Integration TV in Somalia: Hodan shares words from Laascaanood!

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Published on Jan 27, 2016
Check out this video made personally by Hodan Nalayeh from her Facebook page as the sun rises in #Laascaanood! Don't miss the the First show on Feb. 5th! #WeGotSool Follow Hodan on Facebook and get ready for Facebook Mentions LIVE videos:


Hassan Abdifatah
Hassan Abdifatah:
Manshalah somaliland ha noolata, Somali ha dhacda
Samira Yusuf
Samira Yusuf:
big love somali weyn machaAllah love you huuno noolow♥♥
Rageedi Chanel
Rageedi Chanel:
first viewer whoa u enjoying life at LA
Ahhm Guute
Ahhm Guute:
it is a great country we have may Allah bless our homeland and make us appreciative people. Enjoy your trip hodan and keep sharing with us!!!
ala waa dhulbahante ilee qoftu kkkk .. wn ku salamay duqda .
Abdirahman Mohammed
Abdirahman Mohammed:
Thank You for Being Dhulbahante / Darod..... Hodan Naleyeh.
مروة marwa
مروة marwa:
woow amazing
Idan Alhadjri
Idan Alhadjri:
Very interesting. I'm writing a paper about Somalia right now. I hope this channel helps.
Cares Hussein
Cares Hussein:
At 0.44 Hodan says "Somalia" and she immediately retracts by saying "whatever region you wanna call it" simply because she didn't want to upset the so called 'Somalilanders' or 'Puntlanders' who are pulling Somalis further apart. ........THANK YOU HODHAN!!
Aden Hassan
Aden Hassan:
Inallilahi waa Kina illahey raajun
Suleiman Naleye
Suleiman Naleye:
Damn I really need to go back to Somalia. I can't miss out on the rebuilding? Bright Future Awaits Our People.
Mrs Salima Rose El-Amiin
Mrs Salima Rose El-Amiin:
Allah ku naxriisto 😢
Moliid Ali
Moliid Ali:
love it
ciiltire abdi
ciiltire abdi:
Hodan welcome back to somaliland lascanod
Rahma Ali
Rahma Ali:
viv khatumo my home land fuck somaliland lascanood is khatumo state idiot. wake up hello
Purple Rain
Purple Rain:
Somaliand looks shit bloodily hell all this landers telling me that Somaliland ha nolato, but the place look like it died 😭 place looks poor
muktar maalim
muktar maalim:
Qapyaliid Is Over Mogadishu Somalia Hanoolato MUKTAR Life Is on Your Head