Match Point: Roger Federer vs Rafa Nadal Wimbledon 2019 semi-final

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Published on Jul 12, 2019
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Nihle Igleca
Nihle Igleca:
Let's get real Wimbledon, we need a 15+ minutes highlight for the clash between these two.
Angelo Astilean
Angelo Astilean:
Roger Federer is the type of guy that will challenge a point he won
Roger Fernandes
Roger Fernandes:
Don't Really Want Roger, Rafa, Novak To Retire.
Shazeb Abrar
Shazeb Abrar:
Federer personality and artistic style of playing has won hearts of millions of people . Wish him best luck in sunday final.
I just gained more respect for Nadal for bringing out the best of Federer and reviving the "Vintage Federer."
What will we do without the big 3, so much entertainment
Cheers to Rafa for fightin his hardest all the way to the end. GL RF
Horacio Rodriguez
Horacio Rodriguez:
To bad this wasn't the final...but it sure felt like it. Go Federer!
Henry Plce
Henry Plce:
Game set and match Federer.. the most satisfying words ever
Marco Caloi
Marco Caloi:
I could see he felt sincerely sorry for Rafael. This means winning. Above what he has accomplished during all these years.
Madhan Kumar k
Madhan Kumar k:
Tennis will never be same..after this man u roger
Parikshit Tyagi
Parikshit Tyagi:
Roger has had always the best technique as compared to Rafa and Nole but somehow he fell short in the mental game against those two whenever the game went over 3 sets. But since 2017 Roger has incredibly managed to turn it around. He is playing with a lot more freedom which is helping him to win long rallies at a much more consistent basis. As a die hard Roger fan it is delightful to see some of the best tennis come out of him at the age of almost 38.
First Name Last Name
First Name Last Name:
It is always beautiful see Rafa signing autographs for fans even after such brutal semi loss.

Love Roger. Love Rafa.
Is it me or did Federer almost cry? Honestly, it must have felt amazing to finally avenge that heartbreaking loss he experienced in 2008.

Just look at 0:40 man. That’s beautiful.
Federer and his loyal fans deserve this, absolute legend and best ever..
Not a single human has ever picked up a racket that is better than this man
Sir Alexander
Sir Alexander:
The "weak era" champion strikes again.
Geoffrey Muller
Geoffrey Muller:
Incredible RF how he manAged his nerves in that last game , he so deserved that , he was phenomenal.
Thananut Jirapornkul
Thananut Jirapornkul:
1st set: He played tennis
2nd set: Yeah, I played bad
3rd set: God mode is on
4th set: God mode is still on.
A R:
As a Nadal fan I'll have to give credit to Roger for playing such a superb match.
Ramon Valkenburg
Ramon Valkenburg:
Journalist: Roger what is your real age?
Roger: Yes!
So happy for the GOAT. Fantastic performance and stayed so relaxed during the match. I think after 2017 Roger plays Nadal much better outside of clay, calm and not rushing. He won most rallies today. I really hope he wins the title because what he has achieved today is incredible. Well played, Roger <3
The critics are gonna be PISSED they wrote 'the old man's off!!! 🤣😂
Watched both the semi's with my 85 year grand-dad:

Djokovic-Agut: He dozed off in the middle and once in while regained consciousness to curse the players.

Federer-Nadal: He was on his feet half off the time, jumping up and down and exclaiming frequently: "Oh boy! Federer and his wicked shots" "That Nadal, he's like a pit-bull, doesn't let go".

That's the magic of Federer- Nadal!
Kp Skills
Kp Skills:
Supporting him since i was 8 years old I am soooooo Happy Today
Mario Muslim
Mario Muslim:
As a nadal fan i can only congratulate fed insane preformance. Stop with the insults they deserve better from fans.
Paulo Koi Martín del Campo
Paulo Koi Martín del Campo:
Vamos roger, the goat
basit qayyum
basit qayyum:
Roger Federer. The true Goat!
One down one more to go. Let's go Federer!
Shammas Manikoth
Shammas Manikoth:
What a match👍👍👍
King 👑 of tennis 🎾
Roger federer (RF)
Abhishek Ravi
Abhishek Ravi:
If he beats Novak in his prime on Sunday , the GOAT debate will be sealed for eternity !
At 38 Years he does this and many guys of his age are complaining of back pain and muscle pain due to regular commute to work ! Roger I love u man ....u r the best ever for me matter what happens ! #RForever
Pekillas ?
Pekillas ?:
If Roger beats Novak on Sunday he'll lock himself as a GOAT for all eternity
Dr Paeds
Dr Paeds:
Man, Roger's win brings such pure joy. And on an occasion like this, it only feels sweeter. Gotta love Rafa too. Here are 2 gentlemen that define this royal sport better than anyone.
Cristian Martinez
Cristian Martinez:
Fun fact: This is the first match between them since the 2017 Australian Open that doesn't end in straight sets.
Greatest player in the history of tennis 😂 what a win!
Wow - Nerves of steel -Roger Federer.
Another classic that can be enjoyed when u look at it after 20 years.Very lucky to witness this.
Federer is the true king!
Hewad Khan
Hewad Khan:
If nadal is king of clay then federer is undoubtedly the king of grass. Both are the goats of tennis. ❤️🎾❤️
Like I expected, 3-1 to roger, the last set was monumental !
Irvin Nicollier
Irvin Nicollier:
I predicted it, it was magical, sensational, out of this world. Roger at his very best is the greatest.
Nikhil Singhvi
Nikhil Singhvi:
Nadal s grit despite being outplayed in the last set is simply unbelievable! I mean roger saw himself being off in 2nd set and just gave it up to conserve energy. But Nadal just kept fighting like a bull headed monster - gave me so many heart attacks
Mangz Ortega
Mangz Ortega:
Don’t write about him,don’t try to describe about him , just watch him play..❤️❤️❤️❤️#Roger Federer
&#loveNRespectRafa( 🐐 🐐)
Kameel Sabri
Kameel Sabri:
So glad Roger won. But I just can't see him beating Djokovic. Please god let me be wrong.
Haajir Yabre
Haajir Yabre:
I am a novak fan but what impressed me about roger in this match is his deep return of serve+ aggressive forehand giving nadal no time.
Moshe Jacob
Moshe Jacob:
The king of clay bows to the God of grass
John L
John L:
For me this is considered to be the Wimbledon final to watch. Have been waiting for a long time for this match :)
Janus Kiep
Janus Kiep:
Manbat, Stuewz, Bananashot, Joseph DT, Donkey Kong, now look what happened: the so called weak era champion destroyed the so called strong era champion. I guess Nadal was injured, right? Come in my friends...
Yellow Huang
Yellow Huang:
😭I almost cry when Roger was so tough to watch , especially when he missed that smash at 30-30 , my heartbeat almost stopped...😫
Wahn Yoon
Wahn Yoon:
I"m sorry but this felt like a final. So emotional for Roger and his fans. My whole family (all tennis players) cried at match point.
Again Federer 5 years older than Nadal shows why he is the greatest of all time!