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Top Best Talking Pet Birds | by Parrot Whisperer

Welcome back to Bird Tameness, the #1 Bird Training community, where all birds are tamed, trained and kept on a mental & physical balance. What what be your friend’s reaction when your cute feathered companion says a word or two, maybe even a whole sentence? Their jaws open wide with astonishment, right?! It is no secret to us that talking parrots are the most popular pets in history. Their ability to retain 500-2000 words of vocabulary has been documented in the Guinness world record. YES !!! PRETTY AMAZING… Some birds are able to mimic, others whistle and chirp and some others even say phrases, sentences or lengthy chatters. It is of no doubt to us that some birds are amazing talkers and many birds like “Einstein” and “Disco the parakeet” have defied the odds and proved to the human race just what birds are just capable of doing. Arguably the most famous bird in the word, “Alex,” the African Grey parrot, owned by Dr. Irene Pepperberg who became famous because of his ability to distinguish colors, shapes and even numbers ! This proved to the human race that the mental skills of a bird can rival the skills of young children. ASTONISHING !!!

While talking pets can be extremely affectionate and form deep bonds with their owners, not all talking parrots make ideal pets. Hundreds, if not thousands of bird owners struggle with biting, screaming, feather-plucking, separation anxiety and other behavioral issues so be sure to do your relevant amount of research before adopting a bird, and please #AdoptdontShop as there are thousands of birds out there in need of new homes. Professional Bird Trainer & Animal Activist, Parrot Whisperer, provides his insight on the Top Best Talking Pet Birds. He also provides, from experience, the pros and cons of owning each bird and additional information regarding each bird. We strongly suggest you take the tips recommended by Parrot Whisperer into consideration and do your relevant research.

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