Built 150FT MEGA SLIP N SLIDE into NEW POND! ($25,000 Backyard Project)

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Published on Jul 17, 2019
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Daniel Johnson
Daniel Johnson:
Anyone ever watch this and think, “Man I wish I was friends with them.”
Peckitt Dog69
Peckitt Dog69:
Build a hill at the top out of dirt so you gonna get more speed

Love this
Savage Man
Savage Man:
Fill the whole pond with orbeez

(Edit) you should also make a giant climbing wall that you can jump off of into the pond
Michael Muyskens
Michael Muyskens:
Try making a scooter ramp and doing tricks going in the pond
Cus that's wat u do here
Brandon Smith
Brandon Smith:
You guys should do a 24 hour challenge in a bounce house in the pond

Have a nice summer funk bros😎
ii 5883
ii 5883:
You should put a rope swing in. Like if they should do it
*Raging Waters* has some competition

(I make emotional vids)
caroline carrsmith
caroline carrsmith:
Flip contest or person who goes the farthest in the pond wins $10,000. Also add a rope swing plus trampoline. Or a water trampoline
edward Suck
edward Suck:
Last to leave pool wins $5,000 bit has to do a challenge ill let u pick
Andy H
Andy H:
These guys deserve so much more popularity and love
Essence Gallegos
Essence Gallegos:
Invite me over already and let me do stuff like this with you 😭😂

*Like if you would love to do this with them ❤️😂*
Hyson Hargrave
Hyson Hargrave:
Guys I love you and please be careful I don't wont to watch you guys get hurt.

Please make a scooter ramp into the pond.
just ben
just ben:
A springboard trampoline thing would be cool, or a ropeswing.
Mercy Ways
Mercy Ways:
Pin this if u love your FANS!!!
Sarah Foster
Sarah Foster:
This is so cool. I like how Corey doesnt brag about how he accomplished this, he is like "let's get some other youtubers and have fun with this!"
saltyy fruit
saltyy fruit:
*these are the OG’s of funk bros* 😎
👇 _you can be an OG of mine today_ 🤩
GhostGrip 7
GhostGrip 7:
Cory u should make a outdoor trampoline park
Nina Broach
Nina Broach:
A tire swing to jump off of
pandas are amazing
pandas are amazing:
They should go to the trampoline park in the giant teddy bear costume

Like so they can see it plz
unepic youtuber
unepic youtuber:
If there was more trees around the pool, they should have a zip line going over it so they can fall in. That would be pretty cool.
crappy comedian
crappy comedian:
Make this blue if you love the FUNK BROS ⭐

(👇 I'm gifting my next 10 subscribers 😄)
Katia Cuellar
Katia Cuellar:
I subscribed it turned on the notifications and i smashed that like button you guys are the best
Tabetha Baker
Tabetha Baker:
Instead of Funk Bros it should be Flip Bros!

Ps. I love you guys❤️
Karunesh Prasad
Karunesh Prasad:
This is amazing. U guys make the best videos. Keep up the great work
Joe Walsh fs
Joe Walsh fs:
5:51 this is so... sketchy but... it’s actually not sketchy
If this is blue you love Funk Bros❤️
👇(Im gifting my next 30 loyal subscribers🤩)
Saphira Sallenback
Saphira Sallenback:
Congrats Corey for finally finishing!😍 looks great!😋😛😍
Thegod FR
Thegod FR:
I wish I was there and be friends with y'all it's just that dont get hurt
snowboard savi
snowboard savi:
You guys are insane !!
You should get a big swing or zipline into the pond
cowgirl6646 vids
cowgirl6646 vids:
You should do more vids with Nova in them!!!
Patrick Jalot
Patrick Jalot:
Put a trampoline or rope swing next to the pond

Like this
Riggin Ray
Riggin Ray:
You should go down in the zorb ball!!
Btw subbed, liked, and most importantly, turned on that bell!! “🔔”
Peter Stampe
Peter Stampe:
Really good job corey 😉😉love it, and I'm really seeing forward to the next video
snowboard savi
snowboard savi:
Your the only channel that does insane stuff but doesn’t clickbait
warclown gaming
warclown gaming:
U can also put a race course and by some objects that you can race others in in the pond (could be removable from the pond if wanted)
hfS Harry
hfS Harry:
You guys should fill a moving truck full of ping pong balls

Like so they can see plz
Sean Ihm
Sean Ihm:
Capron I’m not gay drage I’m change your mind
Crz Gamer445
Crz Gamer445:
my mind they bought a big tarp
Him her Them
Him her Them:
I keep coming back just to replay big boy front flipping 💯
lmao he went for it
Ila Reed
Ila Reed:
You guys are so funny and creative love your videos!
Jack Doherty
Jack Doherty:
This was honestly one of the most fun things I've EVER done, thanks for having me guys!
Richie Nest
Richie Nest:
you guys should get a massive diving board like 30 feet in the air
Thegod FR
Thegod FR:
Nice video,I liked subscribe be safe and have fun
Trista Everding
Trista Everding:
That looks so fun! Can I join?❤️
Elias Birkeland
Elias Birkeland:
Get some kind of winch or smth to pull u faster
Olivia Gustafson
Olivia Gustafson:
this is funny y’all in LA and your using sooo much water 😂 drought
Jocee Miner
Jocee Miner:
Does anyone ever wish while your watching there videos that u were with them the whole Time
Vem !
Vem !:
Love this vid plz do more
G H:
You guys should put fish in the pond and a rope swing!!
Elmar Daði Ívarsson
Elmar Daði Ívarsson:
you have to use the slide that is made of pipes