How to Cure a Gout Attack (what works for me)

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Published on Apr 9, 2017
Subscribe to Eric DIY: Become a Patron of the Eric DIY Channel on Patreon: Buy Go Out Joint Formula with Tart Cherry and Black Cherry Fruit Extract, Celery Seed Extract and Turmeric Root here: This is a video on what I use to solve a gout attack. I haven't had one in over a year and I can only think it is due to recent diet and exercise regimen that I had one happen. Anyways, here is what I do that seems to help and sometimes can solve a minor gout attack over night. DISCLAIMER: Please note that I am not a medical professional and that I will not be liable for any problems that may occur if you follow what I do. Please consult a medical professional before trying if you are in doubt. This remedy is NOT for those that need to watch their salt intake due to health problems as baking soda has a lot of sodium which you will be consuming by doing this remedy. It works for me but might not work for you. I do not take medicine for gout (allopurinol, etc...) as when I was first prescribed allopurinol by my former doctor (wonder why), he did so while I was having practically the worst gout attack years ago and it made it ten times worse (think cane and basically crawling on the floor to get to the bathroom, across the house, etc...all of this in my 30s). Also, in my opinion, the medicine is no good for your kidneys. By losing weight, I did not have a gout attack for over a year and just had one recently. Again, consult your doctor before trying this. I am not a healthcare professional.


Brad H
Brad H:
Tastes like drinking from a public pool
Franklin Chun
Franklin Chun:
Yes the baking soda works but will raise your blood pressure (sodium). In an emergency (hurting like hell), this works FAST.
Washington Consultants
Washington Consultants:
Dont forget the lemons!
Washington Consultants
Washington Consultants:
Ive been on allopurinol for two months now. I dont know if its helped with lowering my uric acid, however i did lose 16 lbs.
One last thing. Don't use Arm & Hammer. Get Bob's Red Mill Baking Soda or some other natural brand. The ones in the store are filled with fillers that are acidic.
Judith Delos Angeles
Judith Delos Angeles:
I drink before baking soda....empty stomach i feel something now in my heart pain...may be good for other peoples ..
Gregory Newman
Gregory Newman:
Just some food for thought. Those of us who have gout attacks on account of high blood pressure or cholesterol, the baking soda trick will not be for you.
Paul Schuster
Paul Schuster:
I know if you get too much baking soda you will have a violent watery intestinal cleanse soon afterwards. My great aunt lived into her late 80's and took no medication, just baking soda everyday. I will experiment for the gout. Those on here may want to check out a Ayuderic approach of ginger, tumeric, lemon, curcumin, cumin.. It is working for me to some extent. Also the herbs Triphala which is also in Indian medicine which is the powder from three fruits. T. Bellerica one of those fruits has had scientific confirmation that it is effective for gout and may be as effective as some rx gout medication without the side effects Pub Med. Starting mine today, and also has many other benefits.
Ray Ski
Ray Ski:
Just drink 🍒 pills they come in vitamins
2 pills in the morning 2 before bed
Cured my gout in 24 hours
I use 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda and 1 tablespoon of braggs apple cider vinegar 8 oz of water. Gout is gone in an hour.
Washington Consultants
Washington Consultants:
I have been suffering from a gout attack for a week now. My prescription meds arent working - very scary. I just bought some baking powder and alkakine water. Ill give it a try.
Abdel Tihad
Abdel Tihad:
According to gouts com remedy website the solubility of uric acid depends to some degree on your body’s pH level. The higher the acid/alkaline ratio i.e. the higher the number on the pH scale, the more alkaline your body, and the more uric acid you should dissolve. As far as urine pH is concerned, the normal urine score is a pH ratio of 5.8 - 6.8 but it can vary from 4.5 – 9.0. At a pH of 5.0 you will dissolve much less uric acid than at 7.0. Over 7.0 and you should dissolve more.
andy bosik
andy bosik:
I cured my Gout by stopping the consumption of BEER.
I used to drink a 6 pack of IPA almost everyday.
I developed GOUT from it. My feet would swell-up and all the other typical symptoms.
Other than having 1 Pint of Guinness for St, Patrick's day, I don't drink BEER anymore.
My feet look normal now.
Yeshua Our living manna
Yeshua Our living manna:
Incomplete info...has to be in lukewarm water and taken w/ an empty food for half hour... in the morning and also at bedtime. I only take it in the morning which works for me. Careful coz it may cause acid reflux to some ppl...not just that, it may be not safe for ppl who take prescriptions such as for kidneys and blood pressure meds...see a doctor first. Now with ACV(apple cider vinegar) it has to be in unrefined such as Bragg's apple cider vinegar available at Walmart sorry, forgot how much a day so Google it. It works but I stopped when I was not just loosing weight but also it eats up my other body fats such as from my arms, legs and my butt that I don't want... don't want to be a skinny butt guy lol. With ACV it is a natural body decontamination regimen but then again, check your doctor if you have prescriptions. I think the safest to take is"alfalfa sprouts" available at salad sections at superstores such as food max. Now, for convenience buy it in tablet form available online, either 500 or 650 mg....take 2 in the morning and evening with or without food. Now, if gout flared up like being so swollen, take 10 tablets either in the morning or at bedtime for 10 days, then reduce to 2 again in the morning and 2 at bedtime as a continuous regimen....which means you don't stop especially if you don't restrict your diet such as meat, sea foods and even cauliflower is rich in uric acid. The only way to know if you have a rich uric acid is by going thru urinalysis. Good luck!
Washington Consultants
Washington Consultants:
Well I tried for 2 days. Ill admit that a lot of the pain and swelling did go down, but not 100%

However, I believe my gout is very severe so i may need more powerful meds.

I say give it a try. It may work for you. Besides it only cost me .99 cents for the baking soda and .79 cents for the lemon.
Ricky G
Ricky G:
Why warm water?
Deven Frasier
Deven Frasier:
I’ve had Gout for over a month now and it’s killing me. I’ve tried Apple cider vinegar, black cherry juice, cherry juice, pomegranate and many other things. Will this work? Anyone else have a long gout attack and have this work for them?
Beverly Maloy
Beverly Maloy:
Thanks for the video! My senior neighbor can't use this but I think it's great!
Allyson Strobel
Allyson Strobel:
I have learned if you get gout you have a fatty liver so fix that and you will fix the gout.
Johnny Mendoza
Johnny Mendoza:
It didn't work for me. Went to the doctor and drain the gout.. that work for me..
Nayef al kurahi
Nayef al kurahi:
gout is from high uric acid.. Uric acid is from to much meat or to much SUGAR./Fructose.. I cut sugars ( even white bread and rice has sugar!) and my gout was gone!
But if i drank to much pop or ate to much sweets in one week it comes back.. so stay away from sugar and lose weight because a fatty kidney doesn't do its job to well ( gets rid of uric acid)
Washington Consultants
Washington Consultants:
(Continued) i think the baking soda detoxed my kidneys.

I have been having a weird back pain in my lower back (where the kidneys are). I assumed i hurt my back. But right after my second dose of the baking soda the back pain, or kidney pain, disappeared.

Is baking soda a natural detox for the kidneys?
A N Janvekar
A N Janvekar: