Attack on Titan is Incredible Now.

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Published on Jul 17, 2019
Read ahead today if you can't wait with Bookwalker: Use Coupon Code: GIGGUK for $5 off! So I finally caught up on Attack on Titan and was absolutely blown away by it, I never thought the series would get this good when looking back when this first aired, but here we are now. Edited by: Bakashift Patreon: -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Follow me on Twitter: Like me on Facebook: Follow me on Instagram:


Reginald Uy
Reginald Uy:
How big was the secret in the basement?

*_It changed the genre of the entire show._*
Vasilis The Hoonter
Vasilis The Hoonter:
18:37 Arc 5: Eren kidnaps himself
Dman Toxic
Dman Toxic:
Manga readers : season 4 is gonna be better

Me : how does perfect gets even better
Supreme Court
Supreme Court:
*Attack On Titan is the Best Show of 2019*

Fight me.
Tai Perez
Tai Perez:
Season 1: one dimensional rollercoaster
Season 2: two dimensional mystery
Season 3: 3 dimensional political thriller
Season 4: 4 dimensional chess through p a t h s
AE 86
AE 86:
Marvel: It took 21 movies to build a single holy shit moment
Attack on Titan: hold my basement key
Can we take a moment to appreciate the beautiful editing at 21:58, he literally made an amv
sydney_ lived
sydney_ lived:
*ItS bAsicALLy GAme oF thRoNES*

No, it’s better.
* op in the background *
that perfectly describes the experience that the frist season was
Tianna ;ᴥ;
Tianna ;ᴥ;:
I watched the first few minutes, went to watch all 3 seasons of aot, cried, and I mean CRIED, then came back to finish the rest of this video.
Someone: Makes a video about attack on titan season 3

Manga readers: allow us to introduce ourselves
Supreme Court
Supreme Court:
*Did you guys know that AoT episode "Hero" has 10/10 rating on IMDb?* *Episodes of GoT, Breaking Bad and Chernobyl hasn't achieved that.* 😮🙌
Darron GA
Darron GA:
Bois as a manga reader I would like to say..

Ameen Aftab
Ameen Aftab:
AoT was never about action, some people still need to understand that. Its a psychological mystery drama, that has genius lv of foreshadowing.
People who don't like the later season bcoz of less action, great, leave this show, its not for you.
Those who don't like season 1, fails to understand that it was a buildup. AoT is one whole story. Isayama had so many things pre planned. Obviously to avoid fillers, we got seasons, and people judge it by season, which i think is not fair.
I was always hooked bcoz there were so many mysteries, and each time we got answer to a one, 5 new poped up. And the strongest point is, it was not just thrown to catch the attention of viewers, but each had a deeper meaning and Isayama delivered on each(unlike Lost). That his genius storytelling.
When i watched season 2, i still haven't read the manga, and for the first time i watched the tree scene, where Eren ask Who the enemy is? I knew it to be something big, i was blown away by that scene, and season 4 will show u, how relevant that scene is!
If AOT became the defining classic of this era, I would be happy with that :)
Destiny FateKnight
Destiny FateKnight:
What are you talking about? It's been incredible from episode one
Trevor Turner
Trevor Turner:
Season 1&2: it's black vs white.
Season 3: 50 shades of grey
GoT fans will regret not watching AoT due to their perverted opinions about anime. It's we who will witness the True Classic in the Making in the Goden Age of TV shows. This is an example why anime can capture most scenes from the original source material.

AoT will go down as one of the few best shows on TV and not just any anime randomly thrown at us.

Can't wait for Fall 2020.
So... this video convinced me of watching this anime. Only the first 2 minutes or so. For real. I have just finished it and OH MY GOD it's sooo worthy. It only gets better every time. Thank you :)
When Attack on Titan is massively popular in 2013, people say it's overrated. When its popularity dies down, it becomes underrated... *Internally curses at the universe*
You made this video for the sole purpose of making that 20 second amv at the end didn't you
Zachery Anderson
Zachery Anderson:
“Take a break from your JoJo memes”

_Ho ho, so you’re challenging me?_
Oliver X
Oliver X:
Shingeki no Kyojin is going down in anime history along with must watch animes like Death note or Full metal alchemist.
Season 1 wasn't one dimensional, it was already building up complexity, but given the 4 year gap and how it became cool to hate on the "overhyped" show, people may have forgotten the details. The Female Titan arc is still one of the best things I've ever seen in a show.
Dude real deal compared the Akatsuki's chats to Google Hangouts. Will never look at Naruto the same.
When I have my own kids, I will pass this unique experience next of kin.
Supreme Court
Supreme Court:
Almost Every episode of AoT has 9+ rating on IMDb, but somehow overall rating is just 8.8? 😒
Haters are Ruining this Epic Show's ratings.
Master Shuu
Master Shuu:
Probably the best show I’ve ever watched. Period.
Used to hate it back then. But when I read the manga

Bruh. A modern classic. Brilliantly planned.

It's rare to see something so overrated became underrated.
Ralsei with a Gun
Ralsei with a Gun:
*Attack on Titan S3 > Game of Thrones S8*
Damn, it's Youtube comment section and its full of ... love? Is this real?
A 88
A 88:
PSA: Let us just take a moment to pray to the anime gods that AoT S4 doesn't do a GoT S8. Thank you.
Jessika Junni
Jessika Junni:
I started watching attack on titan recently (I have already watched the whole series) and OMG it is the best series I have ever watched!
The Internet Troll The Trash Roaster
The Internet Troll The Trash Roaster:
Gigguk: *Attack on Titan is incredible now.*
Manga readers: Ah you've finally opened your eyes.
Marco 87
Marco 87:
I can't believe i'm saying this after all these years but....

s f k
s f k:
This totally made me cry. I'm so grateful that this wonderful series even exists, and that it got such a great adaptation. Thank you Isayama, Sawano, and everyone who worked on the manga/anime.

You really managed to put into words how I feel about the Return to Shiganshina arc. A season-long climax that utilizes everything set up throughout the seasons prior to create great human drama. And yes, the series does get even better ! The series continues to evolve and change like presented in this video, and season 4 will be something else entirely again.
Also, having started the series in 2015, you made me realize how stupidly popular Aot was back when the first season was airing. It's interesting that the series got this popular for it's more "shallow" elements, and then evolved into a totally different series that was the true masterpiece. Then again, looks like this season-by-season progression of the story was intended by the author, both to make the series popular, and because it served the narrative development of the series/the main character, and helped to convey the themes of the story.
At any rate, Attack on Titan is a miracle, and my favorite story period. The emotions, the drama, the soundtrack, the masterfully tightly crafted narrative, and especially the human, tragic, great characters... Even if it never gets as popular as it used to be again, even if it never gets recognized as a "classic" of our times, what ultimately matters is our personal experiences with this story. Just like people who grew up reading Harry Potter, we can remember the release of that one chapter, what we felt while watching and rewatching Reiner and Berthold's tranformation scene, while listening to the soundtracks, how we could relate to that one character... So let's keep marveling together at this story, and discuss how it affected us and the community, again and again, forever.
Love how you combined Attack on Titan clips with Historia's theme at the end
Lizzie Stewart
Lizzie Stewart:
"And somewhere in between all that, Attack on Titan also aired."

. . .why is this so accurate?
Jonathan Gonzalez
Jonathan Gonzalez:
"This could be the anime that defines this generation." Gave me goosebumps.
Violet_Book Lover
Violet_Book Lover:
22:02 is by far my favorite part
Also, don't mind me. I'm just making a replay button.
Odotawa Issaku
Odotawa Issaku:
To anyone thinking of watching, DO IT!!!!!!!! I can't guarantee you'll love it exactly as much as I do of course, but as for me, Attack on Titan has become my #1 alltime favorite anime. Season 3 has blown everything else out the water (except Berserk).

In fact, since the original Berserk anime never continued and I don't like the new one, that means Attack on Titan has even risen above Berserk for me, and I thought that was impossible! Maybe Berserk would win again if they rebooted it to be more like the original.
2009 Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
2020 Attack on Titan !!!
WakaTP R6
WakaTP R6:
Do we all agree that Erwin charge is the best scene ever in every show ?
Carlo Escano
Carlo Escano:
I literally thought of ranking Attack On Titans opposing Game of Thrones. I just started watching and I’m fucking shell shocked on how unbelievably awesome this show is. Each episode is jaw dropping leaving the watchers wanting more. Wish the writer would write more but I’m stoked for the final season. If season 8 of Game of Thrones wasn’t so shitty...
KimaaRa's GAME BOX
KimaaRa's GAME BOX:
ATTACK ON TITANS is so much better and hyped than GOT! (I'm a GoT fan also)
This comment will get buried but I just wanted to say that for a long time now I have greatly respected your opinion and views especially when it comes to the rating of a quality anime.

When AoT was released I saw it as some new age hipster gender fluid twitter craze due to the crowd I knew who couldn’t stop hyping it.

After you released this video I sat on the fan wikia all day and 2 days ago I started my family vacation and as my wife drives I’ve been binging. We had a 7 hour drive and I’m on episode 23 already.

Thank you for comparing it to the greats and putting its name in for a modern classic. It’s been a long time since I’ve watched a masterpiece. Dare I say since code geass.

You are the best anime content creator on the platform.
mii in season 1: christa best girl
Everyone else: pfffft yeah right
Mii now: you fools
Michael Chiango
Michael Chiango:
Thank you for making this video, because it was what caused me to check out attack on titan, and having binged it all the way to the end of season three, I can confidently say that it has become my favorite anime. I am so hyped for season 4 now.
Yasmin Bela
Yasmin Bela:
Boi you wait... Season 4 will have you by your soul and won't let go