ARK: Valguero Announcement Trailer!

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Published on Jun 17, 2019
Survivors, come explore a vast and diverse 63 km map with a multitude of new land to build on! Witness familiar ARK creatures in an expansive environment and meet, Deinonychus, ARK's newest feathered theropod, found only in Valguero. Explore new heights and hidden depths; whether it's creating your foundations in the White Cliffs or unearthing the secrets of the Aberration Trench, Valguero offers a new experience in the ARK universe. With new biomes, challenging dungeon bosses, and mysterious ruins to discover, there's always something exciting — and dangerous — on Valguero. Among its more than 60 kilometers, you'll find everything from lush jungles to environmental hazards, snowfields to lava flows, and savannahs to hot springs. Step into a brand new ARK experience where the classic ARK gameplay melds with a new adventure - Valguero! For the latest updates follow us on: Twitter at Like us on Facebook Visit the Website: Community Hub: Subreddit: Instagram: Plus watch us tame and train leviathan creatures:


24hrs after release ...... Pillars & Foundations everywhere from every [][][][][][] box tribe.
Nemisis 007
Nemisis 007:
My pc crashed just from watching this
“How broken do you want your game to be?”
Wildcard: *yes*
Me: wow look at those graphics, that looks amazing!

Graphics card: Oh shit... here we go again
James Fursland
James Fursland:
Are you new here?

Well yes, but no
Hadrien Everard
Hadrien Everard:
So basically you put The Center, Ragnarok, Aberration and Scorched Earth in a blender and voilà you have Valguero
Ron Cazzato
Ron Cazzato:
Community: When will the existing 6 maps be playable without bugs?

Wildcard: Here´s the 7th map....and a new dino.
Change to 240p and .75x with occasional .25x speed for accurate release gameplay
Ryan Duff
Ryan Duff:
Playing this game is like having an abusive relationship with yourself
Jake George
Jake George:
Remember when ark wasn't a laggy piece of toxic trash on console..... Nope me neither
Eden Hazard
Eden Hazard:
ark : released the new map
me : ah shit here we go again
aVex B
aVex B:
Wildcard makes new map:
new map: Undermaping glitches bugs but looks cool at least
Joe the potato Plop
Joe the potato Plop:
Me:gimme I’m excited

My computer: god dammit you have got to be kidding me
I Hate Ads
I Hate Ads:
Ark: releases all these $20 DLCs

Valguero: im about to end Wildcard's whole career
Knight Opz
Knight Opz:
When you just unistalled ark from being wipe and a new map comes up

Ah shit here we go again
the rudest of clouds
the rudest of clouds:
raptor: who are you?

Deinonychus: I'm you, but more badass.
Bobby Ross69
Bobby Ross69:
Everyone: can't wait to try this dlc.

Console: crashes
Doodle Boy
Doodle Boy:
Wildcard do you think you could collaborate with capcom for a monster hunter cross over?
Dynamite Plays
Dynamite Plays:
Cool DLC keep up the good work modders and wildcard :)
Masters of Deception. I've never seen garbage look so good.
Jonathan Sagdahl
Jonathan Sagdahl:
Fans: So what’s the next official map gonna be? Is it gonna be like The Island, Scorched earth, Aberration or Extinction?
Wildcard: Yes
Princess Celestia
Princess Celestia:
I love it has bit of every dlc from scorched earth to abberation and extinction even a bit of ragnarok
pls optimize your game so it can work better
Osvaldo Jacobaco
Osvaldo Jacobaco:
"Fix your game" comments incoming
That one Guy
That one Guy:
Ark after releasing this trailer: "Next you're going to say 'fix the game'"
Comment section: "Fix the game"
Comment section: N-NANI?!
K.K Slider
K.K Slider:
Ark:Releases Deinonychus

Raptor:Am I a joke to you?
Noe Evans
Noe Evans:
Use this as a bring Mesh Police to official button.
Daniel Feehan
Daniel Feehan:
ark:release new map

pc players: cool new map but me pc going to die playing it

console players: I'm going to wait 5 months and its going to run at 10fps

my xbox: I'm now a turbo fan
Jordan P
Jordan P:
Me: Fix the meshing and other glitches.
Wildcard: What you want another map?
Edward Trooper
Edward Trooper:
So this is Ragnarok 2.0. I'm game
Emil Production
Emil Production:
I cannot play Valguero it crashes. Its something with the map
Furious Ghost
Furious Ghost:
Where’s da rock drakes and reapers?
*like* *if* *u* *agree*
SomeGuy FromTheInternet
SomeGuy FromTheInternet:
Damn it wildcard. Make a legit story mode. Prequel. You already got the format in the explorer notes.

Thats shit is just pure hollywood right there. Good ass story.
Alan Solorio
Alan Solorio:
Why don't you optimize your goddamn game right?
Imaginary Idiot
Imaginary Idiot:
So it's literally Ragnarok, but better.

Craig Alexander
Craig Alexander:
I got so excited then I remembered why I installed/uninstalled this game 4 times, bugs and glitches ruining my enjoyment.
localpsychosis main
localpsychosis main:
New map yet can't fix the game itself that's wild card for you
Nano '
Nano ':
Fix alle the fliches in this game
This game is a one big glitch!
lucid _
lucid _:
*when you're globally banned 2 days after valguero's release*
Ivano Balxano
Ivano Balxano:
Gotta love the dev's. Make a bunch of unique maps and then just mash them together and call it new...
Im A Tree
Im A Tree:
This is why I love ARK games
Bianca Archbell
Bianca Archbell:
Does anyone know if there are snow owls on this map?
e m c a y
e m c a y:
now the game will be 500gb
Tori Gates
Tori Gates:
Y'all know the skylord artifact still isn't accessible on the main island on PS4 right? Y'all know that right?
Ark: A new DLC is released with extra beaut graphics and what would appear to be amazing gameplay

My old computer that can barely run Minecraft: *weeping*
Release all the maps and expansions u want, but i wont be coming back with all the major issiues and bugs in the game.
TheOneTheOnly W
TheOneTheOnly W:
Watching those wings flap (edit: all the animations.) just makes me laugh, how has this not drastically improved?
Animations 300
Animations 300:
Smash: everyone is here

So no griffin?
Aight, ima head out then.
Valguero: what am I?

Ark community: Uhhhh a buggy mess

Valguero: no I’m *new dlc*

Ark community: *Whats the difference*