Creed - Six Feet From The Edge

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Published on Aug 28, 2008
I watched a friends vid on here and decided that i wanted to make a movie like that...soo i did haha


Robert Mack
Robert Mack:
Sometimes there comes a song, a band, a voice that puts you in a special place mentally. This is it!
sarah murray
sarah murray:
I can't tell you how many times I've felt this way... thank you Jesus for saving me from this pain.
I almost ended my life. I was faceing time in jail 25 years I almost did it my wife commetied suside some 18 years ago . I have two wonderful kids I'm glad I decided to put the weapon down.
raider killer
raider killer:
this song was played at my big brothers funeral
Anne Heys
Anne Heys:
Such saddness such pain all empathised in this song . I've been there so close looking down into the abyss and by some grace of the universe I've been pulled right out to continue life's journey for whatever purpose I have for as yet I still haven't found it. Blessings and love to all . Peace be with you til we meet again .
Joe Goldthrite
Joe Goldthrite:
he's talking to God to save him. No one else knows but him.Their is always Grace. Good luck. God bless.
Peaches and cream
Peaches and cream:
This song explains my life right now. It's a sad reality you once had it all and now it's all gone
Annemarie Altomonte
Annemarie Altomonte:
May my Daddy .... Rest in Peace. I'd have traded him places....had God let me.
“Maybe six feet ain’t so far down”😔
joan dingledine
joan dingledine:
i have battled beaning 6 feet from the edge for several years never thought i would be here at 54
Jordan Johnson
Jordan Johnson:
This song represents how I felt before I met my fiance.
One of the greatest songs of all time
Yobany Marti 27
Yobany Marti 27:
12-27-15 💔👼🙏 My 🌎changed , miss you daddy 💔😭💔
Baby Sister
Baby Sister:
Maybe six feet aint so far down...
Myrtel Lou
Myrtel Lou:
Love this guy's voice- amazing passionate artist... Listening 2018.
Virginia Simpson
Virginia Simpson:
Killian Stack
Killian Stack:
My #1 favorite Creed song.
rodney burgess
rodney burgess:
i want this played at my funeral! excellent job!
Jeremiah C
Jeremiah C:
Breathe in...breathe out...
Still I stand
Breathe in...breathe out...
Still I live
Breathe in...breathe out...
Still I love
Breathe in...breathe out...
The tears will pass
Breathe in...breathe out...
But my will carries on.
Sarah Thomas
Sarah Thomas:
I love this song!!! One of my favorites
Purified Beats.
Purified Beats.:
This will be the Song they play as they put my casket in the ground 🌏🙏
Uyraell Sensenmann
Uyraell Sensenmann:
The Story of My Life:
But Pointless; as it ever has Been.
Sandra Lynn Bainter
Sandra Lynn Bainter:
This video brings tears to my eyes every time. Thank you for that❤❤❤
Howie allison
Howie allison:
Just heard this as a backing track to the legend that was, Paul Walker on Face Book. Haunting lyrics!
Christina Dobbins
Christina Dobbins:
No homo but lead singer of creed has the sexiest voice on earth. Aaron Lewis from staind too
J Josh
J Josh:
Rip dad
Patty Pellom
Patty Pellom:
the song is actually called one last breath
VPB Smith
VPB Smith:
It's called one last breath
william weir
william weir:
2;26 "Sad eyes follow me" .....That picture really touched me
geo gargan
geo gargan:
great choon..!
I can match this with

Bonnie and Foxy ^w^

They should be baes lol
I forgot how much I love Creed. ❤
Just heard this song before my grandma died, happy birthday today love you!
The intro to Love Song by Tesla mixes perfectly with this song.. Someone needs to mash that shit up
Mike West
Mike West:
We are going under we need to see this
Dakota Davis
Dakota Davis:
First heard this song in 2010
I was six and never forgot it
Michael Anthony Allen-Meza
Michael Anthony Allen-Meza:
r.i.p. dad love you and miss you I wish you were here man
Musical mayhem
Musical mayhem:
I hope the pain you felt lifted. Your video is awesome my friend
kilo delta
kilo delta:
i love this song..... lost my love of my life and its hard but this song just bring back the good times i love her and now she`s with my cuzin man im lost
William & Zadanne Infinityplusnfinity
William & Zadanne Infinityplusnfinity:
Luv u Billy😘💕Luv being with u seeing beautiful cities & the nice places we stop at. Lucky to have a husband like u!! Ur one in a Million Babe👄❤
lol i have rabies
lol i have rabies:
One of the saddest songs I've heard.
Andrew Rogers
Andrew Rogers:
nice video man bravo
Thanks for the video. Nice :'>
Move to AmendWV
Move to AmendWV:
Good Job Garrett!!
leah rodarte
leah rodarte:
A fav. song
Gordon Love
Gordon Love:
love creed - love this song - have great weekend everyone
Michael .Brems
Michael .Brems:
same here dude.
Freestyles ECKP98
Freestyles ECKP98:
3 ppl have no life
Just a sec
Just a sec:
this is me right now...😢
jeff sherman
jeff sherman:
No, that's Scott Stapp!!