Draw My Life: Part 2

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Published on Aug 18, 2019
6 years later, I have a whiteboard and decided to update my 'Draw My Life' and let you know everything that's been happening since the last one and some plans for the future! Draw My Life Part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mv1SLUjDGpA NEW SPACE MERCH! http://www.amazingphilshop.com http://www.us.amazingphilshop.com http://www.au.amazingphilshop.com Content info - contains mentions of bereavement and family illness LINKS! Subscribe to my channel: http://youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=amazingphil Find more of me here! TWITTER: http://www.twitter.com/amazingphil FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/amazingphil INSTAGRAM: http://www.instagram.com/amazingphil TUMBLR: http://www.amazingphil.tumblr.com Music: Kevin Macleod - Incompetech.com


Jasmine Wallis
Jasmine Wallis:
*Leonardo da vinci has left the chat*


*So has his wig*
isobel hi
isobel hi:
"...i didn't talk about it because i wanted my online presence to be something you guys could come to to forget your worries, rather than taking on mine."
phil lester. you are such an angel. you give us so so much, i just wish we could take a little less and give you more.
kim louise
kim louise:
dan and phil must have terrible back pain....

from carrying youtube since 2008
Queen Panda
Queen Panda:
I just watched Dan's Instagram story. They adopted a fish, you guys they're literally getting a pet
Maddy Leigh
Maddy Leigh:
“I wanted you guys to forget your worries instead of taking on mine”... PHIL 😭❤️
Mileena A
Mileena A:
Everybody: What’s the tea ?

Phil: What’s the JUICE?!
Aszkara Gilchrist
Aszkara Gilchrist:
I don’t think people realized how much D&P paved the way for other YouTubers. Now EVERYONE tours. They were one of the first. Crazy.
Krysta Norris
Krysta Norris:
wow im obsessed with how comfortable and open you guys are being this year.
Elli Wilhelm
Elli Wilhelm:
Congrats Phil on your dad being in remission! I know what it’s like to have a parent with cancer, so I couldn’t be more happy for you!
Me before this video: phil is a mega rich nerd and i love him
Me after this video: phil isn't rich and needs a break and i love him
the fact that you went through so much and didn’t say anything about it because you knew that you were our happy and safe space says it all. you are so thoughtful and caring, and i could have never asked for a better and inspiring role model than you.
So what i’m getting is Dan and Phil walked so every other youtuber whose ever toured could run
J Morris the Review Guy
J Morris the Review Guy:
Phil singlehandedly bringing back Draw My Life's to relevance again lol.
"Here is a seal...
-Phil 2019
Rosie Kimber
Rosie Kimber:
I was the girl sat next to you yesterday at Jamie The Musical, you and Daniel are the nicest people and very friendly I didn’t realise who you were at first but I subbed, one of The loveliest people you’ll meet 💕
Jack Is Life
Jack Is Life:
Alternative title: The Evolution of Dan's Hair
skssdeuvs; dishartmann.
skssdeuvs; dishartmann.:
Phil: new video this weekend!
Phandom: stressed for two days straight
Phil at 23.59 on Sunday: yep.
Molly McEnerney
Molly McEnerney:
Your parents being cute together - "He's her lobster!"
im sorry did you say "that last sims video was a good place to end" EXCUSE ME I THOUGHT THERE WOULD BE MORE WHAT ABOUT DAB AND EVAN
i know this wasn't the point of the vid lol i love you phil
lindsay lagola
lindsay lagola:
no one:
me at 3am: Dan and Phil should have a p o d c a s t
CrownClown Creations
CrownClown Creations:
You all know and love the best selling book 'The Amazing Book Is Not On Fire'

Now get ready for Dan and Phil's new passion project, the cook book 'The Amazing Kitchen _IS_ On Fire!!' 🔥
Rhiannon Davis
Rhiannon Davis:
Phil. THANK YOU for fully wiping the board clean EVERY time.
Kim Pine
Kim Pine:
Bro this is insane. I remember when the first one came out. I started watching you guys so early. Im 18 and about to go college and I felt so much watching this. But god I understand the death heavy thing. I've lost two of the most important men in my life this year right after the other so I get it. Phil you're always such a rain of sunshine thank you for sticking around so long and never giving up
Drinking That Tea For Namjoon
Drinking That Tea For Namjoon:
Who remembers Dan and Phil go outside? 😂
Ruby_708 Throam
Ruby_708 Throam:
in 2025 *if the world still exists*

that was too real, Phil. Too real.
capitalism or crapitalism
capitalism or crapitalism:
You probably have a lot of secret projects n stuff going on right now but maybe you could make a podcast? I think everyone would like it and there isn’t really the stress of editing.
phil, an intellectual: "a seal, with wheels"
me, i'm not an intellectual, i'm just dumb: A SWHEEL.
"Probably cause Dan's face is so suspicious." Phil's tone made it even funnier :D <3
go to bed you piecof shof
go to bed you piecof shof:
Why do i see this turning into a series?

Phil in 6 years: *draw my life part 3*
Sam Gillespie
Sam Gillespie:
His board cleaning skills have definitely improved
he draws dan so simply but so accurately ?
Michelle B
Michelle B:
The Amazing Cookbook Is very Much On Fire
Central Elegance
Central Elegance:
The way he draws dans hair differently every time has me cracking up
Maggie Matuszak
Maggie Matuszak:
s t o p a p o l o g i z i n g
we love you <3
Lauren C.
Lauren C.:
Fully deserved #1 on trending! We're so proud of you, Phil, for just being happy for us. Thank you.
KING of youtube i will ALWAYS be here to support and enjoy phil lester content
Phil: A seal... with wheels
_!!! dan and phil are the true mvps of youtube !!!_

pass it on
Jiayi Tang
Jiayi Tang:
phil gushing over his parents was so adorable ❤️ congrats on remission superdad! 💪🏻
Autumn Walts
Autumn Walts:
I’m so glad you decided to make time for yourself and take a break. I’ve been watching you for over 8 years and I’ll be waiting and supporting whatever you do next!
Julia Rask
Julia Rask:
Actually I really miss Dan and Phil games, it’s just always made me feel like I’m under some sort of safe blanket. Like when you had an horrible day or week or life and you’re just tired or sad, you basically have space to go and feel better. So yeah. Thanks for that.
Kayleigh Wilson
Kayleigh Wilson:
this video made me cry a little bit because it shows how long ago all these were, i still remember everything like it was yesterday. i have been watching you since 2013, and Dan since 2012. you have helped me through so many hard times. there has been times were i have just wanted to give up and your videos made me want to smile and it helped me get better. thank you for that. i hope i get to meet you one day and thank you in person for everything you and Dan have done ❤️
I'm really interested to see some Phil solo projects. He said "we" a lot in this video and while we all love love love Dan and Phil's friendship and content, I'm very interested to see what Phil can do on his own you know?
hey D-slice
hey D-slice:
Phil: 2025 .. If the Earth still exists

Emma White
Emma White:
Nobody’s gonna talk about Phil putting 10,000,000 instead of 1,000,000
phil: i made a decision that i was a full time internet-
me: ho-
phil: entertainer
me: of course
Andrea Sara
Andrea Sara:
i swear he's writing a plot for his own netflix series i can feel it👀
Lish Fletcher
Lish Fletcher:
Is spooky week still going to happen? I look forward to it so much every year!🎃💀👽👻
Cerys Wintle
Cerys Wintle:
this is actually so wholesome??? you're such an icon tbh
Kate _
Kate _:
Phil: flat sphere
Everybody else: a circle