Australia Lotteries guide | Oz lotto | Powerball | Gold lotto | How to play

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Published on Jul 15, 2017
You can play online lottery in Australia at Play responsibly! Do not get addicted My Youtube Channels Technical Channel - Food Channel - Lifestyle Channel - My Wife's Channel Priyanka's Kitchen - Priya's Lovely Kitchen - Websites Connect with me Email - [email protected] Facebook - Twitter - This video is targeted towards hindi speaking people.


Shashiraj Nair
Shashiraj Nair:
Still waiting for your reply bro
Muzz 187
Muzz 187:
Can powerball be in any order besides the power ball (last one)??
Bro hindi main bana dOo kuch yar??
fariha blink
fariha blink:
If I live in Australia on a valid student visa but buy the ticket while I'm on a vacation for 2 weeks in another country, am I still eligible to win?
Hulagu Mongke
Hulagu Mongke:
every winner happen to be an elderly or pensioner. All Government BS and wish all promoters die 2
Kemanci Sedo
Kemanci Sedo:
Hi system 11 on ozlotto in Melbourne straight 5 what does it pay
miljot singh
miljot singh:
How we can get money in mobile app?
Please answer ?
Shashiraj Nair
Shashiraj Nair:
Iam from India, shall I play this
Ajith Francis
Ajith Francis:
Is there any taxes ? Or winner can get full amount ?
Mojo Jojo
Mojo Jojo:
Thank you my Indian friend....
Quick Look n Teardown
Quick Look n Teardown:
Huong Ly
Huong Ly:
Does numbers have to be in right order to win?
Baddy singh saluja
Baddy singh saluja:
How much does it cost to enter the draw?
Royal Ryan
Royal Ryan:
Suppose i matched all thw 6 numbers but they are not in order. Like the winning number is 1,2,3,4,5,6 but my chosen number was 5,6,4,3,2,1. Am i a winner then?. Please reply.
What are supplementary numbers
Altika Jay
Altika Jay:
Biggest legalised scam.
Jatt records
Jatt records:
Hi bro , if anyone is on student visa or work visa , if he won jackpot by chance ... is there any condition for those people ..
niga higa
niga higa:
did you win any money though? haha fake people
Ruhul Vines
Ruhul Vines:
Is lottery free or it costs some bucks
Sandeep Malla
Sandeep Malla:
Hi Sagar, is such wining result has any trick,strategy or mathematical formula ? how the organizer draw the ball of main number and power more question how organizer earn profit if they run such lottery every weeks.
robin singh
robin singh:
i am coming to melbourne australia on TOURIST visa.can i buy the ticket and legally claim the price if won.
Maxin Xavier
Maxin Xavier:
Can I play from India?