Blizzard Bans Hearthstone Pro Player Blitzchung For Supporting Hong Kong

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Published on Oct 9, 2019
Welcome to the Systems Alliance, my name is Jexy. In this video I go over the news that Activision Blizzard has decided to ban Hearthstone Pro Player Blitzchung for 1 year and take away his hard earned prize money.. and for what you say? For the crime of supporting Hong Kong and freedom. This comes on the heels of the NBA doing the same, and then backing off. What is going on with companies giving into China's official government stance? By doing so, they become basically government owned, and not by the one they belong to. Let me know your thoughts! #Blizzard #Blitzchung #Hearthstone #HongKong #Blizzardboycott #Freedom #Democracy #ActivisionBlizzard #HongKongProtests #HongKongPolice #HongKongProtest #ActivisionBlizzard #HearthstoneGrandmasters #BoycottBlizzard #BoycottNBA #NBAChina #NBA #ActivisionBoycott #Blizzardboycott I hope you enjoyed the video. Please share, like, comment and subscribe for more content. CONNECT! ▼ Twitter ► Facebook ► Instagram ► ♫Music By♫ ●Joakim Karud - Good Old Days ●Song - ●Support Joakim Karud - Main Graphic by Bryan Ward: Twitter: @bryaneward Website:


Gamers: Activision Blizzard is despicable. They can’t possibly get any worse.
Activision Blizzard: Hold my Tsingtao
I hope my social credit score is good enough to get into Blizzcon.
Aoi Rei
Aoi Rei:
Its ironic, a company that made alot of story about heroes fighting for what they believe, turns out to be just a tyrant's b***h
Yamaraja YT
Yamaraja YT:
Blizzcon 2020 will be held in china when blizzard gets chanted out of their own event this year in 2019 ... free hong kong ban blizzard
Freya Fox TV
Freya Fox TV:
great job!! i did one too
Official Jarocc
Official Jarocc:
#BoycottBlizzard #FreeHongKong #FuckActivisionBlizzard
It’s complicated issue in which you bbc news watcher don’t understand so stop talking like you do smh
A Lone Loser
A Lone Loser:
About the violated rule, actually I believe it is very common for company to state "in xxx company's sole discretion" because they cannot afford to argue indefinitely with a customer about who's perspective is "correct". I've seen similar rules written by other company for sales and lucky draws and such.

I mean this whole thing is a dick move, but given their next game is Diablo Immortal, which is funded by a Chinese company and probably will rely greatly on the consumers from China, it's not that big of a surprise that they would decide to lean toward them.