Kate And Leonard Share Some Tension - For The People

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Published on Apr 11, 2018
Things start to heat up between Kate (Susannah Flood) and Leonard (Rege-Jean Page). Watch For The People Tuesdays at 10|9c on ABC.


Kwenzakwenkosi Zikalala
Kwenzakwenkosi Zikalala:
they would be an awesome couple,If they don't end up together,I'll stop watching the show
Marcus Painter
Marcus Painter:
I really like them together they so direct and forceful, yet so sweet with each other.
The eyes never lie and Kate’s eyes said contradicted her words. Leonard is everything she can’t stand in a man but she can’t stop thinking about him
Banshee Dorothy
Banshee Dorothy:
Season 2 Leonard is back for Kate, from TX to NY, maybe have some obstacles in their relationship but they will together💪Anyway I ship #TeamLittleKnox!
Banshee Dorothy
Banshee Dorothy:
The hug of S2 ep10😏😏😏😏😏
Kate hugs Leonard at court= We work🤫😝😝😝😝😝
CHEN Chen:
Kanya shipper
Kayla McIntyre
Kayla McIntyre:
I thought him and Sandra would be thing. Him and Kate is the blandest pairing.
zaijan angel
zaijan angel:
you know what i smell here. shes ending up with this guy and not with anya. thats how i feel. and if thats it im not gonna watch this again.
SandyCL Park
SandyCL Park:
Shipper Kanya 😍
Omg! Not at all these 2 together
Danny Steeler
Danny Steeler:
Hazel Dell
Hazel Dell:
They don't look good together and they don't really have any chemistry.
Absolutely nooo chemistry...
I don’t even watch this show but I am 100% team Anya because I’m super gay and they were in my recommendations so I watched all of their scenes but then I saw something about her and Leonard and I didn’t know who Leonard was so I just searched Kate and Leonard now here I am and I don’t think they have 0 chemistry bc I’m racist (as some of you fucks in the comments think anyone who doesn’t ship them thinks they’re racist) I don’t think they have chemistry because because they don’t but also bc I’m super gay and I like her and Anya! GoOd DaY
Not a nice paring at all , she looks too old