It's Time To Move On...

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Published on Oct 8, 2019
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luna jack
luna jack:
When Shane says he’s the Ellen of YouTube he’s not lying
I love how Shane is YouTube dad and everyone goes to him for advice.
this is how many times they said "like"
aesthetic tea
aesthetic tea:
shane- a therapist, tea spiller and a legend.
Paige Rayle
Paige Rayle:
The Dolan twins have never had a scandal.
Claire Keenan
Claire Keenan:
Petition to name Shane the official Dr. Phil of YouTube
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kerstin sewell
kerstin sewell:
I can tell you 100% of your fan base cares more about your well-being than you uploading every week
Spott 27
Spott 27:
So many therapists are losing money because everyone is going to Shane.
Amanda Slade
Amanda Slade:
This was extremely personal and took a lot of strength to talk about. Really enjoyed you both being so real. Do what makes you happy and what you’re passionate about. It’s worth waiting for content especially for your mental health and happiness.
Shane is the internet’s dad.
cOrBeAn BeSsOn
cOrBeAn BeSsOn:
i was confused for a sec when the cameraman said his name was kyle and not andrew. then i realized this wasn’t shane’s channel lmao
Estrella Bravo
Estrella Bravo:
anyone else think 2019 was like sickness/mental illness year?
babii kiki
babii kiki:
Those 11k ppl that disliked this must of clicked the dislike button on accident
Ruth Ahern
Ruth Ahern:
These guys are only nineteen but they are more mature than most of the older people on this app..
amanda dingman
amanda dingman:
"now that i realized how shitty my life has been, i'm excited for the future" OMG felt that

but also i'm so thankful for them really being honest & sitting down with Shane and really talking about these issues <3
Muhterem A
Muhterem A:
Shane Dawson is literally the YouTube community’s therapist
Marsbar Coley
Marsbar Coley:
They should get Ryland to decorate their new room
katie rydz
katie rydz:
stop fooling around in the comments y’all. this is real and intense and important and emotional get some respect and common sense.
Reese Roan
Reese Roan:
Grayson: “kinda makes me feel like a bad Person”
Me: nooo😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 I love u
Shelby Lynn
Shelby Lynn:
Shane: I feel like your audience is younger than you even
Me at 22: 😬

(But I’m sußíñg to everyône that Likês and sußš to mè)
Kirsten Michelle
Kirsten Michelle:
Y'all are really sweet when you're being humans instead of brands
Jade Zhou- Ikeda
Jade Zhou- Ikeda:
i went through losing a parent and i’m still not over it so i understand how u guys feel, hope u guys take all the time u need <3
Phoenix Hunterz
Phoenix Hunterz:
Ethan and Grayson: sniffling over their dad 😞

Me: balling my eyes out for a stranger I've never met. 😭
... 😔
Starr K
Starr K:
Honestly, I think being able to see them deal with the trauma of losing a parent would be powerful and compelling. I lost my mom two years ago and hearing other people’s healing process helps so much.
dea lux
dea lux:
At this point Shane is basically the Mom of YouTube 😂
Shane has been around 12 years on YouTube and that’s exactly why everyone goes to him because he knows exactly how to deal with things properly.
Sara W
Sara W:
When my sister died, I felt like I had to keep going with my life and do the things my sister wanted me to do (like study abroad) and I just ended up alienating my friends and family and isolating myself because I didnt want to make anyone feel like I had changed. This reminds me that I can care for people, but I cant live for people, even my sister. I feel for you guys. Thanks for sharing this. I hope it was helpful for you, too!
Anna Huang
Anna Huang:
I feel guilty for the pressure they feel to upload. Boys need time to grieve and drop the facade. Sending all my love
Sophia Oldmixon
Sophia Oldmixon:
mental health should be a priority. we will be here no matter how often y'all post. much love and prayers sent your way ! <3
Maddie Cain
Maddie Cain:
ethan: i just have days where i’m boring and do nothing and no one wants to watch that

jenna marbles: posts a 10 minute video of her taking a nap
Shane: brands leave they get old and new brands take over but if you’re just yourself-
Cheeto: 😔
Loralai Wilkerson
Loralai Wilkerson:
i can’t believe know one is talking about how seriously sad and depressed they are they just don’t want to do this anymore and it makes them sad i feel bad for wanting them to make more videos like there original ones because it’s making them sad 😔
Simply Broken
Simply Broken:
I can’t believe they are only 19 i feel like I’ve known them all my life
shane fans: omg he's an empath guys
Shane: literally everyone’s dad

Edit: I want to thank everyone for the amount of likes this comment got, but it has come to my notice that some people have taken this comment wayyyy too serious.
First, this comment wasn’t suppose to replace anyone’s dad, just wanted to show how Shane is being a fatherly figure to them and also more of his YouTubed friends where once was struggling as well.
Second, there’s no need of you sharing personal information, I’m sad to hear about what happen to your dad but is not necessary and if you have depression or any other mental illness, please don’t on here and comment about it and actually seek for better help.
Thanks, just wanted to clear some things out and you guys are literally the funniest people I’ve ever met.
Baddie Squad
Baddie Squad:
Ethan and Grayson: starts talking about their dad
Shane: shook that they havent ever talked about this before
Me: crying
Emily Jackson
Emily Jackson:
Shane’s a good YouTube therapist because he’s been there and he understands the industry ... that’s why he’s so good and can articulate everything so well
Sister Avery
Sister Avery:
Who just watched this Bc u saw Shane in the thumb nail
Jolie Torrens
Jolie Torrens:
the twins : “this is our last intro on this purple couch, with all the lights”
me : *jaw drops and soup pours out of me mouth*
We won't see you on Tuesday.

Instead we'll see you when you're ready. None of us are going anywhere.
Miss Vocabulary
Miss Vocabulary:
Youtubers : i need to talk to someone
Friends: talk to a therapist
Shane : am i a joke to you ?
Syrina Vann
Syrina Vann:
Shane is a huge clickbait for me. Lmao
Sjda Takhtash
Sjda Takhtash:
Shane: Therapist Of YouTube
Therapists: Am I a joke to you?
the last tuesday, anyone else feeling it?
JayLa Stevens
JayLa Stevens:
Who else’s heart sunk when they saw the title
Grace Olivia De Gruccio
Grace Olivia De Gruccio:
i’ve never really watched y’all, but i watched this whole thing and literally i’m so invested in what you’ll do going forward
Princess Kit Kat
Princess Kit Kat:
"if i can read my handwriting" sameee tho
Leanne Nicole
Leanne Nicole:
Every YouTuber needs to watch this because I bet they’re not the only ones going through this stuff. Shane was totally right.
ju ju
ju ju:
Look at Shane’s content way back when he started vs now. I watched him 12 years ago and now he’s the biggest youtuber and I can’t wait to see anything he’s in. Take the time and work on yourselves because your fan base will only get bigger