5G: Explained!

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Published on Aug 19, 2019
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Marques Brownlee
Marques Brownlee:
Had to see for myself is 5G is worth all the hype. What do you think?
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I just imagine teenagers in the future complaining how slow 5g is

Edit: lmao stop with the 5g wont kill you replies, it’s just making it worse
Edit 2: LMAO, this comment got more likes than marques’s comment
I imagine kids in the future complaining how slow 5G is while downloading their hologram spaceship space real reality simulator
James Martino
James Martino:
You won’t hear those birds chirping under the 5G lamp post ;)
Eastman Webb
Eastman Webb:
The best thing about 5G is that 4G is on the verge of becoming significantly more affordable.
Him gets 2.1 gigabits
all of Australia (cries in 50 megabits)
MKBHD: We all have 4G now
Germany: * laughs in 3G *
You realize we haven’t even truly got 4G yet 😂🤣😒……………
Matei Teodor
Matei Teodor:
i got cancer from the 5g on this video
Looks like something youd get points for destroying in an open world game
4G is completely fine with me and it's much more stable.
_Hello, police? Yes, there's a suspicious man just standing outside my house... he's just staring at his phone and.. and his eyes are getting bigger. I think he's on something, please send someone!_
J.D. Benavidez
J.D. Benavidez:
My mom is looking into buying a phone and I was telling her not to bother with 5G because it's not worth it yet. Thanks for confirming my suspicions!
Tony Digital
Tony Digital:
Your hands remind me of grey alien hands. Great videos!!!!
I feel like everyone will be getting cancer from all the electromagnetic radiation
Gabriel De Leon
Gabriel De Leon:
0:40 (open captions)
“Hey what’s up guys I’m could be a she here” 😂
Speed: 2 gbps
Data Limit: 100mb
Jake Nuno
Jake Nuno:
I wonder how bad everyone's going to be throttled once it takes off. 🙄
DJ Doble U
DJ Doble U:
Thank you for shaming At&t. They deserve every second of that. Even Sprint, who poops on their customers daily, did not scoop that low.
nick graytown
nick graytown:
probaly 5g will out in 2025 and last 2026
Saurabh Rane
Saurabh Rane:
Hey @MKBHD did you hurt yourself near your Elbow.. Just could not ignore that!
Be funny seeing people walk down the street to download a whole season of a show, then walk back home.
Just because you didn't ask for a "subscribe, like and hit the notification" I will do all of that! Respect!
1000 subs 'nd no vids??
1000 subs 'nd no vids??:
Me getting 500 kbps

Completely worthless in Germany. Data is way to expensive here. Would cost 2.6€ per second of using 5G at full speed. No thanks.
why do we need so much download speed? What do you download?? Videos on Youtube play instantly anyway with 20Mbps. What THE FECK are you doing with 1000??!
Signal in my neighbor's house: 4G
Signal in Antarctica: 4G
Signal on Mars: 4G

Signal in my room: EDGE
Yeah I remember that good old 3G... EVERY time I sit in the public train in Germany xDDD 5G is so not ready for big parts of the world because not even 4G is great everywhere
Nice work. Best explanation I’ve seen on this subject. I smashed the bell.
Helder Almeida
Helder Almeida:
It's the future 🔮 but I think that there is a long way to reach all of us in all country's.
Isn’t this unsafe for health? Doesn’t long exposure to such frequencies cause cancer?
M C:
I'm honestly fine with 4G
Moriak Potato
Moriak Potato:
I feel like a new tech will come around before 5G infrastructure is common.
Troy Martyr
Troy Martyr:
Wow went to where I live. So 5G in my area. Now I know.
I remember back in 2000 I used to have 14.4Kbit/s on my wired laptop.😉

Real life was so good back then...😞
Marvin Zapata
Marvin Zapata:
Dont explain it to me just keep it away from us
I'm on 10G. That's right I'm from the future and on 10G we can send youtube comments back in time. That's all I'm allowed to tell you.
CanWeGet100millionSubsWithNoVids ??!??!
CanWeGet100millionSubsWithNoVids ??!??!:
Omg my internet is sooo slow, y 12 g still takes a second to download the entire play store
Did Marques say, "Brownlee University"?........ Maybe THAT'S the future?!
iMatrix DK a.k.a CiCo
iMatrix DK a.k.a CiCo:
5;50 when he said just 300 mb down I cried inside cos Im paying 50 euros per motnh for 20 down and 2 up lol and thats max speed I can get in my place
Fejiri Onowakpokpo
Fejiri Onowakpokpo:
You gotta love that intro. Awesome stuff!!!
holy cow
holy cow:
6g - tower on rooftop
7g - tower in every room
8g - phone has a tower on it
9g - tower in butt
Lain Iwaku
Lain Iwaku:
5G may be good for big city, but i think 4G will stay for a while since you only need one antenna for an area where you need 10 5g antena
They need to find a different way. Why should we need all that radiation in our environment. Is there any proof its safe?
nick graytown
nick graytown:
thats good you can watch youtube in 1988 old laptop windows 7 just 4k in 3 second
Chris Casey
Chris Casey:
Thank you for this video. I'm about to invest a lot of cash into a 4g weboost for RV lifestyles and needed an idea how long it would remain relevant before 5g finally happens countrywide - seemingly a LONG time.
Roman Caraman
Roman Caraman:
The “e” in 5Ge stands for “eventually” lol
Son Rise Apiaries
Son Rise Apiaries:
5g will kill your children and animals. Please do everything you can to not let this be in your cities
yes well we will see uw in the mortuarium!
Pixel Pete
Pixel Pete:
5G is a health hazard. Look into it. Belgian government halted a 5G because its a health concern. Several leaders in Congress have written to the Federal Communications Commission expressing concern about potential health risks. And in Mill Valley, California, the city council blocked the deployment of new 5G wireless cells. Spread the word!