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Toy Bonnie Dancing! (100K+ subs) [Tony Crynight]

Well, I’m a bit late, but Happy Easter to you all!! X3

So, what have I to say, guys? 5 zeros at last… My gosh, it sounds incredible!

I want to thank all my watchers and subscribers with a silly short video I made in about one day. I know it’s not much, and it will never be enough to show how grateful I am to you, but I hope you’ll enjoy it 🙂

Before you ask me: yes, I’m making the part 5! But it will take me some time: there’s a lot (and I mean: a lot!) to animate in this part. Be patient and don’t worry, it will be uploaded as soon as possible!

The songs I’ve used are:
Poppa Joe (by The Sweet)
Am I waiting on a Square Space? (by Rev ft. MAKI & R.Cena)

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