Founder, Hodan Nalayeh, shares a story about Dream Killers! When you decide to pursue your dreams, dream killers will be everywhere! Learn to develop your confidence to keep your dreams alive! #NoMoreDreamKillers


Hi iam a non Somali but love and watch your shows so inspirational and really got me thinking that all of us who are African origin ,need to build careers to help back home.
Thank you and God bless you .
very inspiring may allah make our people understand the vulues in our community. kudos Hodan from Edmonton Alberta
Peace begins with a smile.
Peace begins with a smile.:
I agreed with u Hodan 100% + majority of our people, somali people are dream killers. I hope they change so people will continue to dream.
Mo-america isse
Mo-america isse:
love this video what you say is true im experiancing it myself thanks sister for what you doing for community keep it sister
Mentor Liiyah
Mentor Liiyah:
You inspire me with your words of wisdom and work ethic like no other wallahi. Please keep it up, you are truly amazing Hodan!
shakra shakta
shakra shakta:
thanx HODAN actually this touches more bcos i m doing hard work and expecting to reach the sky but really wen i tell a person that i m gonna do this they say to me same words and try to break my heart so what i have to do is just keep silent and do the work that's it.
Oscar Osman
Oscar Osman:
i can tell you your so inspiring lady me u continue the way to inspire the young generation- and we appreciate your communal work for the somalis and we eliminate all the dream killers from our community and put them aside from the community
Musa Hassan
Musa Hassan:
Hodan ur a beacon, a light. A Nuur. May Allah reward u abundantly for ur wise advice, kind heart, ur sense of humanity
I couldn't be more proud of u. There is a Hadith that says" irhamoo man fil ardh yarhamukum man fi Samaa"

Translation" have mercy on those on this earth, the one above u- in the heavens-Allah SW will have mercy on u"

Hope that u will continue with ur noble work, may Allah SW reward u abundantly. Please don't be put off or be dissuaded by those that are oblivious to good- those who see nor hear no good
I love what u do for ur community for the sake of Allah. U are a shinning armour in the current sea of turbulence
Inshaallah Allah SW will reward u and Inshallah I will make dua for u
Yasin Aden
Yasin Aden:
Great job sister ,i love what you do for somali people showing them they can do what ever they dream of. just try and try agein.
Yaska Buskud
Yaska Buskud:
I don't tell my goals to anyone
muktar maalim
muktar maalim:
Hodan N. The King Cobra Mogadishu Somalia Hanoolato Military Hanoolato
Ninaaj ahmed
Ninaaj ahmed:
really the confidence is most important thing in our live
thank uh to sharing ur inspirational story😍as somalis we r proud of uh HODAN
Farida Khan
Farida Khan:
Asalamu alikum sister Hodan u reduced me too tears today though I am not somali I felt what u told me and today I changed ma attitude towards life and the people I share ma dreams with. I am from Nairobi kenya am half pakistani and kenyan. I wish I could understand somali to enjoy your videos more.
munah ahmed
munah ahmed:
Walahi Waaa run
Dr.indho Fan
Dr.indho Fan:
masha allah .masha allah i love you from my heart. proud you hodan. watching you always makes me happy .motivated and proud to be i am somalia
Ali Giama
Ali Giama:
You give us hope and guidens Hodan, you are my OPRAH :)))
The ocean star
The ocean star:
God bless you iam proud of you
Axbab Mohamed
Axbab Mohamed:
Masha allah hodan naleyeh go forward allah bless us sis
Abdirisak Artan
Abdirisak Artan:
Wow just wow
000000000000 25467690
000000000000 25467690:
walhi l love Hodan naley i hope she will come mombasa kenya mash Allah l can say she's so kind .
Hamud Husein Duale
Hamud Husein Duale:
well done i hope u wish
Mukhtar Sharief
Mukhtar Sharief:
Of'cours we will ◇
Mukhtar Sharief
Mukhtar Sharief:
No more dream killer
Aziza Mohamed
Aziza Mohamed:
i love THIS woman, Mashalla. so inspiring, articulate, a true role model for somali girls and women, to be honest. much love!
Nahwiyanka Media
Nahwiyanka Media:
u really aminzing siz
Fanax Yare
Fanax Yare: