Dear Blizzard & NBA, YOU'RE COWARDS! Dobre Brothers Backlash & More...

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Published on Oct 8, 2019
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Philip DeFranco
Philip DeFranco:
Happy Tuesday to everyone except these spineless companies bowing to China!
Shaming 00:06 - Dobre 4:26 - TIA 7:25 - China/NBA/Blizzard 9:28
Thank you for calling Blizzard and the NBA out phil, trading basic human rights and freedom of speech out for profit is about the lowest thing a company can do
imagine a company that has the word, “kickass” in the title saying someone else is unprofessional
Machina Inc
Machina Inc:

PS - Not the Chinese people, just the government.
Commenter McCommentFace
Commenter McCommentFace:
“We believe in freedom and democracy... unless communists want to give us money and then never mind, we support communism.”

-The NBA
Before, when Philip said I will see you tomorrow, all i thought was oh, another closing, but now, living in Hong Kong, we all know that shutting down the internet is just a thing of sooner or later, so yes, I really wish to see you tomorrow and the day after and the day after............
"We too love money more than freedom and democracy" - South Park is just amazing lol.

These companies need some tegridy.
CandyCane =)
CandyCane =):
I personally think bikini shots are “unprofessional” but this is a social media company named kickass. So I don’t see the problem here. And then they posted her picture of her body just to shame her?! Wtf. I hope no one wants to work for them after this.
Discusting that any American company would bow down to the Chinese government.
Sailor bae
Sailor bae:
Sad thing is the little fangirl actually said "sorry" as she walked away from the Dobre Brothers, like that's how awkward she felt
ziah Reid
ziah Reid:
Looks like we've got a whole lot of companies to boycott.
You really shouldn’t comment on people’s professionalisms when you name your company “kickass masterminds”.
Bill Goodwin
Bill Goodwin:
Liberate Hong Kong; revolution of our time!
Imagine being a billionaire dollar business and still cowering to an oppressive government just to make some more money.
Michael Moturi
Michael Moturi:
NBA: We love China
Spongebob: Sorry. I don't speak corporate shill.
"We appreciate them as a fanbase and we love EVERYTHING that they're about"

- James Harden on the country of China

Bougie Joker
Bougie Joker:
Imagine being named "KICKASS" but a bikini is too much.
Vivvie Mav
Vivvie Mav:
Their company name is literally “kickass” but a bikini photo is unprofessional
Ray Ark
Ray Ark:
"This isn't the Houston Rockets opinion. Personally we love the fact that China is oppressing its people."
David m
David m:
These company’s want Chinese money so much let them move to China. Total boycott now
Anna - I love sex :* TAP ON MY PHOTO
Anna - I love sex :* TAP ON MY PHOTO:
Gotta love how the NBA will "bravely" stand up to injustice in America, but will cower at the thought of standing up for real injustices taking place.
Young Man
Young Man:
American businesses: “We support free speech”

China: “Yeah, keep telling yourself that”
I love how these companies spin remarks against Chinese government as offending the Chinese people. Like the majority of Chinese people aren't the ones also being suppressed.
Hope people are seeing why the 1st amendment is so important.
Mash Rien
Mash Rien:
Joke: "If you could pick up the USA and flip it over, you'd see a 'Made in China' sticker on the bottom."
Have been telling this joke since like 2005. Money is more important than people.. This is one major divide between the rich and working classes.
r/hongkong is filled with tons of people cancelling their Modern Warfare orders and WoW subscriptions.
Joyce s
Joyce s:
I feel like 2019 has just been one long apology tweet
Skie Ochre
Skie Ochre:
Saw the title: Dear Blizzard & NBA, YOU'RE COWARDS!

And was, oh finally someone got it right, here's a video worth a click.
S Kurt
S Kurt:
Is anyone going to talk about the part where they said quote “appreciating your body is unprofessional “
P Chuck
P Chuck:
Laura Ingram to Lebron & NBA
"Shut and and dribble.

Lebron James "I refuse to be silenced."

China "Shut up and dribble."

Lebron and the NBA. *crickets*
Jon Doe
Jon Doe:
Hmmm, American values are for sale, who woulda thought..... well everyone, this isn't new information, it's just most people are ignorant on the issue.
Potato Girl
Potato Girl:
"We love democracy.... until it affects our money"
Cameron Tennant
Cameron Tennant:
Liberate Hong Kong, revolution of our age.
Tom Oates
Tom Oates:
South Park’s episode and apology fits this situation perfectly.

It is amazing. A must watch!
Ichi Droid
Ichi Droid:
There is a popular phrase in Chinese: “glass heart” or “heart of glass.” Someone with a “glass heart” is someone who’s very sensitive or whose feelings get hurt easily.
Skie Ochre
Skie Ochre:
I wouldn't hire Clow because she uses lower case 'i' XD
“We love China”

Google translate: “We want China’s money”
Steeler fan
Steeler fan:
a person who talks with his HANDS.
Vitti Rayne
Vitti Rayne:
Company: "Can you follow us on Instagram?"

Me an Intellectual: "I don't have Instagram, I'm simply here to work."
It’s not “slut” shaming... she didn’t sleep with anyone she just posted a picture of herself in a bathing suit, that is a normal thing people do, who in the hell would side with the business on this? Sure they had the right not to accept her, but don’t put her on blast like that, that’s just scummy.
Jake Caratacus
Jake Caratacus:
"No one's ever going to be perfect."

Ironic, considering how perfect Philip DeFranco is. <3
VA Brew
VA Brew:
That "apology" is why south park has stayed relevant for decades.
Wave Particle
Wave Particle:
First Hollywood and now even sports franchises are getting affected.
America you gotta do something about this!
Megan M
Megan M:
Why the hell would she share her personal social media with a potential employer?
James Harden saying "they show us the most important love", the love he's talking about is money love
2019 in one list:

Shit game developers
And I guess Epic Games Store.
FB girl in bikini, no problem. Everybody has been to the beach. Stupid company.
the same man who wore the "i cant breathe" shirt couple years ago is supporting china
damn we do live in a society
Tarja Kekkonen
Tarja Kekkonen:
NBA players and representative ''They make us so much money so everyone shh''
That's rich coming from a google boot licker such as yourself.