Join Hodan Nalayeh in #Minneapolis Oct 1st, 2016!!

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Published on Sep 14, 2016
The Somali Museum of Minnesota will celebrate October 1st, 2016 inside the Minneapolis Convention Center! Get your ticket before they sell out! Tickets are still available at Somali Museum of Minnesota , Sanaag Restaurant , online by visiting or call 612 987 4194. When you attend the Somali Museum of MN 3rd anniversary on October 1st, your not only enjoying the best culture show, but you are also helping the Somali Museum have a home of its own. What many people don't know is that the anniversary is not just a culture show celebration, but it's also a fundraiser. Every penny off of those tickets that you purchase will go straight towards a new building for the only and first Somali Museum since the Somali National Museum that was destroyed in the civil war. Help us get a building which will be a center for everyone to learn about this beautiful and rich culture that is dying. #SomMN2016 #SomaliCulture #SomaliArt


Fatuma Mohammed
Fatuma Mohammed:
Allah ya rahmo
Rabaa Moussa
Rabaa Moussa:
eid wanagsan walalo 😍
Mali Boy
Mali Boy:
I Love Somalia
Fatuma Mohammed
Fatuma Mohammed: