Ed Sheeran & Travis Scott - Antisocial [Official Video]

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Published on Jul 12, 2019
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Japheth Sta. Juana
Japheth Sta. Juana:
how did this even happen.

I never knew a collaboration like this was possible.
Okay, I get it, we all are *Antisocial* here...
Travis Cactus
Travis Cactus:
Ed: Can I eat last fries?
Travis: I gottAa liikE ..HolDd oN hoLd oN ...got ya
Ed: What?
Travis: you Know iT...
Travis: ...... Eat the Damn fries ED YOU can have all the fries...
Ed:...Cold... horrible....
(Thanks for likes )
Thomas Calvin
Thomas Calvin:
Just realized 1:14 to 1:21 prolly symbolizes all the hate Twitter threw at him a while back
lynne munyingi
lynne munyingi:
2014: Thinking out loud
2019: Antisocial
The dude's gone savage
Carys Garvey
Carys Garvey:
Ed Sheeran: I'm antisocial
Also Ed Sheeran: Makes a collaboration song with every artist he can think of
That Random Channel
That Random Channel:
Can we just give the person that made this beat a round of applause 👏🏾
Lily and bethanie are THE POTATO FREAKS yee yee
Lily and bethanie are THE POTATO FREAKS yee yee:
“wanker fuckballs”
-ed sheeran 2019
xXWolfz4LifeXx Wolfz4Life
xXWolfz4LifeXx Wolfz4Life:
*travis flexing*

Me: “he is thin..”
Sâñdêsh S
Sâñdêsh S:
July: Anti-social
October: Anti-Kylie
69420 subs with no subs
69420 subs with no subs:
How did all these unexpected collaborations happen in 2019??

Edit: Jesus christ so many likes
lynne munyingi
lynne munyingi:
The guy who made the beats needs to get a Grammy award cause that beat littt!!!!
Gabriel Helewa
Gabriel Helewa:
2015: Antidote

2019: Antisocial
Lakshya Rajput
Lakshya Rajput:
I think this song is so underrated
Hairstylist: so what kind of hairstyle do you want Ed

Ed Sheeran: yes
Zoe Celien
Zoe Celien:
*Ed Sheeran is dropping songs faster than I can drop my pants*

Edit: Frick so many likes 😂
xXWolfz4LifeXx Wolfz4Life
xXWolfz4LifeXx Wolfz4Life:
This is my first time hearing Ed talk without singing
never thought that i will have ed sheeran in my playlist.
Denzel Porte
Denzel Porte:
Going to chill in the park for a bit n a bug touch my leg
Idk why people keep saying this video is weird. It makes so much sense, also very relevant to the title and theme of the track.
Its2Eazy Tv
Its2Eazy Tv:
I honestly never thought this collab would ever happen

On the road to 200 subs any support helps
Serenity Armoney
Serenity Armoney:
Ed: C'mon, cold... Horrible
Calvin Am
Calvin Am:
Mom=Let's Go To The Dentist
Me= No, I'm Scared
Hamza Tariq
Hamza Tariq:
He Might Be The Best Artist Of All Time!
KT Ashy
KT Ashy:
This music video is seriously fcuked up, but so cool at the same time!
Ed Sheeran: *exists*

Radio Stations: ah shit, here we go again
Amina Shah
Amina Shah:
Still wondering if the fry scene was scripted or just how they act if they were off camera. Cause I can see Travis talking like that. hahaha
Uday Jamwal
Uday Jamwal:
Is it only me who hears " Eat the damn fried egg "??😂😂
Loubna Ben Lahbib
Loubna Ben Lahbib:
"Eat the damn fries ed" - Travis Scott 2019

Recognizing some movie characters and the twitter birds.
I closed my eyes and forgot this was the music video and freaked out when I heard the fly
Braham Scott
Braham Scott:
Old Town Road is the most ambitious crossover in the music industry

Travis: Take my damn fry Ed
Who else said thought to themselves "This song relates me"
can anyone tell me all the movie references in this video
vas man
vas man:
Ed: i am antisocial
Reality: ed is one of the socialest singers in the world. LOL
Baby-V Galaxy
Baby-V Galaxy:
With a voice like his he can do whatever style he wants.....definitely the Best artist of our generation
Rishabhdev Shukla
Rishabhdev Shukla:
ed sheeran + travis scott = weird combination but unbelievable outcome.....!!!
Travis : EAT THE DAME FRIES ED ed : eats
Nckn desai
Nckn desai:
Angry teacher: shut up u
Me: don't touch me, don't touch i came to vibe here
Jam Flex
Jam Flex:
I Fcking love Ed Sheeran .
Who's better
Ed Sheeran= like

Billie Eilish= Comment
100000 subscribe 0 video
100000 subscribe 0 video:
ed sheeran: doesn’t release a song for two years

also ed sheeran: releases a new song every week
cupcake ciara
cupcake ciara:
I just want to know how Travis reacted when someone told him he had to dress up as a sailor, astronaut and 70/80's hippie😂😂😂
Taylor Fletcher
Taylor Fletcher:
With the long red hair, he most definitely looks like a long lost Weasley.

Edit: better yet, he looks like a grown version of Ron Weasley trying to find his style.
This is by far the weirdest music video I’ve ever seen
50,000 Subscribers With 1 Video
50,000 Subscribers With 1 Video:
Who is Better?

Like: *Ed Sheeran*

Comment: *Justin Bieber*
Producer: How many hairstyles do you want in this music video?

Ed Sheeran: Yes
Sahil Onfory
Sahil Onfory:
When i'm in pub
And my dad sees me 2:12
Who wants ed sheeran and billie eilish's duet 😍😍😍
Daniel Bergonzoni
Daniel Bergonzoni:
This song is FLAME 🔥 !! Way better than Highest in the Room. I just dropped a new music video and would love your thoughts on it. It’s called PAYDAYY! Anyone want to watch it?
Is this ur fav part
Like if it is
Cuz it's mine