Dr. ER Treats Frostbite on the Feet; Medical Monday

Published on May 7, 2018
RESTMORE: http://www.BuyRESTMORE.com Pimple Popper Tools: http://www.m7amazon.com Frostbite refers to the freezing of body tissue (usually skin) that results when the blood vessels contract, reducing blood flow and oxygen to the affected body parts. Normal sensation is lost, and color changes also occur in these tissues. Frostbite is most likely to affect body parts that are farther away from the body core and, therefore, have less blood flow. These include your feet, toes, hands, fingers, nose, and ears. Frostbite refers to the freezing of body tissue (usually skin) that results when the bl00d vessels contract, reducing flow and oxygen to the affected body parts.


Deb Nichols
Deb Nichols:
This is so sad. I hope this man recovers and gets the help he needs. My prayers are with him. Thank you doc for explaining the difference between wet and dry gangrene, I did not know there was a difference.
steve Lawson
steve Lawson:
That looks absolutely dreadful! That's definitely going to require some partial amputation. I hope he makes a quick recovery.
NC redbird
NC redbird:
Bless his heart. Nobody should ever suffer like this. My heart breaks for him. I really pray y'all were able to help him and get his feet healthy again.
This breaks my heart 😰 this poor guy!
Tina Carrick
Tina Carrick:
Omg poor man. Is there anyway to donate to him to help him out? If so doc please let me know....
Megan D
Megan D:
Poor guy! Thanks Dr. Oller for teaching us about the differences in gangrene.
Taralya Mcdonough
Taralya Mcdonough:
I enjoy your videos! I feel so bad for this man!
Nick S
Nick S:
Didn't you post this same video a few months ago or is this a new person
Maggie Blue
Maggie Blue:
I love your beard. And this guy is amazing. I hope you give us a update on what happened to him.
Cory Hufson
Cory Hufson:
That is horrible, I feel so bad for this gentleman. Having been homeless myself in deep Northern New York on the Canadian border I know how damaging and degrading this can be. Feeling like a lesser person because of where his life ended up. This poor man deserves the very same treatment and help that would be given to a rich/famous individual. I truly & sincerely hope he received the care and compassion he deserves. We are all human beings 1 and the same regardless of "status"
Glad you are back Dr !
Toxic Tea
Toxic Tea:
I was in the snow out side playing with my
Family and then I had double pants on but they didnt reach my ankle and my
Ankle got numb so I was in the snow with my family for like an hour and
Then I went to play more and I felt
Like needles poking me and then I told my mom and then she said is this a frost bite so she checked so she rubbed my feat with hot cream and it
Went away if I would of stay longer in
The snow I probably would of lost both my ankles am glad I didnt:)
Susan Dinger
Susan Dinger:
I feel so bad for that poor guy. Thank you for sharing an I hope that man gets the help he needs.
Hell Kat
Hell Kat:
My man that foot is gone
Mr Bannana
Mr Bannana:
Holy Mac and cheese with biscuits that looks like his feet were burt
Barbara J
Barbara J:
We're you able to follow up with this patient?
Jesse Cooksey
Jesse Cooksey:
I'm sorry for you but what ever happened I hope u ok
Grand Inquisitor
Grand Inquisitor:
Frostbite are not somethibf cute😱
Janet Davis
Janet Davis:
Poor man,will you operate to take the feet off.
Pratik Saikia
Pratik Saikia:
May God bless him
City Rider
City Rider:
Smh you called that cool?
Poor patient is suffering from his feet
Come on. Have some empathy
Very good video. I had only seen this condition in textbooks.
Luna Sangria
Luna Sangria:
I like the beard on you
Baby Girl
Baby Girl:
Man that's sad.
Geraldine Storer
Geraldine Storer:
Marianne Kiss
Marianne Kiss:
My heart hurts for him.
Geraldine Storer
Geraldine Storer:
Poor guy
Eduardo Cisneros
Eduardo Cisneros:
I know right
Oh my Gawd...
Itz Me0w
Itz Me0w:
Ouch 😬
Michael Graham
Michael Graham:
J Bizzle
J Bizzle:
Fucken aye
Laura walk
Laura walk:
Dr. please give us an update when u can, I'm very interested in how this turns out??? Also is this related or similar to compartment syndrome?
Echo 9970
Echo 9970:
The only thing I learnt from this? Is that there should be no homeless people in this day and age, America πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ is a very rich country and it should be ashamed that this can happen to one of there citizens.
Jesse Cooksey
Jesse Cooksey:
Ew that's nasty oml the first part was ew ew ew ew ew ok just no
Nick S
Nick S:
This is the homeless guy in the streets where it was to cold to take his wet shoes/socks off right then he didn't look at it forever
last jedi
last jedi:
all of us should consider ourselves lucky and how kind god has been to us.
Daniel Luciano
Daniel Luciano:
This is a re run you already uploaded this a few months ago ....."tisk tisk"
I didnt see any treatment.
Roccoo Bladzi
Roccoo Bladzi:
I'm not a homeless, I have dozen of gloves, I do hit the gym 3 days per week, and the frostbite is killing me Doctor. Every year it eats my fingers, rarely i get it in my toes, but mostly in my fingers. Please what can i do to avoid that hell of pain? Please
Tracy K
Tracy K:
Republicans be like "get a job, buy some more socks for yourself". He must obviously be so used to pain that he doesn't even check to see why his feet hurt so much. This made me cry. πŸ˜ͺ we have so much to learn and do as a society.
Smooth Operator
Smooth Operator:
Time for the hammer & chisel....😷
My brother is homeless by choice cause hes an addict. During the polar vortex he got frostbite on his feet. He went to get up & couldn't. He was wearing shoes & socks but his feet were wet. He crawled to the closest phone & called an ambulance. He got 8 toes amputated. Unfortunately losing 8 toes didn't teach him a lesson. Hes still an addict & sleeping in the shed where he got frostbite. Smh.
David Sonnen
David Sonnen:
Only in America... No one in this country should have to suffer this kind of poverty-induced injury. Outrageous!
Line Rasmussen
Line Rasmussen:
An you call your country : Det best country to liv inπŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯ Thank Gud for i was born in Norway πŸ‡³πŸ‡΄ Vi hav free doktor and hospital, and and ower homeless gett the help they need (if they want too get it)