Here's the truth about JANA...

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Published on Aug 19, 2019
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he talks about tana at 9:00 and 16:45
Kaitlyn M
Kaitlyn M:
roses are red
violets are blue
Greg paul kissed you
like to undo
Natalie Sub to me
Natalie Sub to me:
May I confirm that pewdiepie *real wedding* was better and didn’t have to pay 50 dollars. 😐

I just wanna thank you for 2k 😔🤟🏽
Unicørñ Płayz
Unicørñ Płayz:
“I’M TrYinG To Be TheIr For TaNa”

*goes to lunch with erika*
*and kisses another girl*
Briana Loeza
Briana Loeza:
Lmao I rember when he made a vid of Erika saying “here’s the truth about jerika”
kaylie c
kaylie c:
“thought i’d end up w bella, but it wasn’t a match. wrote some songs about hunter.. now i listen and laugh. even ACTUALLY got married, and for jake i’m so thankful except when he goes out to lunch w his ex.. and i find out on TWITTER.” -tana 2019
ladies, this is the man your mama told you to steer clear from.
aliyah p
aliyah p:
Is ur marriage real?
*looks at ring finger*
u still have questions???
Toxic Voice
Toxic Voice:
How is he so rich but he isn't wearing airpods
Ash Cheah
Ash Cheah:
The tattoo you got that you said means warrior it actually means dirt brooo that artist is a legend. This 士 means warrior while this 土 means dirt
Ambria Hagy
Ambria Hagy:
if your wife is having issues...idk maybe BE WITH HER THROUGH THE ISSUES?? idk. just a thought.
Blonde Creature
Blonde Creature:
So theres what like 1 whole minute about Jana. LOL
Nathan Hurdle
Nathan Hurdle:
My boy, your marriage should be on 90 day fiance since u both only got married for views
Jana Saric
Jana Saric:
yo, it’s weird seeing my name everywhere ahaha. I mean my name is pronounced (YAH- NUH) but still.
kayla van ginneken
kayla van ginneken:
jake: “i feel terrible for her, i’m trying to help her in any way that i can”
also jake: *goes out with erika without telling tana, and for her later to find out on twitter about it*
Kaitlyn Rousey
Kaitlyn Rousey:
I think if Jake was a real man he’d be in los Vegas with tana comforting his wife instead of LA with Erika having lunch comforting her 😏😒
Paxtyn Meyer
Paxtyn Meyer:
Roses are red
Violets are blue
Jake Paul ruined so many lives
Like to undo
Hhh Moskov
Hhh Moskov:
I wonder how many 'truth' videos Jake Paul will make in his whole YouTube career. Probably the same number of ex-wifeies he has.
Jenna Kent
Jenna Kent:
Big fan but like stop saying it’s a shitty vlog and take out ur headphones and film a normal vlog ...
Morgan Stonecash
Morgan Stonecash:
Dang man. Tana started to make people like you, but uh you somehow managed to ruin that too. Learn how to treat a girl.
Jocelyn Murray
Jocelyn Murray:
And no old lady should say f*** you,that's why nobody should bring their grandma on social media
Salah Ammar
Salah Ammar:
"I'm tryna help her in any way that I can"
Goes out and have lunch with his ex
Katelyn Douglas
Katelyn Douglas:
“I can’t remember my last controversy” You’re in one right now.
Jocelyn Murray
Jocelyn Murray:
I think you should make your hair how it was years ago in the old team 10 house and keep a little tiny beard like in this video
Chandler Johnson
Chandler Johnson:
Damn your wife is dealing with family issues and you’re out to lunch with your ex😂 husband of the year!!
Sahara Leyva
Sahara Leyva:
You have season 12 coming up and in the trailer it showed Jana ???💁🏽‍♀️
Ari Jeon
Ari Jeon:
Jake : I can't even remember my last controversy
Also Jake, literally 3 months earlier : *Cody Ko is a bully*
e m
e m:
Bro stop this whole thing that u build a name with u and ur gfs name like jerika jana wtf jesus christ
Ale Guzman
Ale Guzman:
Where's your ring jake?👀💍
Lauren Christine
Lauren Christine:
Jake: “She’s been going through a lot”
Also Jake: *goes out with ex girlfriend without her knowing*
Come on 😕
Is that a cold sore on his lip?? D'awwwee Jake did you catch some herp!? Good, you deserve it c:
Noelle Brady
Noelle Brady:
yoo the fact that you said whats your name again to natalie or some shit- whats good w you bro so damn rude whatre you even saying man
Bruv Man
Bruv Man:
2:57 I’m here at 1:30 in the morning watching Yt and Jake just reminded me that I am useless. Thank you 😂😂😂
Ok.... I’m so proud of Jake lately he had been a better person yes sometime a can be a d*** but we can all be that way I think we all rember when he constantly would lie and get the cops called on him sooo Jake I’m saying thank you for being a better person
You and Erika deserve each other. A pair of clowns🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡
How do you get a chain
fortnite queen26
fortnite queen26:
Omg Jack tana should have a fire but will a girl
LPS Triplets
LPS Triplets:
No one:

Absolutely no one:

Jake Paul: get your free chain

Also Jake Paul: deletes Contest video
Mckenzye pierce
Mckenzye pierce:
Why isn’t he wearing his wedding ring
Nozomi Chan
Nozomi Chan:
Me:*looks at title before watching *

Also me : damn that didn’t last a month
Gamer Pig524
Gamer Pig524:
Who still wonders where Apollo went ???
Luis Aauilar
Luis Aauilar:
I legit cried at 7:45 with happy tears I haven’t seen chad IN MONTHS
Fred Shy
Fred Shy:
People ask about your relationship because you clip bait everyone on a daily basis. Don't act shocked.
Michelle Dziemisnki
Michelle Dziemisnki:
"im really upset with mtv, they made me look like a jerk" no bro that was all you.
Maddie Yanx
Maddie Yanx:
He talks about tana at 9:00

This dude says he married and this kid doesn’t even have a ring on
Brooklyn. Gacha
Brooklyn. Gacha:
Jake on his 7th wife:

Clorox Bleach
Clorox Bleach:
😂 free chain with 15 dollar shipping.
Claire Ann
Claire Ann:
So your “wife” is dealing with a family emergency, but you were off partying and were also spotted with your ex Erika?

This isn’t real 🙄
Jocelyn Murray
Jocelyn Murray:
I think it will look good!