Amir Khan vs. Billy Dib FULL FINAL PRESS CONFERENCE | Jeddah Boxing

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Published on Jul 10, 2019
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Who Neckksss. Whoo Neccckkss.
Fight Brook after this in a retirement fight where the loser retires
Shuayb 32
Shuayb 32:
Hes gonna make 7 million tax free. Easy money. And the people of jeddah respect him.
All he gotta do is win.
Baz H
Baz H:
Separated at birth不不不不不不
[-o-] NT Boy
[-o-] NT Boy:
Khan doesn't have what it takes to fight the best anymore, and dib is old & washed up .....stupid fight,!
Samuel Peter hasn't aged a day since he fought Wladimir 10 years ago
6:08 Hughie should have jumped over the table like that old Batman and Joker stunt he pulled with Tyson at the Wlad press conf
Asad R
Asad R:
Try all u want
U never be good as Naseem Hamed
johnathon phillips
johnathon phillips:
Lying, deluded, quitting little rat!
Jamie Bushby
Jamie Bushby:
I wonder if Patel has one of those famous chins lol
Paulie came out of nowhere 不
Coles London
Coles London:
Amir's will retire after this.
Khans just banking on a Knockout with a similar glass chin to himself , and to mention Pacquiao is even more embarrassing , he was finished after quiting against crawford
amir omg lmfao
asif waqar
asif waqar:
If the fights are going to be anything like the presser I think Im definitely going to serve this show
a show with hughie fury ??? says it all really doesnt it , channel 5 !
It's a big World
It's a big World:
What's pauli doing there
brian greenidge
brian greenidge:
Prince patel did not thanks his trainer...
M Ali
M Ali:
He can get more money of the Arabs if he asks niceley like come on one more million I have high matenance family to feed
Marvellous Martin
Marvellous Martin:
randy palla
randy palla:
Amir khan still fighting bums again why cause world class boxers will ko him, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
Brock Nichols
Brock Nichols:
This was a joke
Prince Harrys Baby
Prince Harrys Baby:
I smell curry
Raf 7
Raf 7:
Im the biggest supporter of Amir khan. Since he won the medal at the olympics. Hes had a tough career had some great wins and had some devestating losses. Hes a true warrior and has been mixing it with the best. The young fighters can learn a thing or two from him. However, its time for khan to hang it up. His speed was his main asset and now that speed has gone. His reflexes are gone, his punch resistance is worse than before. His legs are gone and his hunger is gone aswell. Win this fight and retire man. If he doesnt I can see him going into the ring with a monster and getting flatlined again. That could be really bad for his health.
Jack Richardson
Jack Richardson:
The Asian quitter should of had ohara davies on the undercard
Dangti Amri
Dangti Amri:
Which channel will it be shown in India?
Andrew waldon
Andrew waldon:
Which one is Khan? Twin bothers
Coinkidink Fella
Coinkidink Fella:
I'll laugh my arse off if Khan somehow loses to him
pickle ell
pickle ell:
Khan knows if he boxes in the UK again the crowds are throwing beer/rotten fruit at him
Make history ??? Khan made history allready as a glass chin quitter !!!
Richie mC
Richie mC:
Whys Khan fighting a featherweight 不
Amit khan said in his last interview he was beginning to win the fight against Crawford before he was forced to stop 仁仁仁仁仁
Russell Newton
Russell Newton:
Is anyone interested ?
Gr繹teMafia SindDeutscheUnternehmen
Gr繹teMafia SindDeutscheUnternehmen:
7:10 in koran is written u can not box for money
The Champ
The Champ:
Patel is an absolute creep, dont like putting people down but in this case I hope he gets slept
Ash Williams
Ash Williams:
I used to go out with his wife. Everyone has at some point.
Beard Gains
Beard Gains:
Is there like real life people who are genuinely looking forward to this fight?
Harvey Sheering
Harvey Sheering:
Any women reporters?
Bum city
James Bond
James Bond:
This is great for British boxing, sending all of our shit to Jeddah so we don't have to endure it anymore.
Gurpreet Pal
Gurpreet Pal:
Be surprised if more then 200 people would even watch this
These 2 clowns look like twins
J MoneyMoore
J MoneyMoore:
Bum fights just a little more professional.
Donald Trump
Donald Trump:
Just retire khan you Shithouse
Khan is a joke this fight is a joke he lies talks shit cant hold a shot and gets paid millions for being a fraud fuck off & get KOd again
J R:
Amir u shit house kells going to slap u wen he sees u.Paulie did u bring ur balls cos u never they other week PUSSY不不不
P B:
Rambo Rambo
Rambo Rambo:
Kick his ass Billy
Chris Williams
Chris Williams:
Who the fucks billy dib
Sham Ali
Sham Ali:
Can't believe this punch drunk idiot is still fighting.