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Star Wars: Space Battles Ranked (Including Rogue One)

#6 The Battle of Naboo – When The Phantom Menace came out in 1999, fans were understandably a bit disappointed with the film. Besides Jar Jar Binks, one of the most frustrating aspects of its plot was Anakin Skywalker’s random trip into space, accompanying the pilots who were attacking the Trade Federation’s battleship. For some reason, a nine-year-old kid is able to single-handedly destroy the entire ship… by accident. I don’t care if he’s the chosen one, it’s still dumb.

#5 The Attack on Starkiller Base – I don’t hate The Force Awakens by any means, but like many Star Wars fans, I can’t ignore the blatant similarities to A New Hope. While this battle isn’t terrible, it’s one of the most glaring examples of the one major problem with the film. Episode VII is enjoyable in my opinion, but when critics say that it’s a clone of the original, they’re usually talking about the assault on the third Death Star.

#4 The Battle over Coruscant – George Lucas screwed up the prequels. There’s no getting around that. However, a few moments from them do shine, and if taken out of context, would seem like they’re from decent films. The opening sequence to Revenge of the Sith is one of these unique scenes.

#3 The Battle of Yavin – I can’t say enough about the climax to the original Star Wars film. It’s the most iconic space battle in all of cinema, and is arguably the most intense one in the franchise. But it’s not the most epic or exiting when compared to a couple others.

#2 The Battle of Endor – For years, many fans believed that the grand finale of Return of the Jedi contained the best space battle in the saga. Personally, I loved seeing the entirety of the Rebel Fleet take on an equally sizable fleet of Star Destroyers and Tie Fighters. The Battle of Endor is the perfect ending to the original trilogy.

#1 The Battle of Scarif – Rogue One isn’t my favorite Star Wars movie… it’s not even close. I remember feeling a bit disappointed around the middle of the film when watching it for the first time. The characters weren’t very well developed, and the plot itself was kind of boring… and a bit weird. Then, all of this changed when the third act came around. In fact, the last 45 minutes is what made the movie for me. The space battle was promised to be one of the best, and it certainly was that. It had the excitement and large scale of the Battle of Endor, combined with the best special effects out of any of the Star Wars films. It definitely had an original trilogy feel, and I think most fans can agree.

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