Kodi Lee With Leona Lewis Grand Finale Performance! | America's Got Talent 2019

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Published on Sep 19, 2019
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Leona Lewis toned it down to not steal the spotlight. Very classy.
Master of Luck
Master of Luck:
i’m so glad he won. no one deserved it more than him
Fish Sauce
Fish Sauce:
1.4k dislikes were from the people who had too much tears in their eyes and couldn’t see the like button
Evan Dow
Evan Dow:
Everyone’s commenting on how he can sing well but what about the fact he can play the piano blind
A Man Has No Name
A Man Has No Name:
I love how Leona used her vocals to supplement his own performance without stealing the attention and keeping our focus on him/his voice
Vivian Okonye
Vivian Okonye:
Thank you Leona for giving him the opportunity to shine. You complement one another beautifully
SGD .68
SGD .68:
I love how Leona made sure she complemented Kodi and not over power him. She graciously let him shine 🥰🥰
Leon Piepenbrink
Leon Piepenbrink:
After seeing Kodi on AGT, I will never think of people with autism in the same way again. Thank you, Kodi.
Andy Alegre
Andy Alegre:
I felt that Leona was holding back her voice and realized that she doesnt want to overpower him.
Think back to Rihanna singing with Matt Cardle. She totally overpowered and outshone him in every way in her voice and stage presence and look. It was a cringe-fest and hard to watch Matt (who is a great singer) struggle. A real mismatch. Now, this lovely woman Leona Lewis sings to showcase and complement his voice. That's the way it should be.
For those who say "no one is perfect." You are wrong. You are perfect, you are perfect at being you🤗♥️
Eva Leyla
Eva Leyla:
Wøñdęr Çøøkïę ØwØ
Wøñdęr Çøøkïę ØwØ:
I used to like Billie Eilish but.. I can’t just stop listening to this son of a GOD!
Brooklyn Foster
Brooklyn Foster:
I absolutely love the fact that Leona held back so he could have his moment a well deserved win
Scrollin Speckles
Scrollin Speckles:
Leona looks like a goddess with that gown & hair. What a duo! Congrats Kodi. Hope the two tour.
Pipo Tjuh
Pipo Tjuh:
Tyler was much better srry and what is hè gona do with ALL THE MONEY, but yeah ameica vote’s gg
Phong V Tran
Phong V Tran:
Leona is clearly giving Kodi the stage. It’s beautiful thing she did.
Evans Owusu
Evans Owusu:
I cry every time I watch this guy... he's really a game changer. Love you Kodi Lee
Make you some memes
Make you some memes:
If you disliked this your evil
CA Babyboomer
CA Babyboomer:
Wow, just wow. What a talented guy he is!!!! I would pay to see him.
Kate Kate
Kate Kate:
Amazing Leona Lewis! I love how you gave in on that performance for Kodi Lee! You are a highly respected artist!👍🏻
I was depressed about life right now this kid give people the second wind to fight
Breeze Incognito
Breeze Incognito:
She sang in perfect harmony to let Kodi shine, what a class and singer!
Donovan Cavazos
Donovan Cavazos:
Leona's is a true artist humble and complimented his voice perfectly 💖
Mary jane Padayhag
Mary jane Padayhag:
I love how leona toned her voice to let Kodie shine..big respect to leona.and love to kodie
Mhe Nugas
Mhe Nugas:
Kodi Lee proves he deserves the golden buzzer. Congratulations!
Princess Tatyanna
Princess Tatyanna:
I am autistic just like Kodi and he is very inspiring. Good job Kodi! ♥️
She let him have his moment we stan
Shalimar Hadjerel
Shalimar Hadjerel:
I love how she can make him shine even with her presence.
Gladys Kiplimo
Gladys Kiplimo:
There's always something for everyone, just support them in any capacity you can no Matter how little it may seem and they will go far. Congrats to this sparkling young man!!!! Lots of blessings.
The funny thing about this is this is the music that was playing after kodi lee's audition
NouY Moua
NouY Moua:
Leona didn't loose her talent or changed.. she HELD back so Kodi can shine! What a beautiful thing!!!!
Meltinh Cookie Dough
Meltinh Cookie Dough:
The fact that he used this song when he first go accepted made me wanna cry
Joy Smith
Joy Smith:
When they sing together it sounds like one voice
Mike Awg
Mike Awg:
...dislike is just a haters...
Am I the only person who noticed terry crews saying incwedible 😂
Rossana Glasgow
Rossana Glasgow:
Blessings to his parents who saw his talent and nurtured him, Thanks for sharing your beautiful son with the World
Mad respect to Leona for giving the whole stage to Kodi ♥
Zy Kasu
Zy Kasu:
I cried so many night for my pain in everyday.... can't find to the way to excapse
Darwin Leonardo
Darwin Leonardo:
Why does it feel that whenever he’s performing, somebody is taking over his body. Literally he is a very different man when performing. Truly amazing! I’m just seeing these type of scenes on anime/movies but I can’t believe I would see one irl. Thank you, kodi!
linda davis
linda davis:
I want a Heck Yeaaaaaaa T Shirt. This young Man is a true Blessing to the world. God Bless you Kodi Lee.
2:19 *Such a wonderful performance but I wish they didn't lower Leona's mic!*
Perlas Manuel
Perlas Manuel:
with this, other than Kodi, I admire leona lewis all the more ...
parreya ny
parreya ny:
Please sell this song!
We need to listen everyday when we feel to need someone!!
We need to support him. Kodi!
Mood booster
Mood booster:
I feel my tears flowing😭
Serena H
Serena H:
If someone doesn’t make a movie about him I will be surprised
Accalia Ince
Accalia Ince:
He sang the same song they played when he got the golden buzzer😁this warms my ♥️ heart
Chuck E. Cheese And Animatronics Fan
Chuck E. Cheese And Animatronics Fan:
This sounds just like the original kind of!
Kitty Katz
Kitty Katz:
Definitely the best performance, they compliment each other. I hope this wont be their last duet together. Totally amazing!!