Labor Secretary Alex Acosta Under Fire - The Day That Was | MSNBC

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Published on Jul 10, 2019
Labor Secretary Alex Acosta faces renewed scrutiny over his role in cutting a plea deal more than a decade ago for Jeffrey Epstein. » Subscribe to MSNBC: MSNBC delivers breaking news and in-depth analysis of the headlines, as well as informed perspectives. Find video clips and segments from The Rachel Maddow Show, Morning Joe, Hardball, All In, Last Word, 11th Hour, and more. Connect with MSNBC Online Visit Subscribe to MSNBC Newsletter: Find MSNBC on Facebook: Follow MSNBC on Twitter: Follow MSNBC on Instagram: Labor Secretary Alex Acosta Under Fire - The Day That Was | MSNBC


richard lawton
richard lawton:
Alex Acosta's deal was a total disgrace and it was in no way shape or form justice.
Greg Pyne
Greg Pyne:
Acosta should already be in jail. Not fired.
Alex Acosta knowingly violated the law by not informing the dozens of Epstein's victims (most of whom were children) of the lenient plea deal that Acosta had arranged for Epstein.
Acosta should be disbarred and prosecuted for that crime.
Talk Blocked
Talk Blocked:
Why is Acosta being offered the dignity of being allowed to _resign?_
Acosta is an *Accessory After The Fact* to countless acts of ChildRape.
Monsters should be prosecuted.
Monsters should be _hunted._
Jennifer Davis
Jennifer Davis:
David J
David J:
Why did Acosta have a secret meeting with Epstein's lawyers in a Marriott hotel to workout a plea deal? Why did Acosta fail to inform the victims of the plea deal? Acosta behaved more like Epstein's defense lawyer instead of a prosecutor for the victims. As a prosecutor, Acosta had the responsibility for getting justice for those victims. As a prosecutor, he was also responsible for insuring that there would be no future victims at the hands of Epstein. Acosta categorically failed in every way imaginable.
Ann P
Ann P:
There should be zero tolerance to corruption.Acosta must go.
Ro G
Ro G:
Fun fact: Acosta oversees efforts to stop human trafficking and he just slashed its budget by 75%.
Duane Tomlinson
Duane Tomlinson:
Under fire, he should be under arrest!
Greg Pyne
Greg Pyne:
Tramp has all the best people and the best words to describe them. America is now the joke it doesn't get.
clemont williams
clemont williams:
That speech did nothing. Time to resign.
This can't be happening. Everyone knows that Donald Trump only hires the best people. He said it himself!
Ronnie Caron
Ronnie Caron:
Trump Says "Epstein Who!??" Next week "Acosta Who?" I don't know him" "He served coffee!" "He begged for job!" "Build a Wall in Ireland, keep Leprechauns off my Golf Course!" "Lock Her Up! "Obama's Law not mine!!Trump:"What's the question?""Old News! That was 15 yrs ago. Same With Prosecutor Fairstein (Central Park 5) My next AG Fixer
Tim Starkes
Tim Starkes:
Acosta covered up for the oligarchs.. Now he's covering up for his cover up.
Wayne Gambill
Wayne Gambill:
It’s amazing how trump is like a magnet to these kind of people and dictators. Constantly praising and defending them.
So sad. I can tell you that. Believe me it’s true.
Barbara Bergstrom
Barbara Bergstrom:
He refused to apologize to the victims. Not good.
Seems to me , he’s attacking this problem like a true trumper. He claims he saved the day.
Who will save your soul Mr. Acosta.
Jason Blade
Jason Blade:
Well the fire will get more intense... after his smug and unapologetic press conference. This guy must resign now!!
Aaron Christoffersen
Aaron Christoffersen:
Mission Blonde
Mission Blonde:
I don’t trust this weird man.
Squeaky Vegan
Squeaky Vegan:
for the average individual, the thought that so many psychopaths, sexual deviants, and narcissists run the country is unthinkable, this denial keeps them in power
Joyce Morison
Joyce Morison:
Making himself look like a the hero,he is just a back tracking politician like all the rest.
Trump clearly doesn't know what the department of labor does.
Jonathon Freeman
Jonathon Freeman:
Epstein got a sweetheart plea deal where he was able to leave his so called prison cell 6 days a week, for 12 hours at at time. Meanwhile Epstein's victims were not told of the plea deal and they were labeled as prostitutes. Acosta broke the law by not informing the victims and yet Trump feels sorry for Acosta, and not the victims. Lock up Epstein and Acosta and Impeach Dirty Don Trump.
Hildebeast Clinton
Hildebeast Clinton:
The flight manifest for Epstein’s Lolita Express has Bill and Hillary Clinton on it.

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richard d
richard d:
Mark Filip
As deputy attorney general, Filip was second-in-command of the Justice Department, overseeing all of its criminal cases, including the Epstein case. He is now a partner at Kirkland & Ellis, the same firm as many of Epstein's attorneys.
Mike Villano
Mike Villano:
Sorry info zombies and ideological slaves still tune into MSLSD and Lyin' Brian Williams?
Come on!
For get about his position in the White House Alex Acosta should be sent to prison.
Emery Coppola Jr.
Emery Coppola Jr.:
Next time you REALLY need a sweet vacation roaming Miami Beach, cop a plea with Acosta!
Thank You President Trump for returning America to it's glory MAGA 2020!💪 All of the United States loves you!
Chuckle Head
Chuckle Head:
Trump has no idea what the Secretary of Labor does
Mario Lopez
Mario Lopez:
He is just a pawn who was told to deal with the issue quickly as possible and handled the situation himself.
Protected Epstein from Federal prosecution.
Totally ignores the rights of the young victims.
Improperly misrepresented all involved.
S W:
Acosta should not be fired...he should be arrested!!!!
Dave G
Dave G:
Alex Acosta has committed legal malpractice, he needs to be jailed as well!
The Epstein–Barr virus, formally called Human gammaherpesvirus 4, is one of eight known human herpesvirus types in the herpes family, and is one of the most common viruses in humans. It is best known as the cause of infectious mononucleosis.
Cassandra D
Cassandra D:
It is so easy to see pervs protect pervs. Acosta needs to be investigated along with many others.
Beth Lind
Beth Lind:
I am a legal Alien and as long as all of these slime balls is in the Government I will not become a dual Citizen.
People are saying that he got a date with one of Epstein's victims in exchange for letting him walk. I don't know how true it is but everywhere I go, that's what people are saying.
Dave Schultz
Dave Schultz:
I'm glad Acosta had a chance to speak his case. This is what happens when the MSM jumps the gun and makes it's decisions without investigating the FACTS.
Not a Schumer fan but he's right. Acosta failed the victims
kevin wh
kevin wh:
Does anyone really believe that Alex Acosta was not bribed by Jeffrey Epstein???????
Tessa Rossa
Tessa Rossa:
Well, there goes any chance Acosta's ever gonna have to hook up with a girl.
Talk Blocked
Talk Blocked:
Jane Campion
Jane Campion:
Epstein was given a lenient deal because he was rich and connected - he probably gave Acosta some insider stock tips in addition to funneling payoffs to him covertly. That's not even factoring in the exclusive club of wealthy power elites these guys belong to - a club the rest of us will never have access to, which is probably for the best as it breeds corruption at the highest levels!
D best
D best:
Elect a clown...expect the circus 🎪
Juan S
Juan S:
Its all for the memes bro
Trump is trying hard to keep the "Good Ole Boys Club" active!
Trump only hires Criminals, like him!
Wow, this guy looks like Joe Pesci squeezed his noggin in a vice.
Acosta should resign or be removed. The man is simply not fit for office.
Puppets & Traitors
Puppets & Traitors:
Pelosi and Biden elected Drumpfkin in 2020.