Chrissy Teigen Hates Her Feet

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Published on Nov 22, 2018
Ellen’s co-host for the day, Chrissy Teigen, revealed that she doesn’t like bare feet and hates seeing her own. Plus, the model and cookbook author chatted about her and husband John Legend’s upcoming Christmas special, “A Legendary Christmas with John and Chrissy,” and getting a quick haircut during a commercial break. #ChrissyTeigen #TheEllenShow #JohnLegend


Chrissy hating her feet is just like me, hating my whole body
Ipshita T
Ipshita T:
_I say the wrong thing all the time._

*yeah sounds like me*
"I have asian jungle feet meant to climb trees" 😂
solly wilman
solly wilman:
Chrissy is so interesting. John probably never gets bored.
Carlita Bonita
Carlita Bonita:
I love how real she is!
So when John sang “your perfect imperfections” he was talking about your hooves! Hahahah. I like you. You’re so relatable.
Dust Buggy
Dust Buggy:
Lol hates her feet, also draws everyone's attention to them
Bishal Timsina
Bishal Timsina:
It’s time to google teigen feet please😂😂😂😂😂
Chrissy needs to be a comedian she is so funny
giselle joseph
giselle joseph:
O u are human chrissy
Rose T
Rose T:
Her feet is way prettier than my face tbh 😂
Plague Doc
Plague Doc:
She's smuggling food in her cheeks.
RJ 2gether
RJ 2gether:
Chrissy has a bubbly personality aww
Shantanu Singh dhiman
Shantanu Singh dhiman:
Anyone googled her feet afte this ????😂😂😂😂😂
Omg i am not the only who hates their feet
Viktorija Sliško
Viktorija Sliško:
-*Googles Chrissy Teigen feet*
Chrissy Teigen is a mood😂
T Dolma
T Dolma:
the morgue story is the funniest thing i've heard!
Kishan Clarke
Kishan Clarke:
Whoever is reading this comment have a wonderful day🤗🤗
Ankita V
Ankita V:
"we'll edit it out"
lol didn't happen Chrissy
Ashesh Dubey
Ashesh Dubey:
_"I say the wrong thing all the time, ellen"_

Same Chrissy... same...
Laugh Bee
Laugh Bee:
I was there with my dad and it was so funny!!!
Stephen Anna Marydas
Stephen Anna Marydas:
I'm totally googling Chrissy Teagan feet
Bestie blast With Evie & Faye
Bestie blast With Evie & Faye:
“I have Asian jungle feet meant to climb trees”😂😂😂😂
Am I the only one that's going to Google those feet right after this video
Kookies, Suga and A little bit of Tae
Kookies, Suga and A little bit of Tae:
I love Ellen, she brings joy to everyone.
Cademan Caden
Cademan Caden:
She becomes more & more likeable....
jiya swtu
jiya swtu:
"Yep that's her" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
S H-S:
I'm obsessed with her! She always brings her authentic self 24-7 and I'm SOOOOO HERE FOR IT! ❤️
Sharnae Vermudez
Sharnae Vermudez:
I love her! She's beautiful and she doesn't give a F***...
Chesca Rockwell
Chesca Rockwell:
I relate! I feel the same way about my feet and bare-feet in general
Jeanice Chino
Jeanice Chino:
“ I say the wrong thing all the time “ ; that sag energy 😂♐️
Her feet are fine! It just goes to show everyone has insecurities.
Vy Sharieff
Vy Sharieff:
The truth falls out of her mouth🤣🤣🥰
Elibobelly Sandoval
Elibobelly Sandoval:
Jungle feet ain’t no fun. Glad to know I’m not alone
Bayan Alameria
Bayan Alameria:
For every like this sad face will turn happier (please like)
Ma Ra
Ma Ra:
She seems so fun and down to earth, but I saw on YouTube a video about her shady side..🤔
Noor ••
Noor ••:
I can relate.. My toes are so long I could play cards with them
Lara Stark
Lara Stark:
Did anyone else googled her feet? She wasn’t joking 😂
saw kissoum
saw kissoum:
I googled her feet and they look just fine to me !

Youtuber that reached a mil subs is Fred
Edit = SEE I CHaNged It
Kitty Rodriguez
Kitty Rodriguez:
Omg!! Haha I love how Chrissy is so honest haha. 😂✨ She’s hilarious 🤣
Ivona Zarzycki
Ivona Zarzycki:
We love you Chrissy no matter what ... 😂 you are so real and so funny!!!!!
Noble Sean Valentine
Noble Sean Valentine:
This was the best clip EVER! Love Chrissy💕💕💕
mari gold
mari gold:
I m just so happy that chrissy hates her feet coz I thought I always thought my feets are the ugliest...(Asian here)😂😂😂
Vic Torious
Vic Torious:
She is so funny 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂
Ruta Ropeti
Ruta Ropeti:
Is it just me or her face looks a little ... different ?
komuhra rajteh
komuhra rajteh:
I always hide my feet too😂😂
Justin Ballinger
Justin Ballinger:
I’m down a Chrissy interview rabbit hole because she’s hilarious
Claire D
Claire D:
I genuinely cracked up to this 😂😂😂😂😂