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Positive films: The Gods Must Be Crazy

Country: South Africa, Botswana
Year: 1980
Runtime: 109 minutes
Director: Jamie Uys
Stars: N!xau, Sandra Prinsloo, Marius Weyers, Nic De Jager, Michael Thys, Louw Verwey, Ken Gampu
IMDb rating: 7,3
– 1983: Montréal World Film Festival;
– 1985: Young Artist Awards for Best Foreign Film.

Xi and his San tribe (of !Kung bushmen) are “living well off the land” in the Kalahari Desert. They are happy because of their belief that the gods have provided plenty of everything, and no one among them has any wants. One day, a glass Coca-Cola bottle is thrown out of an airplane and falls to Earth unbroken. Initially, Xi’s people suppose this strange artifact is another “present” from the gods and find many uses for it. (They employ it as a crafts tool, blow the top to make music, etc.) But unlike anything that they have had before, there is only one glass bottle to go around. With everyone wanting it at once, they soon find themselves experiencing envy, anger, and even violence…

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