Liam Gallager - TRNSMT Festival, Glasgow, June 30, 2018 (pro)

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Published on Jul 1, 2018
Setlist: 0:00 - Fuckin In The Bushes 1:49 - Rock N' Roll Star 6:37 - Morning Glory 10:38 - Greedy Soul 14:45 - Wall Of Glass 18:45 - Bold 22:42 - For What It's Worth 26:53 - Slide Away 32:30 - I've All I Need 36:42 - Whatever 40:50 - Supersonic 45:27 - Some Might Say 50:15 - Cigarettes And Alcohol 54:15 - Live Forever 59:15 - Wonderwall


Etienne Boyzon
Etienne Boyzon:
Crowd full of teens going crazy for a true rock'n'roll star in 2018: my faith in humanity is restored
Those kids were not even born when those tunes were out, they're still chanting the songs word for word ! Fair play !!!
Kyle Natoli
Kyle Natoli:
He needs to put shock of the lightning in his setlist!
Tripping Parka Monkey
Tripping Parka Monkey:
The best there is
The best there was
The best there ever will be
Graeme Jones
Graeme Jones:
In one word? Incredible. Wish he'd sing Hey Now! Love that song, very underrated in my opinion.
Marsh JJ
Marsh JJ:
Glasgow crowds are always great
Singh Vring Jasdeep
Singh Vring Jasdeep:
After this concert , I it’s safe to say we don’t need our kids to rush for an Oasis reunion ,splendid performance by Liam and the band , bravo
Marianne 3
Marianne 3:
Classic performance. Liam and crowd on fire
Congrats to Glasgow:
1. For being an awesome crowd
2. For these beautiful girls

Cheers πŸ‡§πŸ‡·
Bimo Wahyu
Bimo Wahyu:
I Wish Stop Crying Your Heart Out Live 2018πŸ™πŸ™
Incredible concert, goosebumps. Liam really pulled it out of the bag here
Valentina G
Valentina G:
The best vocal performance so far ❀ Should become a live album.
The crowd was fantastic! And it's so nice to see so many young people even if sometimes i wonder: where were you while we were getting high? 😁😁
David Kershaw
David Kershaw:
Can guarantee that Noel does not get this type of reaction where he plays
Antonio Iturra
Antonio Iturra:
Not everything has to be complaining about his voice or non-played songs. Did anyone notice he played Whatever? Biblical!
Champagne Leartpipat
Champagne Leartpipat:
this is exactly 2000 Liam in 2018
Steve Williams
Steve Williams:
I was there. Legendary! I was not a big Gallagher fan until this night. Awesome in every way!
Carlos DonjuΓ‘n
Carlos DonjuΓ‘n:
The crowd make me feel like in the 90's, maybe this is the best version of Liam in a long time
God damn he sounds phenomenal. Never thought he'd sound like this again.
Spencer Bennett
Spencer Bennett:
his voice is actually getting better as he performs Jesus Christ he sounds good here
Dave Mcloughlin
Dave Mcloughlin:
Who needs oasis? just need Liam end of!.!! πŸ‘
Martin C
Martin C:
Whatever sounds fantastic! Thanks for the upload!
Off With your head
Off With your head:
Liam and the crowd BIBLICAL
This is class.
Sounding much better than Isle of white.
Jessica Daly
Jessica Daly:
Legend liam keep up the hard work mate brilliant
tallula bell
tallula bell:
After all. ....liam and his bro were discovered in Glasgow...hail the glaswegians πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ
John Mccafferty
John Mccafferty:
Oh my! this has all gotten a bit awkward.....!

Liam with an awesome performance to a crowd like that while there isn’t a Noel Gallagher in site.

Liam is single handily taking over the world again while his givenchy wearing, prick of a brother vanishes into obscurity.. tragic 😝

No need for an oasis reunion when Liam is delivering performances like this.
JΓΊlio Carloz
JΓΊlio Carloz:
Everybody singing with RKID! PERFECT! <3
Victor Borges
Victor Borges:
Noel is great musician and song writer, but none can be such a fck good front man as Liam is... amz voice, great performance...what a energy!
l uke
l uke:
Best concert he's done in YEARS especially Slide Away
Romeo Cool
Romeo Cool:
Liam is the best 😎.Awesome crowd πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
Charles W
Charles W:
Wonderwall was a religious experience. Amazing.
Mario's Absolute Cringefest
Mario's Absolute Cringefest:
Liam Gallagher: The Band.
jesus cerezuela
jesus cerezuela:
As much as I love Noel, the other day I was in a Spanish festival seeing him, and I have to say it was extremely boring, I much prefer Liam!!!!! Still got it.
craig gorman
craig gorman:
Absolutely Outstanding And Timeless, Liam and the band are something else. CIGSALC thanks for this top quality upload. πŸ‘
Andrew Campbell
Andrew Campbell:
Liam sounds outstanding here !! I think when you get a crowd this good, It always comes across on stage.
Gary Gannon
Gary Gannon:
unreal.! I seen noel live few wks ago man there is no comparison.!! liam stands for ROCK N FOOKIN ROLL STAR.!!.
that Slide Away was pure perfection
46:37 that dude making a liam impression lmao
Brilliant gig ❀ Great crowd and Liam the greatest ❀ Liam doesn't need his egoistic brother anymore. Bye Noel.
tremendo concierto te mandaste feo culiao
Brendo 69 rock
Brendo 69 rock:
Could you imagine if oasis got back together and went on tour? It would be the biggest thing in the world right now! I'd buy a ticket in a heartbeat.
claudio gtr
claudio gtr:
I’ve all I need!! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
craig reilly
craig reilly:
Went to both Gallaghers in Dublin this year. Noels was a sing along at the camp fire sort of thing which isint bad but I wouldn't be in a hurry to see him again. Liam was the polar opposite, crazy scenes and brilliant, would recommend everyone to go to Liamo show, as you were.β„’
Alejo Fulio
Alejo Fulio:
They sounded incredible
Christian Mora
Christian Mora:
Viva el rock n' roll 2018 !!!!!!
Kaspar Hizkia
Kaspar Hizkia:
it seems that liam wants back to oasis (Oasis Indonesia)
where is Stand by me??
James Timmins
James Timmins:
She went as me mother greedy soul
Nicolas Sinclair
Nicolas Sinclair:
Morning Glory epic in 2018
Too much emotional