Emma stuns everyone with her singing voice | TKB (With Eng Subs)

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Published on Oct 14, 2019
Emma (Janella Salvador) stuns everyone with her singing voice as Luna (Alexa Ilacad) tries to humiliate her, while Vito (Geoff Eigenmann) remembers those times he spent with Camilla (Maja Salvador). (With English Subtitles) Subscribe to ABS-CBN Entertainment channel! - http://bit.ly/ABS-CBNEntertainment Watch the full episodes of The Killer Bride on TFC.TV http://bit.ly/TheKillerBride-TFCTV and on iWant for Philippine viewers, click: http://bit.ly/TheKillerBride-iWant Visit our official websites! https://entertainment.abs-cbn.com/tv/... http://www.push.com.ph Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ABSCBNnetwork Twitter: https://twitter.com/ABSCBN Instagram: http://instagram.com/abscbn Episode 46 Cast: Maja Salvador (Camila, Alba) / Janella Salvador (Emma) / Joshua Garcia (Elias) / Geoff Eigenmann (Vito) / Alexa Ilacad (Luna) / Loren Burgos (Tessa) / Pepe Herrera (Iking) / Pamu Pamorada (Tsoknat) #TheKillerBride #TheKillerBrideEpisode46 #TheKillerBrideNostalgia


Elaine Maraño
Elaine Maraño:
Normal people: janella salvador
Wattpader: carmela isabella
nicole vlog
nicole vlog:
Sinoo pumunta dito dahil sa memes sa facebookk😂

Likee thissss
Ali's Bare Bear
Ali's Bare Bear:
ang linis kumanta ni ate janella❤

thumbs up if masarap sa ears kanta nya

Faith Estrada
Faith Estrada:
Who else wants for Janella to have a cover of this song???
JB Gerona
JB Gerona:
Tinalo na ng killer bride ang kadenang ginto?

Like this if its true...
Marjorie Ador
Marjorie Ador:
Janella's cover of this song please.
Make this blue if you agree 💙
Kenroo B.
Kenroo B.:
Janella is a stunner one. But you didn't notice the big changes of Alexa. She's a versatile actress. Can play a pro and/or an anti. ABS is great in shaping talented and skilled artists. Good job!!!!

Edited: noticr, can a play*
Zyra Mae C. Evangelista
Zyra Mae C. Evangelista:
If you like Janella salvador as this song

Like my comment👍👍👍
Mary Kathlen Neri
Mary Kathlen Neri:
**pinakanta si emma**

emma: " see the light where the skies meets the sea it calls meeee and no one knoowwwsss how far it gooeeessss"
JA Del Rosario
JA Del Rosario:
Petition for janella salvador to have a full cover of this song
Krisella Ramos
Krisella Ramos:
Who's watching this after seeing the parody of the video singing great taste white caramel?
Irene Aduol
Irene Aduol:
In the end Emma will be Camilla's long lost daughter
The smile of Joshua was so bright like an innocent child being inlove. 😍
Jmv Almonte
Jmv Almonte:
Greatest white caramel brought me here.

—salamat sa likes XD mali talaga Greatest ko e HAHAHAHA labyu all. 😘
SHEMKA PhilThai:
Who loves maja and jannela
Hug to hug here
Emz Garcia
Emz Garcia:
This scene is sad. But sorry I can't unhear the Great taste Caramel jingle.😭 😂
Louise Mercado
Louise Mercado:
I feel like Luna isn't really a bad person because both her parents are somehow good people especially her mother. So the possibility of Luna turning from the bad side isn't so low.
Let's just say in this part..
"Emma goes home being a successful businesswoman, then a singer dies inside."
Norzkie Caparat
Norzkie Caparat:
Like father like daughter Vito and Emma😭😭they both love music but their parents forbid them😭
jlsd jlsd
jlsd jlsd:
She’s like the Elle fanning Asian version.
Jm Kaneki
Jm Kaneki:
My heart hurts for Vito's wife. That's a different level of pain. You can see it in her eyes.
I think EMMA is the Daughter of Camilla and Vito.... She is Vida, I think of that from the start when Camilla meet Emma.... I wish she is because the way Vito stares at her, maybe he reminds of Camilla.....
kath pal
kath pal:
vito and his wife's relationship is the perfect picture that shows the reason why people should never get into a relationship while u still have feelings for your ex. ang nagssuffer kasi yung present relationship, and it's unfair.
Ally Aboga
Ally Aboga:
who's here because of the great taste white video of this scene?? 👀
Angelo U
Angelo U:
Luna: Let's watch her humiliate herself
Emma: *sings*
Luna: surprised Pikachu face
Jacque Fernandez
Jacque Fernandez:
ma. leonora corral
ma. leonora corral:
Pinakanta si emma

Emma: “GrEaT tAsTe wHiTe cArAmEL nA mAy SwEeT LiNamNaM-“
Kristal Unay
Kristal Unay:
I'm not surprised because Janella is really a singer both of her parents are singers in industry.
"Kaya hindi ka gumagaling sa math kasi kung anu-ano inaatupag mo." -Camilla. Hahahaha
pia mabulac
pia mabulac:
in this episode i can feel everyone's pain☹️
Pearl Joy Canlas
Pearl Joy Canlas:
Full cover of this song of Janella’s version is all I need rn. 💖
Isatou Sabally
Isatou Sabally:
I think Emma is Camila and Vito's child because she is combination of the two
Laura Villegas
Laura Villegas:
This scene remind me of Camp Rock when Demi sang this is me in front of the crowd 😅
Rowena Palacio
Rowena Palacio:
Emma herself knows that she loves Elias but she knows also the consequences if she choose her feelings.. So hard
Ericka Pamaran
Ericka Pamaran:
Different sides of love.
Camilla and Vito, they love each other pero di na pwede. Emma and Elias.
Fabio and Tesa, one sided love. Also Luna and Luis.
Mayor and Ivan, masaya sila they love each other but mali. Alice is suffering and pretending to be okay.
Mona Avila
Mona Avila:
Vito shows here how you can never get over with your one true love.
The Resistance
The Resistance:
Vito loves Tessa but not the same way he loved Camila. Camila cares for Fabio but not the same way he cared for Vito. You cant love the same way after all.
April Aballa
April Aballa:
I take my hats off to the writers and directors. That's an amazing portrayal of their pain.
fun fact:
on the spot nyang kinanta yan.
Jen J. Portuguez
Jen J. Portuguez:
Halik sa Hangin COVER,

Kz: shetttt ang gandaa 😍
Emma: sheeettt ang SAKIT💔🙃😭
Zarayah Madrid
Zarayah Madrid:
Their love will always be there despite the pain, the anger. If only they were given enough time. I ship Vito and Camilla parin 💕😢
erika prietos
erika prietos:
i love that they caters or tackles every story of each character. di siya naka-focus sa isa
Jex Cabello
Jex Cabello:
Plot twist emma is vito and camila's daughter 😂
johnpaul macuno
johnpaul macuno:
Greatest white caramel sarap ng sweet linamnam 😂❤️

Oh! Wag mong kantahin 🤣✌️
sophia- ssi
sophia- ssi:
3:36 at this point i saw Jacob and Rosie in baka sakalii, omgggg!!!
Daniel Guiao
Daniel Guiao:
This whole scene will give you different kind of pain.
Mae Dela Cruz
Mae Dela Cruz:
The pain in Vito's eyes. Sheeet mahal pa din nya si Camilaaa💔
okay so tkb is all about pain, jealousy, love and revenge ㅠㅡㅠ
Happy Garcia
Happy Garcia:
Vito's eyes speaks at all..no more words to utter..