Blizzard Punishes Hong Kong Hearthstone Player for Protesting China

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Published on Oct 9, 2019
Hearthstone Esports player, Blitzchung from Hong Kong, was banned from competing for a year and had his prize money stripped away because he protested against China on stream. Special thanks to the top tier supporters Beech Horn Not That Rob Lowe Ghost0012 Loachgar Mathias Kranawetter Felix PGG MERCH Original logo - White Logo - ------------------------- If you enjoy the content please support the channel in any way that you can. The biggest thing you can do to support my content is to click the bell Other things you can do - Comment, subscribe, like the video, follow on twitter, pledge on patron Throw me a dollar on Patreon? TWITTER:


_"or otherwise damages blizzards image..."_ I think Blizzard is doing that to themselves way more then the person they banned who was just asking for basic human rights.
"Every dollar matters"
Well done Blizzard. Heres a slow clap. Clap. Clap.
zezi mark
zezi mark:
Funny that blizzard has gone full sjw with it's marketing and posturing but as soon as it's time for some real social justice...
Sandhiren Pillay
Sandhiren Pillay:
This man is the real MVP, Liberate Hong Kong!
Don't be surprised if this video gets taken down guy's.
Standing for freedom damages blizzards image, ok good to know.
I love that card aswell. XD It's so funny.
Regan Pelletier
Regan Pelletier:
Overwatch is coming out for switch? Guess I’ll have to skip it
Thanks for the explanation. Lot of stuff out there, not a lot of real info! :)
Jim Jam
Jim Jam:
Google will lower your social credit score for posting this video.
This is sickening
Jim Jam
Jim Jam:
Blizzard damages Blizzards image.
Sage Pirotess
Sage Pirotess:
This guy may get top 10 people of the year by time. He did lose his 12k. But another agency paid him. And invited him to play for him.
Zachary Fluke
Zachary Fluke:
I didn’t vote for Senator Marco Rubio, and I really dislike almost everything about him in terms of his policies (mostly about guns) and his covering up and excusing behavior for Donald Trump. In this one case, he’s absolutely correct. The stakes of this go way beyond just money. China is over stepping its boundaries, and the free world needs to do everything we can to stop them.
Nate Downes
Nate Downes:
What most sites discussing this story keep forgetting is that China owns a sizable portion of Activision. Either this management bans him, or they are fired and the new management bans him. No matter what, the guy is getting banned for bad mouthing a major shareholder.
Blizards post is like communist party of China wrote it. Doubble speak.. placating people with flosculas of freedom...etc

But what if China market > western market.. and have in mind China market is a lot easier towards predatory microtransactions and greed above else, every company there in every aspect of life is like that.

Maybe blizzard in few years will make ccp propaganda games... :P
Anyways..someone should make tianmen square guild in wow...and everybody should join it.. and offcourse Taiwanesee national team in overwatch is a must xD
Low key following avi?
Blizzard, EA, Activision, Ubisoft, Bethesda these guys need to die
casino hearthstone e sport nerds
Our World Below?
Our World Below?:
Great video guys. Yay freedom!
Bálint Kiss
Bálint Kiss:
If you support freedom of speech give us money on patreon...:D
Derek Chung
Derek Chung:
I support Hong Kong and the freedom of speech (and the right to bear arms). You guys are getting a donation from me
So I won't be buying anymore Activison or Blizzard games. Screw Censorship
Beatrice Asarte
Beatrice Asarte:
Do you guys not have morals?
This year's Blizzcon will be fun...
you guys are always late on news....unsubbing due to suckage
Grant Briggs
Grant Briggs:
Free HK
God I can't believe 5 different channels from yongyea to laymen to PTG have all stood on the side of the blitz Chung.

I'm tired of commenting further on the matter.

Suffice to say, blitz Chung did have his freedom of speech. He just did not have freedom from consequences.

Just like anyone here can hate me for siding with blizzard on this, so too can china take offense at the statement by blitz Chung.

The TL:DR of it all - freedom of speech does not equate to freedom from consequences.

Making a racist statement has consequences.

Punching a person has consequences

Lambasting another country for a contrasting political beliefs HAS CONSEQUENCES.

Mic dropped. I'm done
Read more news from the Chinese side. Then comment. It is a violent riot, not protest.